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(1812 - 1917)




 Friedrich Wilhelm Krause - From Germany To The Western Front
To The Eastern Front To Taurida and  Molotschna (South Russia)


1914 - 1916


Albert Schreiner: Middle Figure

 Friedrich Wilhelm Krause - From Germany To The Western Front
To The Eastern Front To Taurida and  Molotschna (South Russia)


(1917 - c. 1921)

In 1921,the last German soldiers withdrew from Russia.
Maria (
Mariechen) Mietz (Kornelsen) who was married to F. William (Willie) Krause went with them.
At the time, they already had a little son, just a baby, in the travel cradle.

c. 1918 - 1919

Photographer: J. Dürr. [Julius Dürr, Bischofswerda]

Note: Iron Cross Ribbon and Hirschfänger (a hunter dagger)


(c. 1921 - Spring 1928)

While H. William (Bill) Krause (b. March 15, 1921) was an infant, F. William Krause and Maria Mietz (Kornelsen)
Krause travelled with him to Germany, the home of his father's people.

The F. William Krause family  remained 7 years in Germany



"Aunt Mary Kraus " [Aunt Maria Krause]

Maria [Mariechen] "Mietz" Kornelsen

Submitted by Margreta (Kornelsen) Gronski

Note: The Crossed Hammers on the crest appear also as an
"Early Era Jahnsbach Saxony Germany Crossed Hammers Eye Envelope Seal Label"



c. January - February


H. William (Bill) Krause - "Willy" - 10 Months Old

"Zum andenken für unseren Willi wie er 10 Monate alt Kranke war. Willi und Mariechen"
For Willi as a remembrance when he was sick at 10 months old. [signed] Willi and Marie


Date Unknown

H. William (Bill) Krause



On December 25, 1926 Heinrich Wilhelm Krause received the holy baptism at a local church.

Baptism (Taufe) Certification
Christening: Tauf Bescheinigung - Heinrich Wilhelm Krause - December 25, 1926,

Registered February 3, 1928, Bischofswerda


c. 1927

Middle School Bischofswerda

F. William Krause, H. William (Bill) Krause, Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause
LEONAR 8873 Postcard)
In the background, the Mittelschule Bischofswerda - Middle School, Friedrich August Park, Bischofswerda



F. William Krause, H. William (Bill) Krause, Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause

Carl Wilhelm Krause [Karl Wilhelm Krause], Anna Luise Krause,
and others [Anna Frida Krause, sister of F. William Krause? and her husband? and their child Margaret?]

The background is perhaps the Butterberg bei Bischofswerda / Butter Mountain in Bischofswerda?



H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy" - Six Years Old


Post 1927

H. William Krause  - Bill (Willy)
(A note on the back of the picture : " Bill (Willy) My future Husband while in Germany")


  1. On February 3, 1928, the Krause family was in Bischofswerda, Germany

  2. On March 16, 1928, the Krause family left Liverpool on the Montclare

  3. On March 25, 1928, the Krause family arrived in St. John [Saint John], New Brunswick, Canada



Seventh Concession, Wheatley, Ontario [Coatsworth]
Home of Jacob Kornelsen (March 14, 1899, Tiegenhagen, Molotschna -
April 10, 1948,
Leamington, Ontario)



(1928 - 1938)


c. 1931

H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy"


H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy"




H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy"


c. 1932

F. William Krause

Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause


H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy"/ Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

"Fur freunde. Erinnerung
Willy u. Rudy Krause.
 Helen Penner"

(For friends. Reminder to Willy and Rudi Krause [signed] Helen Penner"




Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

August, 1932


Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - 11 Months Old [b. September 3, 1931

[August, 1932]

F. William Krause Family - Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

May 1932

May 1932
Graded Lesson Course - Junior
The United Church Of Canada
Board of Religious Education
Bible Study Certificate

The United Church of Canada Board of Religious Education Bible Study Certificate
This Certifies that William Krause has passed the Bible Study Tests in
Graded Lesson Course (Junior) with a grade of 70 percent.
Dated at Toronto, May, 1932. Frank Langford Secretary



February 24, 1933


F. William Krause (January 18, 36 years), Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause (May 5, 33 years)

Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

2 Years Old


c. 1934

Mr. Story and Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - where Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause worked.

"Mr Story x Rudy  Mom work hier"



Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

"Rudy" - 3 May, 1934 - 2 Years, 7 Months Old  // 
"Rudy" - 11 [September], 1934 - 3 Years Old on 3 [September]


c. 1935

"Willy Rudy"

H. William (Bill) Krause (Rear) and Karl R. Krause (Front) - "Rudy"



July 6

H. William (Bill) Krause

"High School Entrance Certificate
It is hereby certified that William Krause has complied with the requirement
for admission to a Collegiate Institute, High School, Continuation School or Vocational School ....
at Ridgetown, Ontario ... July 6, 1935 ..."




Maria Mietz (Kornelsen) Krause, H. William (Bill) Krause (rear), Karl R. Krause -
"Rudy" (centre) and F. William Krause

"Willy 15 years; Rudy 5 Years"


(1938 - 1968)




A miscellaneous shower was held last Friday for Miss Elizabeth Tiessen at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Tiesseen. Miss Tiessen is to be married May 4th to Mr. J. Derckson,
the marriage ceremony is to be performed at the Mennonite Church, Leamington.
The wedding is to take place at the Mennonite Church, Leamington. Guests present at the shower were:
Mrs. S. Jones, Mrs. R. Bickford, Mrs. P. Fast, Mrs. J Tawes, Mrs. H. Mooney, Miss W. Mooney,
Miss Warmington, Mrs. J. Grubb Jr., Mrs. J. Grubb Sr., Mrs. G. Edwards, Mrs. J. Moody,
Mrs. E. Ashton and Mrs. W. Krause. A buffet luncheon was served
and a vey enjoyable time was had by all present. -The Leamington Post. April 18, 1940 - pg. 10



"18. April 1942
Ann & Willy

April 18 - Wedding

Annie Mathies and H. William (Bill) Krause

[Photographer: H. A. Dunn, Leamington]

"Certificate of Marriage
This is to Certify that, on the eighteenth -18. - day of April A.D. 1942,
at Essex County United Menn. Church
in the Province of Ontario, I solemnized the Marriage of
William Henry Krause and Annie Mathies under Marriage License
No. L 36571 issued on the second -2- day of April A.D. 1942
Jacob Toews, Leamington R.R.2 }
Margaret Toews, Leamington R.R.2 }

Jacob N. Driedger (signature of person Solemnizing marriage)
Leamington, R. R. 2 (address)
Mennonite (Denomination)
9430 (registration Certificate Number)



August, 1943

Maria Mietz (Kornelsen) Krause

Mr. and Mrs. Thiessen?, Columbus, Ohio, USA

[Is the lady to the far right Katharina (Tina) Kornelsen (December 5, 1893 [November 23, 1893] -
February 2, 1984, Saskatoon, sister of Heinrich Kornelsen ( April 17, 1876 - 1947),
the father of Maria Mietz (Kornelsen) Krause (May 5, 1900 - April 2, 1991
who married Jacob Johann "J. J." Thiessen (1893-1977) )


c. 1947

Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause, Karl R. Krause - "Rudy", F. William Krause

F. William Krause Point Pelee Family Home
[Property: Part of Lot 15, R.P. 397 Township of Mersea, Being Part 20 Plan 12R-437
Property: Part Pelee National Park Plan 397, S.P.L. 15]




Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"


1947 - Saskatoon - Karl Rudolph Krause

2nd Avenue South
Willson Stationery Co. Ltd; Daylight Theatre (136), Hearn's Ltd opposite side of street

[Note re Great Aunt Katherina and Great Uncle Jacob Thiessen: Living at that time in Saskatoon,
was Jacob Johann "J. J." Thiessen married to Katherine [Katherina] Kornelsen (23 November 1893 - 2 February 1984),
sister of Heinrich (April 17, 1876 - 1947), married to Maria Voth (November 28, 1877- April 12, 1904),
parents of Maria (Mariechen, Mietz) Kornelsen (May 5, 1900 - April 2, 1991)
, mother of "Rudy" Krause.]


Mennonite Recreation Group Gets Charter

  • One J Krause, president, is identified in this article and not sure (but it must be) if this is my father H William Krause. At any rate, this article discusses the formation of a Mennonite Recreation Association of Leamington getting a Provincial charter, dated April 30, 1947, and now organized for some 15 months. They purchased 11 acres on the Leamington Town Line for Tennis and M.R.A. softball games with teams from the vicinities. Now, I remember being told that Dad had argued and decided to leave the Oak Street Mennonite Church at some point when told that he and his friends were not allowed to participate in such sports. Later, I also received a pair of my father's white trousers from my mother that I wore during the summer of 1963 when courting/dating Lynda Jean Richards b. Rimmer. - The Leamington Post. August 14, 1947 - Page: 1

[Related History (Leamington and District Athletic Association) during the same period] - The Leamington Post. April 19, 1945 - Page: 10 - The Leamington Post. March 28, 1946 - Page: 1


c 1949

F. William Krause, Maria M.  (Kornelsen) Krause, Eric R. Krause, William A. Krause (Billy)

William A. Krause (Billy),  Eric R. Krause



William H Krause, Birthday

William Krause

Dear Willi for your
28th birthday All
love, good health, lots
luck and wish all your
wishes fulfilled
These wished you from
Your Grandparents.

Photo-Jaeger Bischofswerda

[Atelier R. Jaeger Bischofswerda?]

Anna Luise Krönert (January 23, 1875 - [Post January 30, 1964]) and
Carl Wilhelm Krause [Karl Wilhelm Krause] (July 8, 1875 - September 30, 1950)



Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

H. William (Bill) Krause

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg / Photo Supplied  by Louise (Mathies) Ross

L-R: Linda [Regehr] Toews, Eric R. Krause, George Toews, William (Billy) A. Krause

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

Annie (Mathies) Krause, Eric R. Krause

L-R: William (Billy) A. Krause, H. William (Bill)  Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Eric R. Krause

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

H. William (Bill) Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause and Eric R. Krause, William (Billy) A. Krause

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

Eric R. Krause, William (Billy) A. Krause


Photos Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

Friends and Relatives Visiting Us At Point Pelee


F. William  Krause and Mr. (the Dog)




Heinrich Wilhelm Krause at the 1958 wedding of Marlene Catherine Kornelsen to Eric James Epp

Facebook Page Cornelius Enns and family

CB radio QSL

CH 11 & 20
XM 441692 MARINE
XM 441689 BASE
The Krauses
Rudy - Eleanor - Patti - Paul - Lisa




Where I lived - Built by my father, c. 1949 (H. William (Bill) Krause)

Home / Home / Sister Kathy

My sister Kathleen Ann (b. March 8, 1956) in the foreground.


Rear of House and my dog Pepper/ Road to Fishery  across from home



Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

February, 1962: L-R:
William (Billy) A. Krause, Eric R. Krause at the home of F. William Krause
and Maria Mietz (Kornelsen) Krause, their grandparents

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

(Left to Right)
Around the table:
Eleanor Krause, Paul Krause, Karl Rudy Krause, William (Billy) A. Krause,
Eric R. Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Kathy Krause,
Patti Krause

Maria Mietz (Oma) Krause, F. William (Opa) Krause
At their house (Probably February, 1962)



  • Miss Nickel, Paul Moody, Dennis Ribble [Brother-In-Law of Eric Krause], Ron Tilden, Martha Anders, Sharon Knight, Victor Penner, Gail Marchand, Shirley Ley, Mary Anders, Patti Krause [b. 1952, First Cousin of Eric Krause], Ron Taveirne, Marni Girardin, Shelley Tilden, Valerie Moody, John Penner, Pat Ribble, Andy Girardin, Suzanne Marchand, Robert Greenwood, Terry Marchand, Laurel Knight, JoAnne Ley, Valerie Pierce, Sandra Ingersoll, Bill Moody, Gerald Crowe, Bob Knight, Rob Girardin, Chistine Taveirne, Paul Krause [b. 1956, First Cousin of Eric Krause], Sharon Finlayson, Robin Pierce, Pamela Ingersoll, Kathy Krause [b. 1956, Sister of Eric Krause], Richard Greenwood.


Source: Leamington Post?
Ground Breaking - July 14, 1963
Rev. Warkentine, Jake Dirksen, Rev. George Janzen, William H. Krause, Rev. J. C. Neufeld



Dedicate Faith Mennonite Church Sunday ....
There will be a brief ceremony Sunday morning at 9:30 o'clock
at which William Krause, building committee chairman,
will present the keys of the church to Mr. Janzen ...

Around Town Faith Rewarded
Dedication of the new Faith Mennonite Church on Sunday afternoon is a tribute to
William Krause, the chairman of the building committee.
Mr. Krause was the sparkplug behind the project. He designed the building himself
(even made a scale model of it) and devoted hundreds of hours to it in both the planning and construction stages ...



  • Youths Rescued At Point Pelee

A pair of Detroit teen-agers narrowly escaped drowning in the dangerous waters off the tip  of Point Pelee National Park last Wednesday and were saved only after calls of help were heard by a passing fishing boat.

The two,  Sandy LaFranee, 17,  and Richard Michael, 17,  exhausted and choking were dragged into a fishing boat belonging  to Rudy Krause of Point Pelee.

They had been swimming with two other Detroit teen-agers, James MacDonald and Barbara Emerso, both 17. when the severe undertow pulled them 75 yards away from shore. MacDonald and Miss Emerson managed to swim ashore and hail the Krause fishing boat by waving their towels in the air.

The two swimmers were also calling for  help. -The Leamington Post. August 13, 1964 - Page 25



25th Wedding Anniversary Picture:
H. William (Bill) and Annie (Mathies) Krause
Extended Family

Mr. and Mrs. William H Krause of RR 1, Leamington, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary
on Sunday, May 21, with an open house at their home from 3 to 5 p.m. -The Leamington Post. May 11, 1967 - pg. 4


Annie (Mathies) Krause, H. William Krause


c. 1967


Annie (Mathies) Krause and H. William (Bill) Krause




At F. W. Krause Home

Around the Table, left to Right

F. William Krause, Patti (Scott) Krause, Maria (Kornelsen) Krause, Paul Krause,
Eleanor (Ford) Krause, Alisa Anne Krause, Rudy Krause, H. William Krause, Margaret (Munro) Krause,
William A. Krause, Lynda (Richards b. Rimmer) Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause



Relatives complaining at paying Pelee toll

  • LEAMINGTON - Complaints were made to Mersea Township Council Tuesday night that relatives visiting residents in Point Pelee National Park were now being forced to pay one dollar admission when they didn't have to before

The park opened Sunday.

William H. Krause, RR 1, Leamington, told council he "was advised I should be paying" the admission fee when he recently visited his father, a resident in the park. Resident Carl Ridble [sic: Ribble] said his son was forced to pay the fee and ended up buying a year pass,

Both told council their understanding was when the federal government took over Point Pelee Road from the township around 1939 or '40 the government agreed residents, relatives, friends, and people on business could use the road without charge.

Council indicated it didn't have a record of an agreement with the park, but agreed the precedent has been free access for residents, relatives, friends and people on business.

Mr. Krause said about 10 or 12 residents still remain and while everyone agrees the park will buy their property eventually, it seemed to him they were trying to hurry it up.

Residents weren't given notification of a change in policy, said Mr. Ridble [Sic: Ribble]. Reeve Clinton Tofflemire added, "you'd think they'd notify council that changes were being made."

Questioned by Councillor Michael Orawski the men agreed there were abuses of entry privileges when people would say they were visiting and weren't. However, Mr. Ridble [Sic: Ribble] said enforcing tules was up to park wardens.

Mr. Ridble [Sic: Ribble] said he was told two park officials would be meeting with the township today, and Reeve Tofflemire told the men they would try and straighten the matter out ....

The Windsor Star, April 5, 1973, p. 6



F William Krause Point Pelee Home - Back Yard

Opa Krause, Eric Krause, Oma Krause



At F. W. Krause Home

4 Generations

William A. Krause, F. William Krause, H. William Krause
with in front Robert William Krause


At F. W. Krause Home

H. William Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Eric R. Krause



H. William (Bill) and Annie (Mathies) Krause Extended Family



At F. W. Krause Home

Maria (Kornelsen) Krause, F. William Krause, Rudy Krause



H. William Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Eric R. Krause



H. William (Bill) Krause


H. William (Bill) Krause

Krause, Henrich William  [Krause, Heinrich William], Minor Child, received his citizenship on May 25, 1938
This picture and issued card is from a later date, perhaps of the 1970s when he was often vacationing in Florida



December 24

F. William Krause, Paul Krause, Lynda Krause, Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause


1985 or 1986

Rear, L to R: Kathy (Hockaday) Krause? and Paul Krause



Annie (Mathies) Krause




Annie (Mathies) Krause





l to r

Lisa (Krause) Batke,
Maria [Mariechen] "Mietz" Kornelsen (May 5, 1900, Tiegenhagen, Molotschna, South Russia -
April 2, 1991, Leamington, Ontario, Canada) [Oma Krause]

Kathy (Krause) Beveridge, Lynda Krause
Oma always served up Vernors Ginger Ale


1990 - 1991



Eleanor (Ford) Krause, Rudy Krause, Bob Scott,
Lynda (Richards b. Rimmer) Krause, Patti (Krause) Scott

In January, 1990, we purchased our New 1990 Pathfinder from Bob Scott
who held a local Nissan Franchise and we drove it back to Cape Breton.
This visit would also bring to an end our yearly
 Christmas visits since 1972 from Cape Breton to visit family,
and especially Opa (passed December 9, 1983) and Oma Krause (passed April 2, 1991)



Oma and Opa Krause's Point Pelee Home
(F. William Krause and Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause)




F. William Krause Point Pelee Home
With Robert Morgan in Front




Annie Krause, Eric Krause, Lydia Richards




Annie Krause, Eric Krause, Lynda Krause / Eric Krause, Annie Krause

Rudy Krause, Eleanor Krause, Lynda Krause




l to r

Eleanor Krause, Rudy Krause, Eric Krause



Krause - My Parents House in Point Pelee - What It Looked Like in 2005

Krause - My Grand Parents House in Point Pelee - What It Looked Like in 2005




l to r
Paul Krause, Eric Krause, Rudy Krause

l to r
Lynda Krause, Eleanor (Ford) Krause, Rudy Krause with his dog Inky





Pizza Night at Rudy and Eleanor's House

Rudy Krause, Lynda (Richards b. Rimmer) Krause,
Eleanor (Ford) Krause, Eric R. Krause

With Dog Inky in front



@ Google Earth

My Parents House - What It Looked Like in 2013




Lynda Krause, Paul Krause



Paul Krause



Eleanor Krause, Lynda Krause