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HELEN (LENA) KORNELSEN (RUTHERFORD)  (June 21, 1927 - March 29, 2008)


HELEN (LENA) KORNELSEN (RUTHERFORD)  -The Leamington Post. June 25, 1959 - Page: 5




Nice to hear from you. I think the confusion is the German and English. We always called the girls Lene and Elsie. Lene was pronounced “Leenah”. In German they would be “laynah” and “Ilsa” if the grownups were talking German. “Laynah” would be translated as Helen.

I presume that the girls didn't want German names and so went by the English translations. What was on their birth certificates, I wouldn't know.

As you know my name is spelled Margreta, but I was always called Margaret or Marga if someone was speaking German. I spelled my name the English way until University when a professor suggested the name on my degree should match my birth certificate. There was a stigma attached to being German.

Lene went by “Leenah” in her early working days. (I met her ex-boss several years later). That might have been shortened to Lee later.

Elsie (Ilsa) was married to George Baerg and they divorced. I have no knowledge of who she married later. It was the topic of much gossip in Leamington at the time. Elsie had two daughters, I think, but I don't remember their names. Elsie moved away and I never heard where.

Hilda's daughter Janet married “Red” Robinson, I think his proper name was John and when my mother was still alive they lived in the Leamington area. Janet made some draperies for my mother in the late 1980’s.

I presume that you have a copy of the Kornelsen family tree prepared in memory of Micha Willms. I would think the proper names are in there. Mine is at home and we're in Arizona right now. I'm tempted to look up Elsie, we're quite close to Surprise. Do you have any more information on her?

Hope this helps.


March 13, 2014 11:44 AM
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Margreta Gronski

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Re: From Eric Krause - Kornelsen Query
Margreta Gronski