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Eric Richard Krause, January 26, 1943,
Leamington, Ontario, CANADA

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My Father

Heinrich Wilhelm "Bill" Krause,
March 15, 1921 - January 15, 1980,
Tiegenhagen, Molotschna, South RUSSIA - Tampa, Florida, USA
[m. Anna "Annie" Mathies, February 25, 1923 - June 2, 1998]


My Grand Father

Friedrich Wilhelm "Willie" Krause,
January 18, 1897 - December 9, 1983,
Bischofswerda, Saxony, GERMANY - Leamington, Ontario, CANADA
[m. Maria [Mariechen] "Mietz" Kornelsen, May 5, 1900 - April 2, 1991]

My Great-Grand Father
Karl Wilhelm Krause
[Carl Wilhelm Krause],
July 8, 1875 - September 30, 1950,
Steinbach, Kreis Rothenburg, Silesia, GERMANY - Bischofswerda, Saxony, GERMANY
[m. Anna Luise Krönert [Louise Anna Krönert; Anna Louise Krönert], January 23, 1875 - [Post March 15, 1949]]
My Great-Great-Grand Father
Johann Carl Gottlieb Krause,
May 27, 1845 - July 15, 1886,
Lodenau, Kreis Rothenburg, Silesia, PRUSSIA - Leippa, Kreis Rothenburg, Silesia, GERMANY
[m. Marie Louise Himpel [Marie Luise Himpel], September 23, 1849 - September 3, 1932]

My Great-Great-Great-Grand Father

Johann Gottlieb Krause,
[Johann Gottlob Krause]
March 6, 1812 - [?],
[Perhaps Lodenau, Kreis Rothenburg, Silesia] PRUSSIA ?]
- [?]
[m. Johanne Christiane Koch, ? - ?)]










Married: March 30, 1899, Bischofswerda, Saxony, GERMANY: Anna Luise Krönert [Louise Krönert, Anna Louise Krönert] (January 23, 1875, Bischofswerda, Saxony, GERMANY - [Post March 15, 1949], Dresden, Saxony, GERMANY)





Genealogy of Heinrich Kornelsen, 1807-1975, compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters, Winnipeg (Winnipeg, December 1, 1975)
Genealogy of Aron Martens, 1754-1977, compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters, Winnipeg (Winnipeg, July 1, 1977)
Eric Krause
Annie Krause
Karl (Rudy) Krause

(February 25, 1923, Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, South Russia - June 2, 1988, Leamington, Ontario, Canada)

(1) Johann Gottlieb Krause [Johann Gottlob Krause] (6 March 1812 - ?)

  (2) Johann Carl Gottlieb Krause (27 May 1845 - 15 July, 1886) [Johann Karl Gottlieb Krause]

(3) Carl Wilhelm Krause (8 July 1875 - 30 September 1950) [Karl Wilhelm Krause]


Roßwein - Dresden - Bischofswerda

18th Century and 19th Century Saxon Descendants: Kroenert - Gerster - Pechel [Peschel] - Wahl

- Friedrich August Kroenert  [Krönert] was born September 5, 1838 in Roswoin [probably Rosswein, i.e. Roßwein], Sachsen [Saxony] and died October 27, 1910, in Bischofswerda, Saxon. He served in the war against Prussia in the Saxon army in 1866. He was a textile worker [Tūchmacher]. His wife was Caroline Minna Kroenert nee Gerster - daughter of Carl Edward Gerster - who was born August 10, 1846, in Dresden and died February 27, 1925, at the age of 78, in Dresden.

- Carl Edward Gerster  - sociatic cook [Carl Edūard Gerster, Dresden Grand Chef and homeowner - herrschaftlicher Koch ūnd Haüsbesitzer] - was born July 14, 1804, died [June 29, 1860].   His wife Wilhelmina Adelheit Gerster nee Pechel [Peschel] was born March 7, 1806. They [both] were dual profession Companions for their Duchess [Countess] Biati [später Gesellschafter des Gräfin Biati], probably Dresden [Daughter: Caroline Minna Gerster]

- Gottlieb Pechel [ALSO: Johann Gottlob Peshel] - chamber musician for Duke  [i.e. new royal chamber musician - Neūfürstlichen Kammermūsiker] - and wife Wilhelmina Luise Pechel [Peschel] nee Wahl, born November 10, 1783, Dessau, Saxon, Germany [Daughter: Wilhelmina Adelheit Pechel [Peschel]]

- Heinrich Ernst Wahl [Henry Ernst Wahle], born mid 1700s,  was a mouth cook for the Landpresident  [food taster for the reigning Prince - Mūndkoch bei den regier]

[Daughter: Wilhelmina Luise Wahl and whose wife was Leopoldine Maria born Braūn.]



Vom Mundtkoch. Das III. Capitel.

[Source: Marx Rumpolt, A new cookbook, From the mouth Koch, 1581,  OR Marx Rumpolt, Ein new Kochbuch, Frankfurt, 1581, OR Marx Rumpolt: Ein new Kochbuch, 1581: Vom Mundkoch OR Ein Neu Kuchboch von Marx Rumpolt, 1581 OR Ein new Kochbuch in Druck gegeben durch M. Marxen Rumpolt Churf. Meintzischen Mundtkoch Mit Röm. Keyserlicher Maiestat special Privilegio Samt einem gründtlichen Bericht, wie man alle Wein vor allen zufällen bewaren, die bresthafften widerbringen, Kräuter und andere Wein, Bier, Essig und alle andere Getränck, machen und bereiten soll, daß sie natürlich und allen Menschen unschädlich zu trincken seindt. Gedruckt zu Franckfort am Mayn - In Verlegung M. Marx Rumpolts, Churf. Meintz. Mundtkochs und Sigmundt Feyerabendts ]

[Kochbuch = Cookbook; Mundkoch = Mouth Cook; Mundtkoch = Office of the Cook]


(4) Friedrich Wilhelm Krause (18 January 1897 - 9 December 1983)

 - While their son, Heinrich Wilhelm Krause Jr, was a child (i.e. after March 15, 1921), they moved to Germany. In 1928, at the urging of  Jake Kornelsen (Maria's brother), they moved to the seventh concession, Wheatley, Ontario. They shortly moved to Port Crewe where W. F. Krause worked on a fishing boat [at Crewe's Fishery]. In 1938, they moved to Point Pelee where he and Maria purchased their own fishery.

- Heinrich Kornelsen - miller by trade, and Jack of all trades with machinery - and Maria Voth were the parents of Maria Mietz Kornelsen

[Editors Note: Friedrich Wilhelm Krause (January 18, 1897 - December 9, 1983) was an excellent gymnast while in school in Bischofswerda]

[Note according to Elisabeth Kornelsen (May 31, 1916-), daughter of Heinrich Kornelsen (April 17, 1876 - 1947)] and Anna Kroeker (September 11, 1884-October 11, 1936), who married Dietrich Reghr: "I was five years old in 1921, when the last German soldiers withdrew from Russia. My sister Mariechen [Maria Mietz Kornelsen (May 5, 1900 - April 2, 1991)] who was married to a Willie Krause [Friedrich Wilhelm Krause (18 January 1897 - 9 December 1983)] , went with them. At the time, they already had a little son, just a baby [Heinrich Wilhelm Krause (15 March 1921 - 15 January 1980)], in the travel cradle. I remembered that time, as from then on we suffered of terrible hunger. Besides me, Liesa, and my parents [who all remained in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna CoIony in Russia], there were also my siblings Lena, Jasch, Heins, Nut, Sascha, Sara, Katja [who all remained in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna CoIony in Russia]. Except for Mariechen, we were still all together [in Tiegenhagen, Molotschna CoIony in Russia].

Friedrich Wilhelm Krause

K. Peters (compilier), Genealogy of Cornelius Willms, 1730 - 1972 (Winnipeg, March 1, 1973),, p. 40

(5) Heinrich Wilhelm Krause (15 March 1921 - 15 January 1980)

His profession was commercial fisherman. His religion was Mennonite. His wife was Anne Mathies, born February 25, 1923, in Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, USSR. They were married on April 18, 1942, in Leamington, Ontario, by Abram Driedger, Oak Street United Mennonite Church. [Married: Jacob N. Driedger; Marriage License No. L36571, Certificate # 9430]

- Bill - 7 years in Germany where he started school -  was baptized Lutheran at the age of 5, but changed to Mennonite in 1963. He was a professional commercial fisherman (Port Crewe (1936-1938 [Crewe's Fishery]) and Point Pelee (1938-1978 upon retirement), served on several school boards, was an amateur architect and 1963-1965 chairman of the Building Committee for the construction of the Faith Mennonite Church (Leamington), built mostly by volunteer workers. He was a jack of all trades.  In c. 1975-1976 he contracted leukemia and died January 15, 1980 while vacationing in Florida.

- Annie was baptized Mennonite in 1941. She was a homemaker, community volunteer, and jack of all trades.

[Annie Krause - Born: February 25, 1923, in Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, USSR; Baptism: June 01, 1941, N. N. Driedger Psalm 55, 23; Married: April 18, 1942 by Abram Driedger, Oak Street United Mennonite Church; Burial: June 05, 1998, Evergreen Memorial Cemetery; Funeral: June 05, 1998, Rev. Glenn Brubacher officiated; Religion: Faith Mennonite Religion]

[Source: Annie Krause]

[Editor's Notes]

[Saxony: Bischofswerda lies North-East of Dresden; Roswein or Rosswein lies west of Dresden and south of Döbeln; Dessau lies North-East of Halle]

[Silesia: Lodenau lies north of Rothenburg, Silesia, which lies north of Görlitz, Saxony; Sagan now Żagań, Lubuskie, Poland, (about an hour's drive south-east from Berlin,) lies north-east of  Rothenburg]

[The 7th Concession road lies north of Wheatley and just south of Tilbury, and today runs west from the "Wheatley Road" (the north-south road that connects Wheatley and Tilbury)  to quickly meet and become the South Middle Road]

In error: According to K. Peters (compilier), Genealogy of Cornelius Willms, 1730 - 1972 (Winnipeg, March 1, 1973), p. 40, he was born in Bischofswerder. Also, according to his marriage certificate (Halbstadt Mennonite Church, Russia), he was born in Bischofswerder [Bischofswerda], Free State of Saxony.