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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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De la Perelle Store House De la Perelle De la Perelle De la Perelle De la Perelle
P6130149.JPG (633341 bytes) P6130150.JPG (619211 bytes) de gannes garden P6130041.JPG (873969 bytes) de gannes garden P6130042.JPG (655775 bytes) de Gannes house P6130022.JPG (889642 bytes)
De la Perelle De la Perelle De Gannes garden  De Gannes garden De Gannes house 
de Gannes houseP6130030.JPG (874905 bytes) Engineer's Stable roof and duHaget P6130115.JPG (662632 bytes) Rodrigue House Gate P6200186.JPG (643320 bytes) Ice House door P6200014.JPG (676301 bytes)   Ice House fleur de lis P6200015.JPG (676633 bytes)
De Gannes House Engineer's Stable roof and DuHaget Rodrigue House Gate  Ice House door Ice House fleur de lis
Ice House west side P6200013.JPG (575054 bytes) Ice House rear view P6200011.JPG (651690 bytes) Ice House rear view P6200010.JPG (662792 bytes) Ice House from wood lot P6200096.JPG (695017 bytes) Ice House entry P6200016.JPG (660546 bytes)
Ice House: West side Ice House: Rear view  Ice House: Rear view  Ice House from wood lot  Ice House: Entry
Garden gate de Gannes house P6130045.JPG (655598 bytes) Rodrigue House P6130031.JPG (672141 bytes) Rodrigue House P6130050.JPG (660077 bytes) Rodrigue house, Rue Tooulous P6130049.JPG (644971 bytes) Rue Toulouse with de Gannes house P6130016.JPG (637325 bytes)
Garden gate De Gannes house Rodrigue House Rodrigue House Rodrigue house: Rue Toulouse  Rue Toulouse with De Gannes house