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Cromarty Tennis Club, 65 Cromarty Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
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APRIL 18, 2010

6:36 Meeting called to order

In Attendance:  Eric Krause, Bob King, Ian, Jim Nemeth, Jim Peers, Betty Farrell, Pat Johnson, Pam MacLeod, Melissa  , Dave Clements, Claire Rogers, Ian MacDonald

Regrets:  Mark Silverberg, Diane Richards.

 Welcome and Remarks: Pam MacLeod provided overview of Committees of last year

  • Jim Nemeth Chairman of Socials.  We had a couple of socials plus party at Ken Haley's-good times had by all

  • Hiring Committee -Tanya and Mark Stedman

  • Supervisor of Instructors -Tanya oversaw a good instructions program with staff

  • Grounds -Bill Buckland and Allan Bryden

  • Tournaments -Claire Rogers and Bill Buckland coordinated C.B. Open and Mark Stedman helped with Club tournament

  • Ladies Day was coordinated by Betty Farrell

  • Reg. C.B. Open Jr. Tournament -Staff

  • Ian MacDonald coordinated the Advertisement

  • Registrations -Melissa

  • Grants were looked after by Mark Silverberg, Pam MacLeod, Betty Farrell, Helen Zoe, Grant Mac Charles and Bob King:

  • With Health Authority grant Mark Silverberg arranged for $1000—will work with instructors and see what is needed from money

  • ACOA -Bob King chaired subcommittee. We received $14,000.00 which was spent on:

  •  -Netting around fence

  • -$4000 toward maintaining existing lights for this season

  • -Nets, post

  • -Kitchen renovations (is almost complete)        

  • -Basement renovations (done)

  • -Trophy case       

  • -Display board

  • -Landscaping

  • -Brook Clearance

  • -Outside building will be painted as soon as weather permits

    •  However, when the lighting needs were finally determined with the input from Bob Rudderham, an Electrical Engineer, it was clear we required more money as they would cost $65,000.00 and the ACOA 1/3 grant plus the Club's allocated resources were not enough. A partial project was not possible since the system had to be revamped from the meter onward. There was simply not enough money.  However Pam was able to get deadline extended beyond March 31, 2010 to Oct.1/2010.  $12,000 is put toward the $65,000 lighting project.  We need grant committee to come up with the rest of the $65,000

 Last years minutes were reviewed. Motion by Melissa / Dave Clements to accept as printed. Passed.

 Other issues were discussed: 

  • Foul language last year. It should not be used on court. 

  • Pam will talk to Maintenance about insuring that nets are taken down in the fall and replaced with older ones for the winter players as passed at the previous meeting. 

  • Financial Report was reviewed: Questions arose as to the ACOA grant moneys lack of inclusion. Pam advised it was not there.

  • Bob made motion, Pat seconded that Financial Report be accepted as published. 

  • New executive and directors needed/those named below elected 

  • Pam MacLeod -President

  • Betty Farrell will decide on treasurer job in a week.

  • Pat Johnston nominated for Vice-president

  • Social -Jim Nemeth

  • Grants -Mark Silverberg

  • Hiring Junior Programs -Tanya   , Mark Stedman and Mark Silverberg

  • Grounds:  -Bill Buckland, Dave Clements Pam ask Allan Bryden if he wants to stay

  • Tournament:  -Claire Rogers

  • PR:  -Ian MacDonald

  • Registration Melissa, Dave Clements

  • TNS Liaison Pam MacLeod

  • School Program-- coordinator (not named as yet)

  • Secretary (not named as yet) 

Eric Krause provided update on Indoor Tennis Courts group progress

  • 2006 – Arranged non-profit status

  • 2008 –arranged charity status

  • End of 2008—airport authority agreed to usage of their property

  • Jan. 2009—CBRM supported the project (no money) but letter of support

  • Anticipated costs of facility $600,000 to $1,000,000 budget for tennis building

  • Next objective arranging for cost of $70-80,000 engineering study

  • Facility must be a public facility —the only way that they could get charitable status, wheelchair tennis offer training courses, school programs, accept grants and gifts from public at large not thorough registration as price must be kept reasonable. 

  • Pre-engineered steel building anticipated being 80 X 140 feet—1 court with walking track c/w cushioned doubles court

  • Seating for audience with basic washrooms

  • Eric is asking for Project endorsement from Cromarty Tennis Club (not money) 

  • Dave Clements made motion to endorse CCTC Indoor Tennis Court.  Jim Nemeth seconded motion.

  • Passed. 

Registration should be early this year. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 motion Bob King seconded Claire Rogers. Passed