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1785 Supreme Court Session - Samuel Sparrow vs Lachlin Donnelly (S.C. 1785) (1) Debt ~ Goods Sold & Delivered (2) Praecipe (3) Capias (4) Declaration (5) Affidavit (6) Pleas 

[55a] Supreme Court [?]

Halifax Sr Capias for Samuel Sparrow, Merchant against Lachlin Donnelly of Halifax in the County of Halifax Dealer Trespass on the Case plts   Damage 60e By oath for Thirty 34l. 3.s: 3.d Currency, returnable first Tuesday in april next  [signed] FitzGerald atty ...Issued 7th Febry 1785/ p[ld]d 

[55b - Printed form with fill-in-blanks with details circa the same as R.G. 39 "C", Volume 40, # 57a with different dates]


... 10th feb 1785  took the Defendant into Custody ... High Sherriff ... 


... this twenty Sixth Day of October in the twenty fifth Year of Our Reign ... 1784 [sic: 1785]

Debt       34.33
Cost           5.2
Judgmt   39.5.3 ...


In the Supremen Court

Easter Term in the 25th year 
of King George
the third A.D. 1785 /.

Halifax Ss Samuel Sparrow Complains against Lauchlin Donnelly of Halifax in the County of Halifax Dealer in the Custody of the Sheriff of the County of halifax, by Virtue of a Writ of our Said Lord the King Called a Capias .... on the First Day of February, in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven Hundred and Eighty five, at Halifax in the County of Halifax was Indebted to the Said Samuel Sparrow in Thirty four pounds three Shillings and three pence Current Money of the Province aforesaid, for divers Goods, wares and Merchandize before that time Sold and delivered by the said Samuel Sparrow to the said Lauchlin, at the Special instance and request of him the said Lauchlin ... on the second Day of February in the said Year of our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and Eighty five ... the said Lauchlin was then and there found in arrear towards the said Samuel in Thirty four pounds; three Shillings and three pence ... yet the said Lauchlin in no wise regarding his aforesaid promises and undertakings made in manner aforesaid, but contriving and fraudulently intending Craftily and Subtiely to deceive and defraud the said Samuel ... but hath hitherto Wholly refused and Still refuses to pay or in any wise Satisfy the same to the Said Samuel to the Damage of the Said Samuel Sixty pounds ... 
pledges to prosecute } John Doe
                                  } and
                                  } Richard Roe

[55d] ...[more] ...

[55e] ... [more] ...

[Source: Public Archives of Nova Scotia, R.G. 39 "C", [Hx], Volume 40, # 55]

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