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[p. 1219]

28 March 1791
Grays Inn Coffee House

Read a Circular Letter from Mr Brewer, to the Arbitrators That the Time for making the Award was expired, and that Sparrow would have no further occasion to trouble them on the Business.


Convention and Notice sent to Sparrow.


Grays Inn Coffee House


we having recd from yr atty Mr Brewer a Notice in writing to signify that the Term of the Bonds of Arbit Signed by Gov D .. and yourself was expired and that you should trouble us no [crossed out] further upon the Business, We in reply notify to you that we consider the Arbr Bonds to be in full force, and that the Term has been extended by Endorsement on [?] Bonds to enable us to go through the necessary Enquiry, which was near to complete with all possible Apiduity, and to make our Award in as short a Time as circumstances will admit; We therefore expect all due Attendance to our Summons as usual, and shall repeat the notices of our meetings, as occasion shall require, at which Meeting we shall proceed to examine such Matters as may be brought before us by GovDesbarres, or yourself, but in case you refuse, or neglect, to attend, we shall nevertheless  think it our Duty to proceed in the Arbitration, and to make our award upon the Evidence already produced by either Party, till the Same Shall be closed ___ We are sorry to find that you have not this Day attended pursuant to our notice given you personally at the Grays Inn Coffee House on Monday the 25th Instant, and afterwards delivered to you in writing.  We have adjourned this Meeting to this Place on Thursday next at 11 o'Clock in the forenoon, and request your attendance with such Books and Papers as you have informed as had been brought over in the Diana, and such others as may have been before in your Possession relative to the Subject matter before us, and which you have had long since Notice to produce ___ Given under our hands this 28th Day of March 1791 at the Grays Inn Coffee House Holborn

To Samuel Sparrow Esq                                                          W D
Commerce Row"                                                                     H M
                                                                                                  M P
                                                                                                  G: B
                                                                                                  P  S

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, March 28, 1791, p. 1219

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