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Cape Breton District Telephone Directory, October 1935

(Reproduced in 1985 on the occasion of the 200th Anniversary of Sydney)

Louisburg Exchange

Hours of Service

Week Days, Continuous
Sundays and Holidays, midnight to 8 a.m., 9-10 a.m.,
1:30-3 p.m., 10 p.m. to midnight

Hector McInnis Agent

Public Pay Station At Telephone Office Main


Bagnell Albert  Gabarus  16-26
Baldwin Carrie Mae  r Wolfe West Louisburg  38-3
Burke Alex  r Bauliene  16-32
Burke James  r Havenside  30-5
Burke Peter  r Bauliene  16-12
Cameron A W  r Main  2-2
Campbell Thomas Scatarie Lighthouse West 
Point  16-2
Cann A D r Louisburg  30-3
Crowdis Hotel J H Crowis Prop  Main  29-4
Delaney W C r Main  22
Dickson Charles D r Main  26-4
Dickson J D  r Mainadieu  16-21
Dominion Coal Co Ltd Pier Off  Louisburg  40
Doyle D H Rev Glebe House  Wolfe  12
Dundonald Inn The Edgar Morrison  Main  9
Fiteman G A [actually the name is  Louisburg 
Gallant John r Little Loraine  16-4
General Store The R Lipkus Mgr  Main  39
Government Telegraph Office Gabarous  16-13
Grant E A General Store  Main  1
Huntington M S General Store  Main 14
Johnstone D M  r Main  26-5
Kelly John  r Louisburg West  38-12
Leahy David  r Mainadieu  16-15
Leahy Thomas  r Mainadieu Shore  16-14
Lewis George D  r Louisburg  23
Lewis George D r Warren  6-2
Lewis & Co General Store  Main  36-1
Lewis William W  r Warren 6-1
Ley Chas  r Little Lorraine  16-16
Ley D W Capt  r Warren 25
Louisburg Motor & Machine Works  Warren  21
Louisburg Town of Town Hall  Main  24
McDonald Allen J  r Main East 3-2
McDonald Jessie Mrs. r Aberdeen  34-1
McDonald John A  r Main  18
McDougall Rose Mrs.  r Mainadieu  16-11
McInnis A D  r Irish Brooke  16-43
McInnis Archie  r Kensington Cove  16-7
McKinnnon Wm D  r Fort Louisburg  38-11
McLeod R J  r Riverdale  33-5
McMillan D A Rev The Manse  Strathcona  33-4
McPhail A M Capt  r Main  2-1
McPhee James r Main  33-3
McQueen H  r Havenside  3-13
Mar Tel & Tel Co Ltd
    Call Agent for general information, to
    enquire About accounts, installation
    or moving or removal of telephones; 
    to report telephone out of order or
    unsatisfactory service.
Martell A A Office  Main  8-1
Martell A A r Warren  8-2
Martell W N  Scatarie Isl Lighthse East 
Pt  16-3
Matheson Ernest r Alexander  10
Mosher Martha Mrs r Main 29-3
O’Neil F Dr Office Main  31-1
Peters Edward W  r Main  16
Rittmeyer Richard R  Deep Cove  16-22
Royal Bank of Canada  Main  13
Signal Service T Wilcox Agt  Havenside  30-2
Skinner W L  r Warren  15-3
Spencer B M r Main East  3-3
Spencer Edgar  r Scatarie  16-25
Spencer Joseph r Scatarie  16-33
Stacey A W  r Main  29-2
Tiley A  r Main East  3-5
Townsend H J Dr  Main  19-1
Townsend H J Dr  r Main  19-2
Tutty Joseph r Big Loraine  16-6
Tutty James  r Big Loraine  16-35
Wadden James  r Eastern Har Scatarie Isl  16-5
Woollard C O Goodwin’s Plant  Louisburg  26-3

Transcription by the Louisbourg Heritage Society