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Possible Father of Heinrich Kornelsen ((June 15, 1807-May 30, 1857)

On 2017-07-06 11:02:31 PM, "Dianne" <....> wrote:
Hello Eric!
My name is Dianne Phillips and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm writing to you because I believe we have a common ancestor: 
Heinrich Durck Kornelius
He was the father of your great great great grandfather Heinrich Kornelsen born 1807. I believe that my great-great-great grandfather was Henrich's brother Jacob Kornelsen born 1811.  He married Justina Regier and on the GRANDMA Database it only lists 2 children for this couple even though Justina was about 62 when she died. This is most unusual.
I am very much hoping you might have some information on this family. Would you know if they had more children? I believe they had my great-great grandmother Elisabeth Kornelsen born in Elisabeththal Molotschna in 1844. I think she is Jacob's daughter as he lived there too. (He was on the 1847 voter's list for Elisabeththal) He later immigrated to Kansas with his second wife and their children.
I'm hoping you will have the answers I seek or perhaps would be able to connect me with someone in the Kornelsen family who may know.
Thank you in advance for any information!!
In Gratitude,
Dianne Phillips