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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Window, Destouches P6130166.JPG (864197 bytes)

Bigot gate and dovecote P6200177.JPG (666420 bytes)

Bigot House P6200121.JPG (644823 bytes)

Bigot House P6200130.JPG (651225 bytes)

Bigot House P6200155.JPG (683836 bytes)

Window: Destouches Bigot gate and dovecote Bigot House Bigot House Bigot House
Bigot Huse from the Carrerot House P6200183.JPG (653587 bytes) Carrerot gate P6200184.JPG (659510 bytes) Carrerot House from interior of block P6200120.JPG (644489 bytes) Destouches House from back P6200122.JPG (650592 bytes) Destouches House P6200126.JPG (658850 bytes)
Bigot House from the Carrerot House Carrerot gate Carrerot House from interior of block Destouches House from back Destouches House
Destouches House P6200129.JPG (653705 bytes) Granchamp buildings left and centre P6200127.JPG (674399 bytes) Grandchamp buildings P6200128.JPG (656533 bytes) Grandchamp Inn P6200118.JPG (657215 bytes) Grandchamp little west side P6200125.JPG (650932 bytes)
Destouches House Granchamp buildings: Left and centre Grandchamp buildings Grandchamp Inn  Grandchamp: Little - west side
Grandchamp rear of small building P6200119.JPG (632506 bytes) Grandchamp, little building detail P6200124.JPG (624032 bytes) Grandchamp, little building from rear P6200123.JPG (635849 bytes) Hotel de la Marine and Grandchamps P6200116.JPG (658413 bytes) Inn Sign P6200191.JPG (611332 bytes)
Grandchamp: rear of small building Grandchamp: Little - building detail Grandchamp: Little - building from rear Hotel de la Marine and Grandchamps  Inn Sign: L'Epée Royalle
L'Epee Royalle P6200190.JPG (619494 bytes) Dugas House P6200142.JPG (649255 bytes) Benoist House, east side of Rue Toulouse P6200168.JPG (669450 bytes) Bigot House from north P6200155.JPG (661317 bytes) Bigot house front doorP6200153.JPG (670196 bytes)
L'Epée Royalle Dugas House Benoist House: East side of Rue Toulouse Bigot House from north  Bigot House front door