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Descriptions and pictures provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross

David and
Elisabeth (Klassen)
Johann and Helena (Baerg)
and 2nd wife Susanna
(Wiens, Enns)
A. J. Mathies in Uniform -
A. J. Mathies in uniform served
as a medic (Sanitaeter) on a medical
train when war broke out in 1914.

"This photograph shows Abram Matthies (on the left) with his brother Johann Matthies wearing their uniforms when they served in the Medical Corps in Moscow during World War I. "[Source of  Text: See 1914-1917]
Ukraine A. J. Mathies .....
Medic days
       In the this photo
he is sitting 3rd from the
right in the back row.
A. J. Mathies Train Red Cross -

In this group photo of medics A. J. Mathies is
in the middle of the second row from top with
the man in white having his hand on his shoulder

A. J. and Margaret (Dück)
with daughters Margaret
Annie. Brother Herman Dick 
(Dück) in rear
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mathies C 1907 Matthies, Johann family ...
       Standing are siblings Liese, David,
Abram .J, John and little
brother Jacob.
       Sitting are Helena Balzer, 1st wife of son David, parents Susanna and
Johann Matthies, Maria.
       The little girl sitting in front of parents is Susanna the daughter
of Susanna and Johann. 
       All the rest of the children's mother was
Helena Baerg.
* See Note Below

  c 1928
A. J. Mathies Family Car.
Notice the initals on it. It looks like J. C. T., but then
it probably was a used car.
Margaret (Dück)  Mathies, is sitting in the car. The children are,
son William b. 1925, daughter
Annie b. 1923 and daughter Margaret b. 1921.

* After the father Johann Matthies died, widow Matthies, Susanna (nee Wiens) married D. P. Enns.    They came to Canada and lived in the West until he passed away.  She then moved to Essex County and lived out her days living with various relatives including the A. J. Mathies  family.  Her total belongings were in a huge trunk that smelled like medicine. 


Source: John Dick

Source: Margreta Gronski / John Dick



1914 - 1917

Abram Matthies and Johann Matthies

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Scope and content This photograph shows Abram Matthies (on the left) with his brother Johann Matthies wearing their uniforms when they served in the Medical Corps in Moscow during World War I.

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Subject access points Alternative Service - Russia Matthies, John, 1890-1970 Matthies, Abram Place access points Russia Name access points Mathies, John, 1890-1970 (Subject) Mathies, Abram, 1893-1974 (Subject)

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A. J. Mathies, middle of the top row, prior to conscription

Source: Tom Mathies To Eric Krause - Thursday April 23, 2015 01:49






Another one of Grossmutter Wiens, Mathies, Enns No idea who the guys are. Louise

Source: Louise (Mathies) Ross, From: Louise Ross Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015 11:37 AM To: 'Eric Krause' Subject: RE: Another old photo

I was thinking that if the man beside her is Mr. D. P. Enns then the car photo may have been taken in Alberta. On one of the license sites there was an Alberta plate with only 29 on it. Louise

Source: From: Louise Ross Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015 7:19 PM To: 'Eric Krause' Subject: RE: Reply: Another old photo

c. 1946

Art Mathies & Louise Mathies with Grandma Enns

Source: Tom Mathies To Eric Krause - Thursday April 23, 2015 01:49

Assorted Annie (Mathies) Krause Picts and Descriptions


Abram John Mathies - Born Feb. 14, 1893 in Schönbrūn, Russia
Died June 21, 1974 at the age of 81 in Leamington Hospital
Margaret Mathies (Dick) SCHONBRUN - Born Apr. 6, 1897

Assorted Annie (Mathies) Krause Picts

Descriptions provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross

Photos Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg



1939 license plate?

Bill Mathies on car,
Annie Mathies,
Unknown female,
Margaret Mathies (m. Toews)

Jake Tiessen, Unknown male,
Ann Bergen (m. Segedin),
Bill Krause,
Annie Mathies

Unknown female,
Ann Bergen (m. Segedin),
Annie Mathies

Harry Mathies (in car),
Bill Mathies (on the car door runner,
Margaret Mathies (m. Toews),
Unknown female, 
Annie Mathies (m. Krause)

Mr. Brown,
Annie Mathies,
Johnny Mathies (Kitchener cousin)







Adult baptisms, old, old church on Oak Street
  c. 1941


c. 1941


Annie Mathies, 2nd row, far right


Annie Mathies, front row, 3rd to the right of man in the middle,
then further right Mary Toews (sister of Jake Toews),
then Martha Tiessen?




Descriptions provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross

Photos Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mathies Margaret (Dück)  Mathies
the one on the far left, front row.
The rest are mostly Mathies wives
except one who is a
Berg & Mathies relative.
 Wedding [1945]:
Hilda Shulz and
John Mathies,
[son of David Mathies,
brother of
Abram J. Mathies]
John Janz and Annie Mathies,
who's father was John Mathies Sr.,
brother of
A. J. Mathies
Wedding: November 29, 1947
Henry Dick and
Hilda Kornelsen (deceased).
Henry, living in Leamington,
is the son of John Dueck,
 brother of
Margaret (Dück)  Mathies
Helen Schellenberg and John Mathies,
son of John Mathies Sr.,  brother of
A. J. Mathies
m. May 12, 1945, Leamington, Ontario
  Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mathies.
44 years of marriage.
She 66 years old, he 70 years old
February, 1956
Harry Mathies, son of

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mathies
Harry Mathies, son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Mathies
L-R: Linda (Toews) Regehr
(daughter of Jake and
Margaret (Mathies) Toews),

Annie (Mathies) Krause,
Louise (Mathies) Ross


Russian/English Immigration Papers

Travel Papers



Abram Johann Matis  - 2261 - and Family

A. J. and Margaret (Dück)
, with daughters Margaret
Annie. Brother Herman Dick 
(Dück) in rear




Anna Matis  - 2264 - Daughter

1929? [193?]

Susie and Peter Willms Wedding Day, May, 1929?


Grand Fox Peach Orchard - Olinda Side Road

L-R Assorted Rows: Abraham Mathies, Margaret (m. Toews) Mathies, Margaret (b. Dück)
Baby Harry Mathies [b. 1931], Annie (m. Krause) Mathies

Early 1930s


Some pages from a study book - Notation:  Annie Mathies





S.S. No. 5 Gosfield South (Olinda) School [Township of Gosfield South]

Mary Balkwill, Teacher

Margaret Mathies (2nd Row), Annie Mathies (2nd Row), Bill Mathies (4th Row)

Also Erna Mathies (Back Row), Jacob Mathies (2nd Row)




Annie Mathies - Lower School Examination - June 1937 - Beamsville


Photo Supplied by Louise Ross (Mathies)

Margaret Mathies (b. 1921) may have taken the photo. Louise Mathies is sitting on her dad's lap.

Rear (Left-Right)

Margarethe (Margaret, Margaretha) Mathies (April 6, 1897 - May 10, 1986), Annie Mathies (February 25, 1923 - June 2, 1998), Bill Mathies (b. 1925),

Front (Left to rear)

Harry Mathies (b. 1931), Abram J. Mathies (February 14, 1893 - June 21, 1974), Louise Mathies (b. 1936) on lap


Photographer: H. A. Dunn, Leamington

Annie Mathies at age 16

"Annie Mathies at sweet sixteen"
(February 25, 1923 - June 2, 1998, Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, RUSSIA - Leamington, Ontario, CANADA)

"Annie was tall, had a big heart for animals and loved to yodel." - Louise (Mathies) Ross


Imperial Leaf Tobacco Co. of Canada Ltd., Leamington Ontario, 1939


[Leamington Shopper, Wednesday, January 16, 1985]

With winter coming, the tobacco factories were looking for help, so Margaret  [Mathies] and I [Annie Mathies] stood outside in the cold along with many others as Lin Branton stood on a platform and picked the ones he chose. Being taller, even though two years younger, I had my fingers crossed when he asked my age. After all, hadn't papa told us to get one, and I always obeyed him? I was only a few months short of sixteen, but it upset Margaret since she then also had to lie after I began work first.  

It was too far from the 7th to the factory in Leamington so we went to "bachel it' at the Wiense's who lived nearby. 

Here for the first time I was exposed to the real world, and I hated it. The foul language, and the dirty jokes that left me blushing while it seemed to encourage more of the same. One day while hanging tobacco leaves on a stick placed across a wooden horse, a guy who'd been flirting with me from where he worked across the room, came over and I started to run around the other way so as not to be pinched from behind as the others had done. Accidentally my hand went down on one end of the stick while the other one got him in the eye.  The next day I was informed was his wedding day, and he went down the aisle with a black eye. I wonder what excuse was given to a new bride.

Then the war came along, and with it came Hitler, so now those of us who spoke German even though we were pacifists were considered the enemy; so after being questioned, were all fired. 

Descriptions and picture provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross

Annie Mathies, Harry Mathies, William Mathies, Margaret Mathies, Louise Mathies

C. 1941

Descriptions and picture provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross

c. 1941 - No doubt Oma Mathies' brother Jacob Dueck and wife Anna,
India missionaries
were visiting Canada and this is a
family reunion of  Mathies, Duecks, Baergs, etc.

Helga Dueck (first cousin) and Annie Mathies standing to left,
Margaret Mathies (m. Toews) and little Louise Mathies (m.. Ross) bottom row to left,
Oma Mathies to the right with Arthur Mathies on her lap.


STANDING IN BACK ROW .. Looking at the picture … left to right




June 1

Taufspruch fuer Anna Matthies ... Gegeben am Tage der Taufe.

Baptismal motto for Anna Matthies ... Given on the day of baptism.

November 29, 1941

Wedding: Margaret Mathies and Jake Toews

Photo supplied by Louise (Mathies) Ross

[Photographer: H. A. Dunn, Leamington]


Standing left to Right: Margaret, Bill, Annie, Harry
Seated left to right:
Mrs. Margaret Mathies, Arthur (on his mother's lap), Louise (seated on stool), Mr. Abram Mathies

[Source: Ernest J. Dick, Courage, Courage, The Lord Will Help, The Family History of Johann P. Dück
and Descendants from Schönfeld, Southern Russia
(Leamington, John H. Dick, 1990), p. 66]


Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

Margaret (m. Toews) Mathies, Annie (m. Krause) Mathies, Louise (m. Ross) Mathies, Arthur Mathies



Some pages from a study book - Notation - Louise Mathies, Ruthven, Ontario

[I don't know about your Mom but I went to 'German School' classes given at the Leamington Mennonite Church. I believe my teacher was a Mr. Cornies.
We learned how to read and write that old script [Sütterlin]. Why? I have no idea. We never used it - Louise (Mathies) Ross - Wed, 10 Aug 2011 23:37:56 -0300]


Some pages from a study book - Notation: Art Mathies


Art Mathies

Source: Tom Mathies To Eric Krause - Thursday April 23, 2015 01:49

Descriptions and picture provided by Louise (Mathies) Ross


January 25, 1925 - February 14, 1972

1937 - Bill "Villy" Mathies

1937 - Mother and Bill Mathies   Bill and Art Mathies   Judy and Bill Mathies
MaryLou and Bill Mathies   Bill Mathies with Truck   Bill Mathies with Truck

Hi Bill!

Brother Bill was born January 25, 1925 and died February 14, 1972 (on Grampa Mathies birthday) Bill's german name at home was pronounced Villy. He was 11 years older than me so when I was 6 he was 17. I fondly remember him as being a happy person that loved to tease. Attached are a few photos I have of him. Sister Louise

Source: Louise Ross To Eric Krause - January 25, 2014 7:02 PM


Bill Mathies

Source: Tom Mathies To Eric Krause - Thursday April 23, 2015 01:49

Unknown Date


Louise (Mathies) Ross, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Margaret (Mathies) Toews


"Jake & Margaret Toews & Family
60th Anniversary - 2001"

Married: November 29, 1941



Toews Extended Family


my scanner is currently not working ....

I have another old photograph of a russian high school class with Dad, A. J. Mathies and mother Margaret Dick's brother.

Someone wrote, "The school was built by John Dick (Dueck?) in Schonfeld, Russia." I'm assuming that's mother's father.

"When the revolution started the school was destroyed."


The other photo is of Art, Grandmother Susanna (nee Wiens, Mathies, Enns) and myself (I had impetigo).

Grandmother Susanna, was the second wife of grandfather Johann Mathies so step-mother of dad, A. J. Mathies.

She widowed and married David P. Enns and lived in western Canada.

Widowed again she came to live in Essex County where she had Wiens and Mathies relatives.

B. July 06, 1865 Russia D. September 12, 1949 Leamington, ON

From: Louise Ross Sent: Friday, June 05, 2015 10:56 AM To: 'Eric Krause' Subject: RE: From Eric Krause - Picture Updates