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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Selection List: Public Archives of Canada ~ 
Manuscript Group 21; Manuscript Group 23; Record Group 08

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Fortress of Louisbourg


Fortress of Louisbourg


MG 23 - A- 1 Dartmouth Papers

1. Vol. Item #995 11 July 1774 "A State of the Town of Louisbourg, with its Inhabitants, Number of Houses, and Shells of Houses not Repairable as likewise the Grass Lands near the Town.

2. Vol. X, Item #2457 8 Sept. 1772. "An Estimate of the Number of Familyes in the Town of Louisbourg."


Chatham Papers

 MG23 A 2 1

1. The Chatham papers consist of selections of interest to Canada from the papers of William Pitt, created Earl of Chatham in 1766, and his second son, William Pitt. These documents include records, notes, letters, appointments, instructions, papers relating to the army, navy, and fishery, intelligence reports, etc. A total of 162 items was collected.

2.References to Louisbourg and Cape Breton are most frequent when the following topics were being discussed:

3-References to Louisbourg and Cape Breton are most frequent in volumes 1-7. The majority of these references are brief and indirect, and there is little mention of the concrete details of the town itself or the fortifications. The notable exceptions are the followings

4. Instructions, descriptions, and letters written during and immediately after the 1758 siege by men such as Amherst, Wolfe, and Townshend might also have some limited use in reconstructing the fortifications

MG 23 - A 2 - 1 Chatham Papers

1. pp. 5-9 1757, 21 Sept. Dr. Clarke to (?) enclosed in a letter of 10 Dec., 1757 from Bollan to Pitt. This discusses Loudoun's preparations in the winter of 1756-1757 and arrival at Halifax, as well as current military manoeuvers.

2. p. 17 1759, 3 July. Mrs. Boscawen to Lady Chatham, dated Level's Grove near Guilford.  She hopes for the same success at Quebec as at Louisbourg. 

3. pp. 32-33 1763, 23 Jan. Henry Caldwell to Chatham, dated Dublin. He notes that testimonies of his service have gone unnoticed and asks for the return of Wolfe's letter. 

4. pp. 64-65 1758, 6 Nov. Arthur Dobbs to William Pitt, dated Brunswick. He congratulates Pitt on his successes and discusses future campaigns. 

5. pp. 72-73 1766, 5 Feb, Elizabeth Fenwick to Wm. Pitt, dated Dulwich. Mentions that her son was at Louisbourg and Annapolis Royal. 

6. p. 79 1766, 26 August Memorial of Capt. Lt. W. Gordon to Chatham. He gives a resume of his service and asks for employment. 

7. pp. 89-90 1758 , 17 August. Mrs. G. Grenville to Lady Hester Pitt. This gives European news but no news from Louisbourg. 

8. p. 1758, Aug. Mrs. Grenville to Lady Hester Pitt. This is a letter of congratulation on the fall of Louisbourg. 

9. pp. 93-94 1758, 1 Sept. Mrs. Grenville to Lady Hester Pitt. This gives personal news and mentions the celebrations over the fall of Louisbourg. 

10. pp. 108-112 1757, 15 September C. Hay to Pitt,  dated Halifax. He gives the background concerning his arrest.

11. pp. 152-155 1758, 16 August. Hopson. Minutes in regard to the fuel requisite for the Louisbourg garrison.

12. pp. 150 1758, 5 September. Bishop Hume of Bristol to Pitt dated St. Paul's. He acknowledges receipt of Pitt's letter in relation to the receiving of the colours taken at Louisbourg and the placing of them in St. Paul's.

13. pp. 161-166 1758, 23 February. S.T. Janssen to Pitt. He delivers to Pitt the  following document, "Considerations on the Importance of Cape Breton to the French and the cast profits accruing to them by holding Possession of that Island, Shewing how dangerous it may prove to our Navigation and to the British Colonys in America during the continuance of this War, together with the Benefits and advantages that would arise to Great Britain, if that Island was taken from the French - to which are added Hints for Effecting that Conquest.

14. pp. 181-184 1767, 24 February. Matthew Leslie to Chatham. He gives a resume of his service which includes time at Louisbourg and asks for Chatham's support in his attempt to secure a promotion. 

15. p. 199- 1759, 10 August. Major Mackeller to Major Barré, dated Camp at Point Levi. This deals mainly with operations in the St. Lawrence region but mentions getting supplies etc from Louisbourg. 

16. pp. 203-204 1761, 24 August. W. Milner, Jr to Wm. Pitt. Gives details of the fishery around Newfoundland.

 MG 23 - A 2 - 1A Chatham Papers 

17. pp. 5-7 1757, 22 October. W. Beckford to Wm. Pitt. He comments on the course of the war and mentions possibility of a victory at Cape Breton. 

18. p. 11 Wm. Pitt to Lady Hester Pitt. 1758, 1 July. He comments on the war and mentions his expectation of news of the fate of Louisbourg. 

19. pp. 12-13 1758, 3 July. Earl Temple to Wm. Pitt. He comments on the war and is alarmed at the news he has of Louisbourg. 

20. p. 14 1758, 6 August. Jeffery Amherst to Wolfe. He speaks of a survey of the coast in Gabarous Bay, his desire to undertake an expedition against Quebec and other operations.

21. pp. 15-16 1758, 8 August. Jeffery Amherst to Wolfe, dated Camp at Louisbourg. This concerns further operations after the capture of Louisbourg. 

22. pp. 17-18 1758, 20 August. Lord Bute to Wm. Pitt. He mentions a reverse but adds something about the spirit that took Louisbourg.

23. pp. 19-20 1758, 23 August. George Grenville to Wm.. Pitt. He is distressed over the reverse of Ticonderoga but hopes the campaign will end as gloriously as it began at Louisbourg.

24. pp. 21-23 1758, 27 August. George Townsbend to Wm. Pitt. He congratulates him on the taking of Louisbourg and European success, and asks for letter of recommendation to Gen. Bligh.

25. pp. 25-27 1758, 18 December. W. Beckford to Pitt. He outlines a plan of operation against Quebec, mentioning Louisbourg.

26. pp. 28-30 1758, 24 December, Wolfe to Pitt, dated Bath. This concerns plans for an attempt on Quebec. Louisbourg is mentioned.

27. pp. 31-33 1758, 27 October, Henry Caldwell to James Wolfe. He mentions military operations, that many useful men have Louisbourg that he hopes to leave Louisbourg in April, etc., and a storm.

28. 1758, 30 October. Matthew Leslie to James Wolfe pp. 34-36. Rollo is embarking the inhabitants on Isle St, Jean, and there are French operations on The north side of the island. There are reports of operations to the south. There was a storm at Louisbourg on 21 Oct. and he reports various news from Louisbourg.

29. pp. 37-39, 1758, 19 December. Memorandums given to the Marshal in Wolfe's hand which appear to deal with the intended expedition to Quebec. It mentions a rendez-vous at Quebec.

30. pp. 40-42 1759, 1 May. Wolfe to Pitt, dated Halifax Harbour. This reports preparations for the Quebec expedition and some of the regiments at Louisbourg are mentioned. 

31. pp. 43-46 1759, 9 September. Wolfe to Holderness. This is in regard to the siege of Quebec, mentioning Louisbourg Grenadiers. 

32. pp. 57-58 1760, 28 April. Isaac Barré to Pitt. He is asking for reward for his service which included Louisbourg. 

33. p. 98 Undated. (1760?) *Wm. Pitt (?) Rough draft of dispatch from Pitt re the cession of Canada - mentions Cape Breton. 

34. pp. 99-100 Undated. Wm. Pitt (?) Rough draft of dispatch from Pitt re Cape Breton and the fisheries. 

35. pp. 105-106 [1758] 18 August. Lady Hester Pitt to Wm. Pitt. She congratulates him on the fall of Louisbourg. 

36. pp. 175-177 1760, 28 April. Isaac Barré to R. Wood, enclosing duplicate of letter sent by Barré to Pitt. Barré reviews his services, including Louisbourg, and asks for a promotion. 

37. pp. 180-186 1766, 23 August. J.H. Bastide to Chatham. Enclosed are several memoranda reviewing Bastide's services, including Louisbourg and sums up his pecuniary troubles. He asks for a gratuity. 

38. pp. 192-193 1758, 26 August. W. Beckford to Wm. Pitt. He comments on the taking of Louisbourg and loss of Ticonderoga, and thinks that Cape Breton should be kept because of the fishery. 

39. pp. 195-205 1757, 12 Feb. Dennys De Berdt to Pitt, enclosing written plan for military operations addressed from De Berdt to Lord Walpole. He discusses ways of composing an army in America, and military operations which include Cape Breton. 

40. pp. 206-210 1758, 16 January. Dennys De Berdt to Pitt. He mentions that in 1757 he laid before Pitt some proposals relating to military operations in North America. He comments on these.

MG 23 - A 2 - 2 Chatham Papers

41. p. 2 1758, Undated. Holles Newcastle to Wm. Pitt. Announces the fall 6f Louisbourg. 

42. p. 26. 1758, 20 August. Thos. Potter to Wm. Pitt. He congratulates Pitt on the successes at Cherbourg and Louisbourg.

43. p. 47 Undated. Lord George Sackville to Wm. Pitt. This concerns orders to Amherst including mention of Louisbourg.

44. p. 77 1756, 21 December. J. Simcoe to Wm. Pitt. This seems to enclose two papers. The first is a plan of attack on Canada and the second deals with the shooting game.

45. p. 95. 1758, 29 June. Earl Temple to Pitt. He hopes that the fall of Louisbourg will soon complete the victory.

46. p. 96. 1758, August. Earl Temple to Pitt. He sends congratulations on the capture of Louisbourg.

47 p. 97- 1758, 22 August. Earl Temple to Pitt.. He addresses him as "my Dear Brother Louisbourg" and congratulates him on the fall of Cherbourg etc.

48. p. 99. 1758, Undated. Earl Temple to Pitt. He congratulates him on an unnamed triumph and longs to embrace him with "Something like a Louisbourg Joy".

49. p. 102. 1761, 11 June. Earl Temple to Pitt. Descrines an imaginary "Temple of Peace" which will contain the names of Pitt's victories, including Louisbourg.

50. pp. 142-146 1748, 18 January. Samuel Waldo to Wm. Pitt. He complains of his treatment by Gov. Shirley in regard to the pay of the troops raised for the intended expedition against Canada. He reviews his service.

51. p. 150-152 1760, 'Undated. Document concerning supplies for the in North America, Louisbourg is among a few places excepted.

52. pp. 153-155. 1760, 9 June. p. Bellivier , the contractor's agent at Quebec to Sir James Colebrooke, Arnold Nesbitt, George Colebrooke and Moses Franks. This letter concerning provisions for Quebec was sent via Louisboug.

53. p. 161. 1758, August. R. Wood to Wm. Pitt. This informs Pitt of the taking of Louisbourg.

54. p. 172-1789, 1758, 28 July. Lt. Henry Caldwell to his brother. He recounts the siege of Louisbourg.

55. pp. 196-201. Undated. Petition of Robert Dugdale to Chatham. He reviews his service, including that at Louisbourg and protests an unjust sentence for which he was discharged. He asks to be restored to his former rank.

56. pp. 202-203. 1756-1757. Memorial of Wm. Jacobs to Wm. Pitt. He reviews his service, including Louisbourg and asks for preferment or any civil or military employment.

57. p. 211 1746 Undated. Petition of Anna E. Bradstreet, widow of Major Simon Bradstreet, to Wm. Pitt. She asks to be put on the Compassionate List.

58. pp. 215-216 Undated. Petition of John Hale to the King. He recounts his service since 1752, including Louisbourg, and asks to be permitted to dispose of his regiment.

59. pp. 221-231 Undated. Memorial from William Vaughan to the King. He reviews the service of his ancestors and particularly notes his own service at Cape Breton. He offers his service in the future and asks for some recompense.

60. pp. 233-236. 1760 Undated. Memorial of Captain Jos. Gorham to Lord Viscount Ligonier. He reviews his services since 1744 and asks to be given the command of Lieutenant Colonel.

MG 23 - A 2 - 3 Chatham Papers

61. p. 3. 1746, 24 December. State of subsistence of the regiments at and going to Cape Breton to 24 December 1746.

62. p. 4. 1746, 24 December. Computation of the subsistence of Colonel Lascelle's and Colonel Murray's regiments from 25 August 1745 to 24 December 1746, and the amount of subsistence paid to those regiments within that month.

63. p. 5. 1746, 2 December. Estimate of the charge of British forces in the Plantations, Minorca, and Gibraltar for the year 1747, including those for the garrisons at Annapolis Royal, Canso, Placentia and St. John's. Numbers and total pay for one year are given for the regiments at Cape Breton.

64. pp. 6-7. 1747, Undated. Account of extraordinary expenses incurred in Flanders, North Britain and America and of other services in the year 1747, not provided for by parliament. A number of expenses for Louisbourg are included.

65. p. 8 1749, 20 March. E. Fox to Pitt, while Paymaster General. The King has revoked orders for the disbanding. of several regiments and others are to go to Annapolis Royal. It also involves the expenses.

66. pp. 9-10. 1749 Undated. "Draught of a Warrant to the Clearings of the Officiers of Col. Hopson's Regiment" addressed from the King to Pitt, while paymaster General. Pitt is directed to pay Hopson what is due the regiment.

67. pp. 12-13 1750, Undated. An Account of extraordinary services incurred in the year 1750 not provided for by Parliament includes references to Louisbourg.

68. pp. 19-20, 1755, Undated. An account of extraordinary services incurred in the year 1755, not provided for by parliament, includes mention of Louisbourg and Cape Breton.

69. pp. 38-40. 1758, October. Brigadier Prevost to General Yorke. This letter mainly concerns promotion of Swiss officers etc in North America. The only reference to Louisbourg is of a brief visit of Amherst on a journey from Louisbourg.

70. pp. 46-47 1760 Undated. Estimate of the charge of British forces in the plantations, Gibraltar, and Guadeloupe for the year 1760. There is information about men at Cape Breton.

71. pp. 110-111 1756, 22 August. List and estimate of the British warships necessary for "the total Stagnation and Expiration of the French Trade upon the Seas, and the general Protection of that of Great Britain upon the Seas". This includes reference to Cape Breton.

72. pp. 112-132. 1757, 31 August. Journal of a voyage to Halifax on the intended expedition under the command of Lord Loudoun in 1757. Headed "A letter to a friend" This describes the preparations for the expedition, and the plan of attack etc,

73. pp. 133-138- 1758, 27 January. Draft of additional instructions to Boscawen in his capacity as Commander in Chief of sea forces in North America. It also refers to the fact that the land forces are to assemble at Halifax under Amherst and that the siege of Louisbourg is to be under taken as soon as the season permits, by land and sea.

74. pp. 149-150. 1761, 21 August. J. Cleveland to Pitt. The letter encloses charts and drafts of the Gulf of St-. Lawrence, coasts of Acadia, Nova Scotia and Cape Breton and Newfoundland.

75. pp. 153-154. 1758, December. Précis of Papers from Admiral Boscawen. He encloses two letters from Admiral Durell dated at Louisbourg, chiefly on naval details and referring to a letter from Lord Rollo, concerning Isle St. Jean, and one from Captain Rous concerning the French fishery on Newfoundland.

76. pp. 184-187. Undated. A computation of the French fishery '"as it was managed before the present French War". The area covered is the shore of Cape Breton from the Gut of Canso to Louisbourg and from thence to the northeast section of Cape Breton.

77. pp. 188-192, 1757, Undated. Examination of two French prisoners re Louisbourg. They report naval details and the situation in Louisbourg.

78. pp. 200-201. 1757, 19 October. Advice from Brest on the state of the French navy there contains general naval intelligence and two references to Louisbourg.

79. p. 203. 1757, 11 November. News that a storm had dispersed the British fleet cruising off Louisbourg and that the French had taken several vessels.

80 p. 204. 1757, 7 November. Intelligence of French fleet operations, concerning the squadron which was protecting Louisbourg.

81. p. 205- 1757, 26 December. Intelligence of French affairs from Paris. A report from Montcalm notes that he is worried about provisions but vessels with provisions sh6uld arrive at Quebec and Louisbourg.

82. p. 206- 1758, 31 January. Intelligence concerning the French navy at Brest which is bound for Louisbourg.

83. p. 206. 1758, 3 February. Intelligence of French naval activities at Toulon. Some are bound for Louisbourg.

84. p. 207- 1758, 6 February. Intelligence of French naval activities at Brest. Some ships are bound for Louisbourg.

85. pp. 208-209. 1758, 29 March. List of French warships and frigates at sea or about to put to sea on the above date. Some of the vessels are "Dans les Mers de l'Isle Royale".

86. p. 210. 1758, 12 May. Naval intelligence from Paris. A convoy with provisions has arrived at Louisbourg which is reported to be in a good state.

87. p.211  1758, 7 August. Note from Paris expresses anxiety over the situation at Louisbourg.

88. p. 211. 1758, 11 August. Note from Paris reports no further news from Louisbourg.

89. p. 212. 1758, 14 August. Note from Paris on intelligence from Isle Royale concerning the enemy's position, activities and situation in the town.

90. p. 213. 1758, 25 August. Note from Paris on the news from Cape Breton reporting the fall of Louisbourg.

91. p. 213. 1758, 27th August. Note on the effect of the news of the fall of Louisbourg.

92. p. 214. 1758, 22 September. This reports the arrival of some French inhabitants at La Rochelle in English ships. A "Captain Canon" says that he left vessels at Quebec which were assigned to Cape Breton.

93. p. 230- 1758, Undated. Extract of account of dates and précis of battles during 1757.

94. pp. 239-240. 1758, 17 March. Translation of a letter in cypher from Abreu to Wall. It reports who is to command and their probable action.

MG 23 - A 2 - 4 Chatham Papers

95. p. 20. 1746, 14 May. Instructions to several Governors to raise men for an expedition to Canada, to rendez-vous at Louisbourg. 

96. p. 23. 1752, 11 March List of officers in the American colonies the nomination of which was voted in the Board of Trade. Sent by Lord Halifax for Pitt's use. It includes an agent for Newfoundland and Cape Breton.

97. pp. 25-39- 1754, August. Letter of A.B. to Lord .... concerning the American colonies and the Indian War on that continent. He speaks about trade. protection, fisheries etc.

98. pp. 42-54. 1755, June 1. Unsigned letter to Lord  ... concerning the strategy of a war against the French in America. He speaks about the cause and effect of the fall of Louisbourg.

99. pp. 68-70. 1756, February. Letter to Lord Halifax proposing the following scheme of "disengagement" in North America. He proposes various possible terms for a future peace including one which suggests that the French should demolish the fortifications at Louisbourg.

100. pp. 98-111 1756 (?) Undated. Unsigned letter concerning operations against the French in North America, including an acknowledgement that there is public demand for an expedition against Louisbourg.

101 pp. 134-138. 1757, 14 January. Proposal from Samuel Waldo for the raising of troops in America to garrison Nova Scotia, in anticipation of a British attempt against Louisbourg or Quebec. It mentions Waldo's previous experience.

102. pp. 146-147- 1756, 20 July. Letter to Henry Fox in his capacity as Secretary of State acknowledging and giving thanks for the payment of part of a claim for services done in the Cape Breton expedition.

103. pp. 152-156. 1757, 10 February. Memorandum and thoughts of J.H. Bastide on the projected expedition against Cape Breton and the siege of Louisbourg, drawing on his experience as engineer and during the siege in 1745.

104. p. 157. 1757, 13 March. Order in Council relative to the instructions given to Lord Loudoun. Louisbourg and Quebec are to be the two objectives in the ensuing campaign.

105. pp. 158-162. 1757, 30 May. Letter to J. Abercromby concerning the preparations for the intended expedition against Louisbourg and Canada.

106. pp. 163-164. 1757, 31 May Letter to J.Abercromby with advice of a "French squadron en route to Louisbourg.

107. pp. 167-169. 1757, 24 August. Sir Charles Hardy to Lord Loudoun. Hardy reports having looked in Louisbourg harbour early on the morning of August 20. He tells what he saw and comments on it.

108. pp. 170-171. 1757, August. Reason and opinion drawn by Sir Charles Hardy against the continuation of the expedition against Louisbourg.

109. pp. 172-175. 1757, 15 August. J. Bradstreet to Sir Richard Lyttleton. The only relevant news is the information that Lyttleton will receive an account of the cancellation of the Louisbourg expedition.

110. pp. 176-177. 1757, 5 September. J. Bradstreet to Sir Richard Lyttleton. There is no mention of Louisbourg in the letter, but a note on the front page in another hand mentions that Bradstreet had a Commission of colonel given him by Shirley for the Louisbourg expedition.

111. pp. 179-184. 1757, 5 September. J. Bradstreet to Sir Richard Lyttleton. This lays out plans for intimidating the Indians on the Western Frontier and channelling the fur trade into English hands. He gives plans for an attack on Louisbourg and other points.

112. pp. 197-201. 1757, 23 October. P. Hopson to Loudoun. Most of this letter is concerned with the administrative details of the organization and supplying of troops at Halifax. The only reference to Louisbourg is that a flag of truce called there and brought news of the wreck of the Tilbury.

113. pp. 202-206. 1757, 12 November. Charles Lawrence to the Earl of Halifax. This gives information that most of the French fleet has sailed from Louisbourg and proposed operations of the English fleet.

114. pp. 231-238. 1757, 14 December. Sir Charles Hardy to one of His Majesty's servants enclosing considerations on an attack on Louisbourg, on the recommendation of Lord Halifax.

115. pp. 246-248. 1757, 21 December. Letter to Chatham (?) concerning transports for the proposed expedition to Louisbourg.

MG 23 - A 2 - 5 Chatham papers

116. pp. 40-47. 1758, 3 March. Instructions from the King to Amherst in his capacity as Major General of British Forces in North America and Commander in Chief of the land forces destined for the siege of Louisbourg.

117. pp. 48-50. 1758, 20 May. Abraham Elton to Robert Nugent Letter enclosing the affidavit on a Captain Gracie "who was lately a Prisoner at Louisbourg" concerning the state of that place in March 1758.

118. pp. 53-61. 1758, 27 July. Abstract of the defence of Louisbourg from an unnamed French naval officer's journal. June 1 - July 27.

119. pp.62-64- 1758, 30 July. L'Argeau to "Mon cher amie" describing the fighting and French victory over the English at Carillon. Incidental reference is made to the siege of Louisbourg.

120. p. 65. 1758, Undated. State of the regiments in the garrison at Louisbourg.

121.pp. 73-74. 1758, August. Unsigned (Pitt?) draft of a letter to Amherst. Notes satisfaction at the fall of Louisbourg and the King's approval of Amherst's conduct etc.

122. p. 82. 1758, 30 September. Instructions from Boscawen as Commander in Chief of British vessels in North America to Rear Admiral Phillip Durell. Durell is to prevent provisions from Europe from getting to Quebec etc.

123. pp. 94-96. 1758, 10 October. Lord Rollo to Boscawa n. This concerns the French on Isle St. Jean.

124. pp. 97-100. 1758, 29 October. Phillip Durell to Boscawen. He reports the situation at Louisbourg, covering a number of topics.

125. pp. 101-103. 1758, 30 October. John Rous to Boscawen. Rous reports his activities off Newfoundland, mainly connected with the fishery.

126. pp. 104-105- 1758, 5 November. Phillip Durell to Boscawen. This concerns the removal of inhabitants and troops from Isle St. Jean, the arrival of supplies, shipping, mail, pilots, and European news.

127. pp. 115-120. 1758 Undated. Address of the Burgesses of Virginia to the King. This mentions their suffering during the present war and stresses their loyalty to the King. Then there follows a detailed plan for a land expedition against Canada. An attack on Louisbourg is mentioned.

128. pp. 122-130. 1758, Undated. Considerations "On an Expedition against Louisbourg". This makes suggestions for an attack on Louisbourg.

129. pp. 130-132. 1758, Undated. "Troops dtstin'd for the Siege of Louisbourg and Troops Remaining with Lord Loudoun". Those troops for the siege of Louisbourg are given.

130. p. 133. 1758, Undated. Proposals for attacking the French colonies in North America, extracts. Troops from Louisbourg are mentioned.

131. pp. 143-150. 1759, 7 February. Boscawen to Pitt, enclosing duplicate of a letter from Jost, Gorham to Boscawen, dated Halifax, Dec. 6, 1758. Gorham says that after he left Louisbourg he was sent to destroy the French on Sable Island. He gives an account of operations at various places.

132. pp. 151-160 1758, 19 May-5 June. Extracts of letters written from Quebec to Montreal covering a variety of topics. References to Louisbourg mention the French fleet, reported attack by English, sickness, supplies, prices, and death of Seigneur Nicolet and the English fleet etc.

133. pp. 161-163 September 1757-February 1758. Extract from a Journal of La Rochelle which is mostly composed of observations on the conduct of the war at sea in North America and in Europe. There is reference to operations connected with Louisbourg and a report that the English are preparing to conquer Louisbourg.

134. pp. 166-186. 1759, 2 April. Ephraim Biggs to Pitt. This concerns further hostilities against the French in North America and notes the error of overestimating the capture of Louisbourg. He considers the plantation of a British settlement to the south.

135 p. 190. 1759, August. Edward Whitmore to Major General Wolfe at Quebec. Dated Louisbourg. He awaits news of Quebec, gives news of other operations, announces the arrival at Louisbourg of Frazer's regiment, gives news of the invalids and recommends the bearer, Mr. Shepherd to Wolfe.

136. pp. 193-206. 1759, 20 December. William Paterson to Wm. Pitt. He encloses "Considerations on a future Peace etc. as it relates to Great Britain only", dated 30 October 1759 with a postscript dated 4 December 1759. Among other things, Paterson recommends that Britain keep Cape Breton and an alternative plan.

137. p. 207- 1759, Undated. Note on a wrapper. This concerns orders for embarking the troops to Louisbourg and recruiting in the colonies.

138. pp. 214-218. 1759, 14 April. Amherst to Brigadier General Lawrence. This concerns arms for the men at Louisbourg, recruiting, demolition of the settlement at St. Anne's, promotions, Wolfe's expected arrival at Louisbourg, troops proceeding from Halifax to Louisbourg and a number of other more or less irrelevant topics.

139. pp. 219-220. 1759, 16 April. Extract of a letter form Major General. Amherst to Brigadier General Whitmore. This concerns finances for the expedition up the St. Lawrence which involve Louisbourg , the supply of cattle for Louisbourg, and the embarkation of troops for Louisbourg.

140. p. 225- 1759, Undated. "Stores to be taken from Louisbourg for the Expedition up the River St. Lawrence."

141. pp. 269-293. 1763, 4 December. Captain Thos. Bell to unidentified person. He offers suggestions on the future settlement and of Canada. The only reference to Louisbourg is the mention of the Governor of Louisbourg, St. John and their dependencies as an example.

MG 23 - A 2 - 6 Chatham Papers

142. pp. 9-12. 1757 Undated. Suggestions by Mr. Abercrombie for operations in North America to regain lost territory and to recover the Indians with their hunting country. Louisbourg is not mentioned except as a bargaining counter for the return of Minorca.

143. pp. 14-19- 1758 (?) "Minutes of Proposals for most effectually Distressing the French in North America, and the West Indies etc." in Pitt's hand. This proposes to neutralize French military superiority by Amok using sea power to out off reinforcements and mentions stations, etc. It notes the importance of blocking up Louisbourg to prevent supplies getting up the St. Lawrence River. 

144. pp. 20-26. 1758, Undated. Plan concerning the French encroachments in North America. This outlines a plan of attack on Canada and in dealing with the distribution of troops mentions Louisbourg. 

145. pp. 27-38 1758, Undated. Plan for attacking the French in America, mainly Fort Duqesne. It mentions stations which will have to be established unless the British take Louisbourg, Quebec and Montreal. 

146. pp. 54-55. 1773, Undated. "Copy of an Inscription on a Root-house, at Mr. Polhill's at Chipstead 1773 etc". In mentioning the victories of the time of Wm. Pitt, Louisbourg is mentioned.

MG 23 - A 2 - 7 Chatham Papers

147. pp. 27-32. 1758, 19 August. General Abercromby to James Aberoromby concerning his defeat at Fort Carillon in 1758. He mentions having had to to make up the full complement of artillerymen and officers for Louisbourg.

148. pp. 35-40. 1758, 4 October. Observations concerning Quebec and the River St. Lawrence by John Veysey, an English prisoner who left Quebec on 4 October 1758. He mentions the route the ships take to avoid Louisbourg and that the people of Quebec were panic stricken when they heard the news of the fall of Louisbourg.

149. pp. 41-42. 1758, November. Proposals for the expedition to Quebec. Some Louisbourg regiments are mentioned.

150. pp. 43-44. 1758, November. Largely a duplicate of document in Chatham.  Papers MG 23 A2 7 pp. 41-42 with a few added details.

151. p. 45. 1758, Undated. "Memorandum of French Prisoners recommended by Mr. Stanley."

152. pp. 47-48. 1759, 10 June. Charles Lawrence to Wolfe. Congratulates him on his speedy departure from Louisbourg and continues with remarks related to the Quebec expedition.

153. pp. 82-103. 1760-1763(?)- Memorandum of the excises on the trade at Tadoussac, and the receipts and expenditures on the King's account in Canada. There is a heading "Expenses at Isle Royale".

154. pp. 106-110. Undated. McNeal's journal of the march from the mouth of the River St. John to Quebec. He computes the distance from St. John's to Louisbourg.

155 pp. 115-126. 1746, OS, 3 January. Remarks on the state of Newfoundland, Cape Bretons Nova Scotia and Canada collected by William Vaughan. He mentions the places and that there is agriculture and pasture now, also fish rooms etc He mentions the fishery and speculates on how many families could subsist there. He mentions Cape Breton's resources etc. He gives distances from Louisbourg to various places, and speaks of trade.

156. pp. 127-131. 1745-1746 OS Undated. A memorial showing that the French possessions on the "River of Canada" originally belonged to the Crown of Great Britain and for this and other important reasons should be restored to the Crown in a treaty of peace. It mentions that Cape Breton among other places is covered with pine and oak which are useful in the production of naval stores. It also discusses fishery and means of winning favour of Indians and populating the lands.

157 p. 132. 1746-1749 OS. "State of the Payments made to the Contractor for Victualling the Regiments at Cape Breton."

158. pp. 133-136. 17619 12 May. By Thos. Colo. A state of the Newfoundland fishery with plan proposed for excluding the French from that trade. Re Louisbourg: It is planned to send men and supplies to build forts in Newfoundland to exclude the French from the fishery on that coast.

MG - 23 - A2 - 8 Chatham Papers

159. pp. 82-111. 1788, Undated. Report of Mr. Irving, Inspector General of Imports and Exports, to the Commissioners of Customs upon sundry papers respecting the American Fisheries, referred to him. Cape Breton is mentioned.

MG 23 -A2 - 9 - Chatham Papers

160. 1786, Undated. pp, 30-31. Mode proposed of granting powers to and instructing Sir Guy Carleton. Among other commissions, Carleton is to have that of Captain General and Governor in Chief of Nova Scotia, including Cape Breton.

MG - 23 - A2 - 10  Chatham Papers

161. pp. 4-80. 1792, Undated. Memorial of land proprietors and merchants of the Island of St. John to. the King in Council (dated 19 July 1791) complaining of the misconduct of government by a majority of the senior officials who form a majority in the Council, with proof of the charges against Lieutenant Governor Fanning. Some of the inhabitants considered moving to Cape Breton.

162. pp. 269-308. 1792, Undated. Memorial of land proprietors and merchants of the Island of St. John to the King in Council (dated 19 July,1791) Complaining of the misconduct of government by a majority of the "Senior officials who form a majority in the Council, with charges and proofs against William Townshend, collector of the customs. Part of the affidavit of Wm. Hillman is quoted. 


Sydney Papers 


1. This collection consists of originals of letters addressed or forwarded to Thomas Townshend , first Viscount Sydney, or to his son Thomas Townshend. Two items were selected..

2. The first of these two items dated 1 July 1784, is a letter from John Peters complaining against Haldimand's refusal to assist loyalists wishing to settle on Lanaudiere's seigniory of Maskinonge. Cape Breton is mentioned as a potential settlement for loyalists.

3. The second item is a letter from George Leonard dated 9 October 1798 and requesting patronage in securing Lt. Governorship of either Cape Breton or Nova Scotia.

4. No reference is made to the actual town and fortifications of Louisbourg.

MG 23 - A3 - Sydney Papers

1 pp. 39-41. 17849 1 July. John Peters to M. de Lanaudiere. This concerns the settlement of Loyalists, some of whom had previously "signed" for Cape Breton.

2. pp. 42-45. 1798, 9 October. George Leonard to Lady Dowager Dacre. He has visited several places including Cape Breton and makes suggestions re the governorship.

MG 23 - A 4 - Shelburne Papers 

1. pp. 186-194. Undated. Memoir concerning negotiations relating to a peace treaty at end of Seven Years War. No place nor author. Nothing relating to Louisbourg in particular is given, however there is a reference to Isle Royale, which the French King would like restored to him "without fortifications".

2. pp. 59-65. Undated. Projet des Articles de Paix dresses par la France. Place not given. The French and English Kings wished to halt the war between the two countries. The French King proposed Articles as a basis for a Peace Treaty. Article three concerns Cape Breton.

3. pp. 66-71. Undated. Observations sur les différens Articles du Memoire qui contient les conditions de Paix proposeés par la France. In Article three, the French submit their claim for a base in North America which will give adequate protection to their fisheries. Their wish is for restitution of L'Isle Royale.

4. pp. 139-145. 1762, 10 July. Observations. Dated Whitehall. Signed Egremont. The seventeen Articles contained within the note concern negotiations relating to a peace treaty at the end of the Seven Years War.

5. pp. 199-204. 1752, 21 July. Projet d'articles Preliminaires arretes entre la France et l'Angleterre. Dated Versailles. In Articles 2 and 3 of the Peace Treaty negotiations, reference is made to Cape Breton.

6. pp. 237-238- 1762, 21 July, M. le Comte de Choiseul to le Bailli de So1ar. This letter to the Ambassador contains instructions relating to the peace negotiations at the end of the Seven Years War. L'Isle Royale is mentioned.

7. pp. 34-54. 1753. Lists of such Acts, pass'd in the Massachusets Bay, as have been reported on between the year 1703 & the present time. This reference speaks of an act for supplying the treasury with £70000 for the use of the garrison at Louisbourg (1749).

8. pp.143-159. 1763 Mr. Pownalls Sketch of a Report concerning the Cessions in Africa and America, at the Peace of 1763. Pownal to the King. Among other things he recommends that the Islands of St. John and Cape Breton be re-annexed to Nova Scotia.

9. pp. 160-178. 1763, June 8. The Report of the Lords of Trade relating to the Cessions at the Peace on 1763. To the King. Dated Whitehall . The Report states the advantages to be obtained from the Cesseion made to "his Majesty" by the Peace Treaty, and the manner in which these advantages could be secured. This involves recommendations regarding the settlement and boundaries of the colonies, as well as suggestions for their proper management. Recommendations relating to trade with the colonies are also presented. Cape Breton is mentioned.

10. pp. 304-305. 1763, 22 Feb. General Distribution of His Majesty's Forces in North America. Dated New York. This mentions regiments at Louisbourg, St. Johns Island and Placentia.

11. pp. 1-7. 1754. Representation of the State of the Colonies in North America. The Report sets down the colonial possessions of England in North America and the boundaries relating therewith. It Concerns itself with the activity of the French on the continent and the colonies they possess or lay claim to. The manner in which Indian affairs have been handled is criticized, as well as of granting and settling land. Recommendations regarding the above mentioned are made as well as the general recommendations that measures be taken to protect the colonies from the advances of the French. Regulations regarding trade are suggested as well as suggestions for a sounder form of government. The possible damage that D'Anville's fleet might have done is mentioned.

12. pp. 23-42. 1766, 10 May. Barrington's Plan relative to the Out Posts, Indian trade &c with remarks. It mentions forts in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and St. John &c and that Louisburg is demolished but that there are companies stationed there.

13. pp. 43-51. No Date. Remarks on Ld Barrington's Plan. The author believes that unnecessary forts in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and St. John should be abandoned.

14. pp. 2-8. List of Papers in Shelburne MSS. relating to Canada or in print. 

15. pp. 12-16. 1766, 15 October. Abstract of Dispatches from Lieut. Governor Franklin. Received 12 . January 1767. Dated Halifax. The letter concerns the transmittance of two letters: one dealing with the Indians of Nova Scotia and the other dealing with the coal mines of Cape Breton. His Lordship is also informed of a proposed Out line of the Province.

16. pp. 106-116. No date. Plan of Forts and Garrisons proposed for the Security of North America and the Establishment of Commerce with the Indians.

17. p. 54. No Date. Liste des Navires sortis de Quebec in 1754. 11 ships went to Louisbourg or Acadia.

18. pp. 4-6. 1767, 14 Sept. Letter of Samuel Holland to ... , dated Quebec. The letter reports on the plans and surveys of St, John, Cape Breton the Magdeline Islands and various other island in Colonial North America. The grant of money available for the project is also discussed.

19. p. 30. 1767, 14 Sept. George D'Erbage to the Earl of Shelburne. This is a covering letter for "The Description of the Island of Cape Breton" sent to the Earl by Mr D'Erbage, Secy to the Surveyor General.

20. pp. 30-84. 1766, 10 November. A Description of the Island of Cape Breton, relative to the Plan surveyed, agreeable to the Orders and Instructions of the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners for Trade & Plantations. Dated Louisbourg. This description is designed in general to point out the commercial and in particular, the fishing advantages found on the Island. It begins at the Gut of Canso and proceeds around the island, presenting a description of all places found . Each place is reviewed with regard to advantages and improvements which have taken place. There follows a summary which shows how these colonies might still be rendered of equal or greater value to the mother country. The fisheries operations is gone into at great length. The report also details the climate, natural products and productions of the place. This is a copy of the original done by George D'Erbage at Quebec, dated 14 Sept. 1767, by order of Samuel, Holland.

21. p. 5. 1768, 17 August. Present State of the Island of Cape Breton. Copy transcribed in C.O. 217, Vol. 45, p. 256.

22. p. 10. No date. A sketch of the Trade to& from England to Cape Breton. This gives the value of goods imported and exported.

23. p. 22. 1762, 6 Dec. An Account of the Value of Exports to the North American Colonies from Xmas 1739 to Xmas 1761. Dated Custom Housel London. The Account for Cape Breton is given. 

24. p. 23. 1762, 6 Dec. (?) An Account of the Value of the Imports into England from the North American Colonies from 1739 to Xmas 1761. Dated Custom House, London. The Account for Cape Breton is given.

25. pp. 24-34. 1762, 6 Dec. Exports and Imports from England and Canada with its Dependencies including Cape Breton and all the other Islands in the Gulph and River of St. Lawrence since the Conquest thereof  respectively by His Majesties Arms including each year. Dated Custom House, London. Signed Jn. Tomkyns, Asst. Insp. Genl. There is no indication of what specific goods went to and from Cape Breton. 

26. pp. 71-77. No date. The Imports and Exports compared with the Excesses of each Country from Xmas 1743 to Xmas 1762. The table for Cape Breton is given.

27. pp. 81-90. No date. The Imports and Exports compared with the Excess of each country from Christmas 1762 to Christmas 1763 The table for Cape Breton is given.

28. pp. 159-161. 1782, 6 Sept. J. Williams to the Earl of Shelburne. The letter is concerned with the writer's attempts to find employment. He requests a five year lease of the Coal Works near Louisbourg.


Lord Barrington's Thoughts Upon North America


1. This document is a contemporary copy of the document written by Lord Barrington. Written while Barrington was secretary at war, it contains recommendations for abandoning some of the forts in North America.

2. Louisbourg is only referred to once, by way of example of the uselessness of the forts in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton.

3. Although the demolition of Louisbourg is briefly mentioned in the above reference, there is no detailed description of' the fortifications.

MG 23 - A 5 - Viscount Barrington

1. pp. 1-27. 1766, 10 May. "Lord Barrington's Thoughts upon North America." This contains recommendations for the abandoning of some of the forts in North America. Louisbourg is mentioned as useless. 

MG 23 D Section 4 - 
Botsford Papars, 1763-1839

MG 23 - C 6 - Inglis Papers

1. pp. 8-10. 1805, 17 July. Journal of Bishop Charles Inglis. This section of Bishop Inglis Journal describes his visit to Louisbourg in 1805.

MG 23 F 1 - J. F. W. Des Barres Papers

1. ff. 304-305, No Date [1786], Judgment on John Maugridge "late of Louisbourg" for theft.

2. ff. 306-307, No date [1786], Judgment on John Winter "late of Louisbourg" for theft.

3. ff. 331-312, No date [1786], Draft of a Pardon for John Maugridge, late of Louisbourg.

4. ff. 318-319 No date [1786], Draft of a Certiorari out of Chancery to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to certify the Proceedings against John Maugridge.

5. ff. 510-513, 1786, Record of Clerk of Court regarding Winter and Maugridge.

There is nothing relating to Louisbourg here.

6. ff. 45-47, No date. Des Barres to the Lords of Privy Council. Folio 45 a recitation of his services at Louisbourg in 1758.

7. ff 78-91, May 1, 1784."A Statement of the Services of the Memorialist Major Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres". f.79-80 a recitation of his services at Louisbourg in 1758. [found in Privy Council 1, Volume 59.]

8. ff.119-146 [with two postscripts], No date. Narrative of the Motives of Lieut. Govr. Des Barres appointment to Cape Breton and of the circumstances of the Expenditure for the public service there, with remarks. f. 119 
- his service at Louisbourg in 1758 cited. 
- his survey of the harbours of Nova Scotia and the publication of the Atlantic Neptune. f.122-123 
- coming of the Loyalists. f.125 
- his arrival in Cape Breton in December 1784 at Ile Madame. He found the country [Cape Breton] was in a "dismantled desert state." This is an account of the earliest period of Cape Breton's existence as a separate province.

9. ff.190-205, May 10, 1793. The Memorial of Lt. Gov. Des Barres to the Lords of Treasury. f.191, reference to 1758 service at Louisbourg. ff.195-196, value of Cape Breton to the French. [same as ff. 119-146]

10. f.1, November 12, 1913. The Sydney Record, "Life and Work of Lt. Gov Des Barres." An account of his activities in Cape Breton. Reference to spending the winter at Louisbourg. List of plans given into office.

11. f.3, No date The Sydney Record, Newspaper clipping, "The Regime of Gov. Des Barres". Reference to the Loyalisis coming to Louisbourg - Address by Rev. C.W. Vernon.

12.  f.23, Copy of [ ?]. Notes regarding Ashfield. Reference to Louisbourg.

Volumes 1-2 not checked. In the searching aid there is nothing relating to Louisbourg.

13. ff.473-480, Nov. 12, 1773. Chas. Morris Jr. to Des Barres. Reference to Canso and Cape Breton.

14. ff-545-548, March 10, 1775, Chas. Morris Jr. to J.F.W. Des Barres. f.548 - References to Louisbourg.

15. f.596, Sept. 30, 1773. Jos. Ferrish to J.F.W. Des Barres. Dated Halifax. Reference to Geo. Cornelius Swan [late storekeeper at Louisbourg.]

16. ff.693-706, No date [1802] Des Barres to Lord Hobart at the Colonial Office(?). Advantages to be derived from Cape Breton. (ff.693-695).

17. f.842, August 6 1785. Abstract of Provisions received and issued to the Loyalists at Louisbourg and Spanish River from 25 April to 5 August, 1785. Signed Jona Jones.

18. f. 881, November 18, 1785. Sir George Yonge to Des Barres. Dated War Office. Concerns the town Adjutancy of Louisbourg. 

19. ff. 974-978, Aug. 5, 1786. Sir George Campbell to Des Barres. Appointment of Moncrieffe as Major of Brigade. 

20. ff. 979-981, 1786. Account of Coals Shipped from April 26 to August 26, 1786. 

21. ff. 1061-1062, No date. "Etat des Personnes a qui jai délivré des marchandises appartenantes à M. le Gouverneur des Barres."  List of names. 

22. ff. 1063-1070, No date. Amount of the advance made to the following persons from 3d March 1785 to the 7th February 1786.

MG 23 G1 - 8, Reconquest of Canada, 1795-1796

No reference to Louisbourg.

MG 23 G II - 1 James Murray Papers.

Series 1
Papers owned by Mrs. Murray. Official correspondence 
and private correspondence, 1759-1789. Transcript.

1. pp. 26-30, May 19, 1760, Jas. Murray to General Amherst. p.27 a reference to Vauquelin, "our Louisbourg friend"; p. 29.. reference to Louisbourg.

2. ff. 33-35, June 9, 1760, Jas. Murray to Governor Whitmore at Louisbourg. References to Louisbourg's demolition; needs coal; sends a prisoner to Louisbourg. [See also W.O. 34, vol.2, f.34]

3. f43 June 27, 1760, Jas. Murray to Gov. Whitmore at Louisbourg. Need of fuel at Quebec. [See also W.0. 34, vol.2, f.5]

- Nothing relating to Louisbourg.

4. ff.7-9, October 28, 1759, Thos. Ainslie to Jas. Murray. Dated Louisbourg. Ainslie appears to be a trader.

5.  f.20, July 27, 1760, H.T.Gramaché to Jas. Murray. Dated Quebec. Reference to troops from Louisbourg.

6. ff. 31-34, July 29, 1760. James Murray to Col. Fraser. Dated Champlain Road. Reference to the "Louisbourg fleet." (f.32); f. 31 Capt. Stobo.

7. ff.40-41, July 13, 1760. James Murray to Wm. Pitt. Dated Quebec. Reference to "2 regiments from Louisbourg." (f.40).

8. ff-55-50, January 272 1761, Jas. Murray to General Amherst (f.57). Reference to arms damaged at Louisbourg.

9. ff.63-68, March 27, 1761. No author or receiver indicated. Reference to cost of Hospital and reparation of arms damaged at the siege of Louisbourg. (f.63).

10. ff.69-70, Sept. 24, 1760, Jas. Murray to Gen. Amherst. Dated Quebec. Passing reference to Louisbourg .(f.69).

11. ff.88-89, Dec. 24, 1761. Jeff. Amherst to Jas. Murray. Dated New York. Death of Gov. Whitmore - f. 88.

12. ff. 111-118, March 6, 1761. Jeff. Amherst to Jas. Murray. Dated New York. f.112 - Gov. Whitmore to send what supplies he can from Louisbourg.

13.  ff. 122-123, Feb.19, 1762. Jeff. Amherst to Gov. Murray. Dated New York. Lumber sent by Governor Witmore; shipwreck on Cape Breton.

- Nothing relating to Louisbourg.

Series 2
Papers owned by the Hon. Arthur Murray, 
London, England. Transcripts. 

There is nothing relating to Louisbourg.

Series 3
Additional Correspondence, 1759-1774.

14. ff. 1-1v, Sept, 1758. Jas. Wolfe to Jas. Murray. Dated Gaspé. Murray is to return to Louisbourg and from there go to Halifax with Amhert's regiment.

15. f. 9, August 24, 1759. State of the Troops at Quebec; Louisbourg Grenadiers.

16. f. 10 August 30, 1759. Ordnance at Montmorency - Louisbourg Grenadiers.

Series 4 
Journals, 1759-1760

17. ff. 1-6, 1759. Account of assembling the force to attack Quebec at Louisbourg in 1759.

18. ff. 133-134, Jul 28, 1760. Part of the Louisbourg fleet arrived at Quebec. (f.134)y,

19. ff. 147 -149, August 16, 1760. " ... two Germans Enlisted at Louisbourg out of the Voluntières Etrangères."

20. ff. 151, August 20-21, 1760, Two battalions from Louisbourg to land; Louisbourg Division wanting wood.

Series 6
Miscellaneous Business Papers, 1748-1767

1. "Extracts from the Records of the Town & Borough of Hastings, England ..." This describes the Coat of Arms Shield taken from Quebec [Probably over the St. Louis Gate.] and presented (?) to Hastings by Murray. 


Customs, 1759 - 1762 


1. This document consists of a contemporary account of all exports and imports from and to England and Canada and all its dependencies. It appears to be the original document. It covers the period 1759-1761.

2. Although in the heading of the document Cape Breton is included among the dependencies of Canada, no distinction of any kind is made between those goods imported to and exported from Canada proper and those imported to and exported from Cape Breton and the other dependencies. There is no reference to Louisbourg.

MG 23 - I - 3 Customs

1. pp. 1-7. 1762, 6 December. Jonathan Tomkyns, Assistant Inspector General, dated Custom House, London. "An Account of all the Exports and Imports from England and Canada with its dependencies including Cape Breton and all the other Islands in the Gulph and River of St. Lawrence since the conquest thereof respectively by his Majesty's Arms distinguishing each year".

MG 23 I - 6, Samuel Waldo, 1764

1. References to Cape Breton. No pagination. 12 pages. 1764. "The humble Petition of Samuel Waldo Esquire; Francis Waldo, Esquire; Isaac Winslow, Esquire; and Lucy his wife; Thomas Flucker, Esquire and Hannah his wife, all of Boston In New England ...... for a grant of land on the Penoboscot river." In the petition Waldo's services to the King of England are mentioned including references to Cape Breton.

MG 23 I - 7, James Emott, 1765-1768

- Nothing relating to Louisbourg.

MG 23 J, R. Curtis, 1775-1777

1. Narrative of a voyage from England to the Island of St. John written from a recollection by Curtis. The vessel was wrecked off Malpequec - contains nothing relating to Louisbourg.

MG 23 J, Prentice, S.W. 1780

1. ff.65-69, January 4, 1781. Description of an abandoned settlement found shortly after the ship in which Prentice was travelling was wrecked off Cape Breton.

2. ff.163-165, April 20, 1781. Reported by an inhabitant of St. Peter's that ,settlers driven away from Louisbourg by American privateers.

MG 23 J - 7, H.M.S. Pegasus,  1786

1. ff.119-120, October 1. 1786. Sketch of the land off Louisburg at C. Pett. The sketch shows nothing but a hazy coastline.

MG 23 J - 11, Sydney, Cape Breton, 1784

There is nothing relating to Louisbourg.


Fraser Papers, 1755-1837 


1. The only section of this collection consulted was volume 1, an original printing of a new exercise of army drill dated 1755. An extract from the journal of Captain John Knox is inserted in typewritten form at the beginning of this booklet. The extract is taken from "An Historical, Journal "by Captain John Knox, vol. l, pp. 270; Champlain Society Edition, vol. l, pp. 348-349. It is dated Louisbourg, 25 May 1759.

2. There is no reference to Louisbourg in any part of the volume except this insert. The insert describes a review of the grenadier companies of the garrison of Louisbourg by Wolfe, during which they performed the new exercise described in the booklet. There is no reference to the fortifications.

MG 23 - K 1 - Fraser Papers

1 . p. 1 1759, 25 May. Extract from "An Historical Journal" by Captain John Knox, dated Louisbourg 25 May 1759. This describes a review of the grenadier companies of the garrison of Louisbourg by Wolfe, during which they performed the new exercise described in the booklet.

MG 23 K James Thompson, 1759-1788

1. ff. 1&3 May 13, 1759 - June 4(?), 1759. Rendez-vous of fleet at Louisbourg and departure for Quebec.

2. ff. 4v.&5v., Soldiers (Grenadiers) from Louisbourg in the contingent sailing to Quebec.

3. f. 9v , July 20, 1759. Louisbourg Grenadiers involved in the siege. 

4. f.13v, July 30, 1759. Desertion of a man who enlisted at Louisbourg.

5. ff. 20&20v, Aug.19 & Aug.22, 1759. References to Grenadiers from Louisbourg.

6. f.22v., Sept.2, 1759. Reference to Grenadiers of Louisbourg. 

- nothing relating to Louisbourg.

- nothing relating to Louisbourg.

- nothing relating to Louisbourg.


Graves Papers 


1. This collection consists of microfilmed extracts from the papers of Thomas, first Baron Graves, Governor of Newfoundland, 1761-1764, Originals in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England. Includes commission and instructions, papers relating to French rights in the fishery, the capture of St. John's. and naval matters and a copy of the memorial of the French ambassador on the complaints of French fishermen. A total of 5 items was collected.

2. References to Louisbourg are found when the following topics were mentioned:

3.Two of the cards are taken from replies made by Captain Thompson and Justice Leinstetwins regarding the enquiries into the state of Newfoundland issued by Graves. These replies give some detail of the activities of the Cape Breton Indians on Newfoundland.

4.There are no references to the details of the town or fortifications of Louisbourg.

5.The folio numbers given on the cards are taken by counting from the first folio of each set of items on the microfilm. There are no actual numbers on the film but these numbers have been placed on the cards to facilitate location of the Items described.

MG 23 - M 1 -- Thomas Graves Papers

1. f. 20. 17639 29 Sept. Justice Leinstetwins answers to the inquiries made by Graves concerning Newfoundland, enclosed in the letter from Graves to the Lords of Trade and Plantations dated 18 Mar. 1764. It deals with how the inhabitants employ themselves in winter.

2. ff. 3-4v- 1763, 20 October. Thomas Graves (?) to what appears to be a secretary of the admiralty. Topics dealt with in the letter include the survey and official French taking possession of St. Pierre and Miquelon, movements and assignments of British vessels at and off Newfoundland, a survey of the coast and harbours of Newfoundland, illegal fishery activities on the part of the French and his need for advice from the Lords of the Admiralty concerning how to act on the last point. There are a couple references to Louisbourg.

3. ff. 16v-17. 1764, 30 May, The King. Instructions to Thomas Graves, Governor and Commander in Chief of Newfoundland and the garrison at Placentia and all other forts and garrisons erected on that island. The Cape Breton fishery is mentioned,

4.  f. 22v. 1763 No date. Replies of Capt. Thompson to the queries of the Board of Trade, enclosed in the letter from Graves to the Lords of Trade and Plantations dated 18 March 1764.This refers to Indians from Cape Breton who have gone to the Isle of Codroy to hunt furs.

5. ff, 18-24v. 1763, 2 May. Instructions to Graves, commander of the "Antelope" from the Lords of the Admiralty. This concerns a convoy for the fishing vessels to and from Newfoundland. It points out that the French are not allowed to fish within 15 leagues of Cape Breton Island and Graves is to enforce this clause.

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