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(February 25, 1923, Alexanderkrone, Molotschna, South Russia - June 2, 1988, Leamington, Ontario, Canada)

Letter of Annie Krause


April 21, 1989

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Embassy of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

To Whom it may Concern

This letter is being written to congratulate the leader of your country, who has made it possible for many of us here in Canada to once again be re-united with relatives, who have been allowed to visit, after so many years of separation.

We feel that you are giving the right direction. We, on the other hand, seem to be doing just the opposite.

Yes we are free to elect our leaders, but the majority of our Citizens are not willing to share their wealth with those who are in need, except by way of taxation.

At this time our government is in such financial difficulty that the only alternative is to cut back on the working peoples benefits. Of course, our system has been misused. It is only human to be spoiled with hand outs.

Incentives to work for a living have been lost. Men are coming all the way from Mexico to earn the much needed cash, and happy doing it, just like we did.

Enclosed is a picture and story that tells the true story much better than I can.

When we, because of the revolution were allowed to come to this land of opportunity, and were sponsored by the C.P.R. and taken in to the homes of some wonderful people in our time of need; we gave thanks to God, and promised to pay back as soon as possible, the debt we owed to the C.P.R.

It was father's dream to once again be his own boss as he had been in Russia. He would play the most beautiful music (by ear) on the second-hand piano first thing in the morning; and we would all go out to work willingly, to help our parents in the fields. 

He would talk about the time, when he, newly married, welcomed Nestor Machnov [Makhno[ into their home. He did not see him as the enemy. After all, Nestors mother had been the best cook that the Matthies family had ever had. 

So they enjoyed a bottle of wine together, and after some music at the piano; the gun which was hidden (so as not to stir up violence), never had to be used. Needless to say, none of us were harmed, And when the door was opened, we came over with not much more than the clothes on our backs.

Now the door has been opened to visit our homeland once more, and for this we are truly grateful. It is my plan to come, together with a tour group  that is leaving from Toronto, on the 3rd of July. There is a favour you could grant me concerning my uncle Peter Dick [Peter Johann Dueck - b. December 20, 1898, d. March 30, 1988], who we (the family) had been corresponding with for many years. However, when the Americans (our neighbours) were allowed  to test their missiles on Canadian soil, we became the enemy. Is he alright?

We as Mennonites believe that when you feed, or otherwise help the less fortunate; they will be able, to once again stand on their own feet, and there would be no reason to go to war. We voluntarily work together with others, and have formed an organization called M.C.C. [MCC]

Locally we have a shop [Et Cetera Shoppe] here in Leamington where this is being done. Enclosed is the  location, etc.  Will be waiting to hear in regards to my uncle.


Annie Krause