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Photo Album: 
Research Trip to the United States: East of the Mississippi ~ 
November 1, 2002 - March 14, 2003

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Charleston, South Carolina

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Outside Charleston, South Carolina

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Dryton Hall


Dryton Hall


Beaufort, South Carolina

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Vieux Carré

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The story that the one-story, brick-between-posts structure (944 Bourbon Street) was the blacksmith shop of Jean and Pierre Laffite may be just that - a story. For certain, it is an old building, with the "earliest record of transfer of ownership of the site" dating to 1772.

This Jean Baptiste Labranche building (700 Royal Street) is the most photographed structure (c. 1835-1840) in the vieux callé because of its cast-iron balcony.

Lafayette, Louisiana

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Village Acadien


Eric Krause 
using his lap-top


Franklin, Louisiana

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Oaklawn Manor, 

"This massive mansion, built in 1837 by Alexander Porter ... is constructed of brick made from the surrounding soil and is almost a fortress, with its 20-inch walls and massive foundations ..." "The well [of the Old Butter House" is lined with the original slave-made bricks."

This Greek Revival building is presently the home of the Governor of the Louisiana Governor. 

Forest Capital State Museum, Florida

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Cracker House   Cracker House   Cracker House


Wakulla Springs  State Park, Florida

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St. George Island State Park, Florida

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Apalachicola, Florida

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Eden Gardens State Park, Florida

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Fort Pickens, Florida

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Fort Morgan, Florida

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Mobile, Alabama

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Fort Condé


Fort Condé


Fort Condé


Fort Condé


Fort Condé


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Fort Condé


Fort Condé