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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Bench, Bigot Garden P6130161.JPG (654770 bytes)

Bench, Bigot Garden P6130165.JPG (654766 bytes)

Benoist House P6130056.JPG (660938 bytes)

Bigot Garden P6130162.JPG (655864 bytes)

Bigot garden south view P6130167.JPG (670215 bytes)

Bench: Bigot Garden Bench: Bigot Garden Benoist House Bigot Garden Bigot garden: South view
Bigot Stables and house roofline P6130177.JPG (635442 bytes) Bigot yard towards Destouces, Quay and Frederic Gate P613016.JPG (643331 bytes) Bigot yard, dovecote P6130158.JPG (646151 bytes) Carrerot House rear view P6130171.JPG (656015 bytes) Destouches House from Bigot Garden P6130164.JPG (664403 bytes)
Bigot Stables and House roofline Bigot yard towards Destouches: Quay and Frederic Gate Bigot yard: Dovecote Carrerot House: Rear view  Destouches House from Bigot Garden
Dovecote, Bigot yard P6130168.JPG (658087 bytes) Dugas House P6130170.JPG (645107 bytes) Window Bigot magasin P6200152.JPG (639980 bytes) Inn Sign, grandchamp P6130122.JPG (663623 bytes) Inn sign, Hotel de la Marine P6130120.JPG (657022 bytes)
Dovecote: Bigot yard Dugas House Window: Bigot Magasin Inn Sign: Grandchamp  Inn sign: Hotel de la Marine 
L'Epee Royale and Hotel de la Marine P6130059.JPG (641192 bytes) L'Epee Royalle sign P6130060.JPG (799840 bytes) Planter box, Bigot Garden P6130163.JPG (659285 bytes) Gate and rear steps leading to Carrerot P6200078.JPG (679237 bytes) Streetscape along quay, Block 2 P6130135.JPG (813045 bytes)
L'Epee Royale and Hotel de la Marine L'Epee Royalle sign Planter box: Bigot Garden Gate and rear steps leading to Carrerot Streetscape along quay: Block 2
Hotel de la Marine P6200160.JPG (660624 bytes) Hotel de la Marine P6200165.JPG (827990 bytes) Window, Benoist House P6130057.JPG (577461 bytes) Window, Carrerot House P6130054.JPG (674589 bytes) Window, Carrerot House P6130055.JPG (622321 bytes)
Hotel de la Marine Hotel de la Marine Window: Benoist House Window: Carrerot House Window: Carrerot House