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(September 3, 1931, Port Crewe, Ontario - April 6, 2013, Leamington, Ontario)



September 3

Karl Rudy Krause



Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

August, 1932


Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - 11 Months Old [b. September 3, 1931

[August, 1932]

F. William Krause Family - Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

c. 1932

Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause

H. William (Bill) Krause  - "Willy"/ Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"


Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

2 Years Old

c. 1934

Mr. Story and Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" - where Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause worked.

"Mr Story x Rudy  Mom work hier"


Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

"Rudy" - 3 May, 1934 - 2 Years, 7 Months Old  //  "Rudy" - 11 [September], 1934 - 3 Years Old on 3 [September]

c. 1935

"Willy Rudy"

H. William (Bill) Krause (Rear) and Karl R. Krause (Front) - "Rudy"


September, 1936

Maria Mietz (Kornelsen) Krause, H. William (Bill) Krause (rear), Karl R. Krause - "Rudy" (centre) and F. William Krause

"Willy 15 years; Rudy 5 Years"

c. 1937-1938

Rudy Krause - c. 1928 at School
Union S.S.#2 E., Tilbury East and Raleigh, [at Port Crewe]
Miss Fern Gleeson Teacher (Later Crewe)
[Section School No. 2]

[Note: Karl Rudy Krause, then living (1928 - 1938) at Port Crewe, and identified as going to this school,
was born September 3, 1931, and in Grade 1 - Thus the 1928 date is incorrect]

Elizabeth J Marshall, Crewe Family of Ontario, p.841 -

The School was located across from the Crewe property [Karl Krause]



S. S. Point Pelee For February

Rudy Krause (Jr. Pr [Grade 1 Junior])

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher - The Leamington Post. March 10, 1938 - pg. 6

[Note: Rudy is not listed in the Monthly Report, Rural Schools, Point Pelee For November, 1937 - - The Leamington Post. December 9, 1937 - pg. 14 on the microfilm


April Report of Point Pelee School

Rudy Krause - Jr. Pr [Grade 1 Junior]

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher

Also in the school: William Mathies (Grade 7); Harry Mathies (Sr. Pr.) - The Leamington Post. May 5, 1938 - pg. 10


Monthly Report of Rural Schools
Point Pelee For May

Rudy Krause - Grade 1 Jr.

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher

Also in the school: William Mathies (Grade 7); Harry Mathies (Grade 1 Sr.) - The Leamington Post. June 9, 1938 - pg. 11


September Report Point Pelee School

Rudy Krause - Grade 2

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher

Also in the school: Wm. Mathies (Grade 8); Harry Mathies (Grade 2) -The Leamington Post. October 6, 1938 - pg. 3



June Report of Point Pelee School

Rudy Krause - Grade 2

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher

Also in the school: Harry Mathies (Grade 2) -The Leamington Post. July 6, 1939 - pg. 3


December Report of Point Pelee School

Rudy Krause (Grade 3)

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher

Also in the school: Harry Mathies (Grade 3) -The Leamington Post. December 28, 1939 - pg. 3



June Report of Point Pelee School

Rudy Krause (Grade 3-4) 

Alice G. Warmington, Teacher -The Leamington Post. July 4, 1940 - pg. 18



Rural School Report

Grade 6 to Grade 7 - Rudy Krause 63 -The Leamington Post. July 1, 1943 - Page 4




To Grade 8 - Rudy Krause

J. E. McIntyrte, Teacher -The Leamington Post. July 6, 1944 - Page 2



High School Entrance Results Announced

List of Successful Pupils - Krause, Rudy -The Leamington Post. July 12, 1945 - pg. 1


c. 1947

Maria M. (Kornelsen) Krause, Karl R. Krause - "Rudy", F. William Krause


1947 - Saskatoon - Karl Rudolph Krause

2nd Avenue South
Willson Stationery Co. Ltd; Daylight Theatre (136), Hearn's Ltd opposite side of street

[Note re Great Aunt Katherina and Great Uncle Jacob Thiessen: Living at that time in Saskatoon, was Jacob Johann "J. J." Thiessen married to Katherine [Katherina] Kornelsen (23 November 1893 - 2 February 1984), sister of Heinrich (April 17, 1876 - 1947), married to Maria Voth (November 28, 1877- April 12, 1904), parents of Maria (Mariechen, Mietz) Kornelsen (May 5, 1900 - April 2, 1991), mother of "Rudy" Krause.]


Left: Karl R. Krause - "Rudy", H. William (Bill) Krause, Unidentified, F. William Krause

Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

Krause Fisheries -  L-R: Bill Sheller, Wm. H. Krause, Rudy Krause, Vern Scheller, Wm. Krause Sr., Bill Wilson


Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

F. William Krause (foreground, middle)
Karl Rudy Krause (rear, 3rd from left), H. William (Bill) Krause (rear, far right)



(September 3, 1931, Port Crewe, Ontario - April 6, 2013, Leamington, Ontario)
(October 23, 1951)
(November 23, 1932 - )


Post 1952


he Krause fishing tug is named the "Patti Lynn" - Captain Karl Rudy Krause's trap-netting tug


Rudolph Fisherman Krause
in the Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980




"RARE CATCH - When the William Krause and Sons fishing tug Paul Ynn [sic Paul Lynn] ... Rudy Krause ..."

"Rare EEL - Rudy Krause, one of the operators of William Krause and Sons Fishery, Point Pelee ..."


 Karl Rudolf Krause - "Rudy"- Working in the Twine House


CB radio QSL


"GETTING READY - Fishermen in most ports along Lake Erie are preparing nets and heading out into the lake. One crew hard at work, getting ready to head out is shown loading trap nets which are used to catch perch. These nets will be set along the shorelines. Working at the back of the boat as the nets reel off the truck at dock side, are from left: Rudy Krause, Harry Cree and Mel Fisher. They work for William Krause Fisheries Ltd., Point Pelee. "

Photo Supplied by Alisa (Krause) McClurg

(Left to Right)
Around the table:
Eleanor Krause, Paul Krause, Karl Rudy Krause, William (Billy) A. Krause, Eric R. Krause, Annie (Mathies) Krause, Kathy Krause,
Patty Krause

Maria Mietz (Oma) Krause, F. William (Opa) Krause
At their house (Probably February, 1962)


Rudolph Krause
in the Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980


Rudolph Krause
in the Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980


Rudy Krause Rescues Teen-Agers -The Leamington Post. August 13, 1964 - Page 25


Rudy Krause
in the Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980


"SPRING'S FIRST - The William K., a fishing tug operated by Rudy Krause, of Point Pelee, was the first boat to pass through the new Sturgeon Creek harbor mouth ..."


Rudy Krause
in the Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980


Karl R. Krause - "Rudy"

The Windsor Star, May 6, 1975, p. 7


MAY 18

Krause fishery and a commercial fisherman on Pelee Island
are the only two remaining trap netters in the western basin of the lake,
where there were once more than 20 ...

The Amherstburg Echo, Wednesday, May 18, 1977, p. 9


October 1, 1981 - Ralph Shuglo, Paul Krause, George Horvath, Rudy Krause



Essex Free Press, December 10, 1982, p. 12.


[Krause Fisheries, 588 Bevel Line Rd, Leamington N8H 3V4, Ontario]

This is the first time a bighead carp has been caught in the Ontario waters of Lake Erie and Ontario in general. Ohio Department of Natural Resources has had two reports of bighead carp being caught in Lake Erie - one was caught in 1995 and a second one was caught in the spring of 2000 in Sandusky Bay.

Bighead carp being examined in MNR’s Wheatley Fisheries Station - LAKE ERIE FISHERIES NEWS (Information on the fish stocks of Lake Erie from the Lake Erie Management Unit of the Ministry of Natural Resources Summer ), Summer 2001


September 3, 1931 - April 6, 2013

In Memory of
Karl  "Rudy" Krause

Obituary for Karl Krause

Full Name Karl "Rudy" Krause
Date of Birth Thursday, September 3rd, 1931
Date of Death Saturday, April 6th, 2013
Place of Death Leamington, ON

Officiating Rev. Liz Chaplin

Interment Information

Krause, Karl "Rudy"

It is with heavy hearts we announce his passing at the age of 81 years, after a brief but brave battle with cancer. Beloved husband to Eleanor. Dear father to Patti Scott (Bob), Paul Krause (Marsha White), Lisa Batke (Rob). Special grandpa to Ryan Scott. Rudy was predeceased by his parents William and Maria and brother Bill (Annie). He is also survived by good friend and nephew Eric Krause (Lynda), sister-in-law Donna Young (Jack), nephew Brian and nieces Lori and Susan. Will be missed by his beloved canine friend Ink. Dad followed in his fathers footsteps as a commercial fisherman and was a top producer during his time. Rudy was known for his strong will to succeed and he fought that battle until the very end. It seems all too soon dad, but we know the seas were getting rough and you couldn't make any more course changes, so we had to say goodbye to our skipper. The old skipper always use to say, if my ashes could be returned to our fishing grounds the perch would be grinning from ear to ear and saying we won't have to worry about that guy anymore. You will be in our hearts forever, we love you and miss you. A very special thank you to Dr. Horen and the staff at Leamington District Memorial Hospital for your care and compassion. At Rudy's request, a private family funeral service and cremation has taken place. Memorial donations may be made to the Leamington Hospital Foundation by contacting the Reid Funeral Home, 14 Russell Street Leamington (519-326-2631) or online at


Karl Krause
in the Canada, Obituary Collection, 1898-2017


The Southpoint Sun, April 2, 2014, p. 20