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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Shutter of de Gannes House P6130046.JPG (804868 bytes)

Wheelbarrow in de gannes garden P6130043.JPG (911395 bytes)

Window in de gannes houseP6130044.JPG (585277 bytes)

Duhaget House and town from King's Bastion P6200028.JPG (654907 bytes)

Steps to back door de Gannes P6200051.JPG (657794 bytes)

Shutter of De Gannes House Wheelbarrow in De Gannes garden  Window in De Gannes house Duhaget House and town from King's Bastion Steps to back door De Gannes
Woodlot house from King's Bastion P6200032.JPG (646307 bytes)  De La Perelle House back south side P6200024.JPG (682720 bytes) back yard de la Perell stable P6200020.JPG (754847 bytes) Back yard towards Rodrigue House P6200017.JPG (792751 bytes) De Gannes House east side P6200048.JPG (654816 bytes)
Woodlot house from King's Bastion De La Perelle House: back south side  Back yard de la Perelle Stable Back yard towards Rodrigue House  De Gannes House: east side
De Gannes house north sideP6200050.JPG (653968 bytes) De Gannes House P6200009.JPG (757390 bytes) De Gannes House P6200182.JPG (644741 bytes) De Gannes HouseP6200008.JPG (629811 bytes) de Gannes roof P6200069.JPG (673441 bytes)
De Gannes house: north side De Gannes House De Gannes House De Gannes House De Gannes roof
de Gannes west side P6200019.JPG (709313 bytes) De la Perelle and Du Haget Houses P6200087.JPG (689497 bytes) De La Perelle back and garden P6200018.JPG (693655 bytes) de la Perelle back yard P6200025.JPG (682926 bytes) de la Perelle rear wall P6200028.JPG (647646 bytes)
De Gannes: west side De la Perelle and DuHaget Houses De La Perelle: Back and garden De la Perelle: Back yard De la Perelle: Rear wall
De la Perelle stable P6200027.JPG (668614 bytes) De la Perelle Stable P6200029.JPG (633171 bytes) Door de la Perelle P6200093.JPG (657766 bytes) Door Du Haget Houe P6200091.JPG (644031 bytes) Dormer de Gannes House P6200070.JPG (666067 bytes)
De la Perelle Stable De la Perelle Stable Door: De la Perelle  Door: DuHaget House Dormer: De Gannes House