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[p. 1217]

21 March 1791
Gray's Inn Coffee House
Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
M Petrie

Sparrow attended and answered that he did not mean to extend the Bonds beyond the 23d March 1791.

Resolved that it is the opinion of the Referees in consequence  of the answer given by M Sparrow " that he will make no Extension of the Bonds beyond the 23 March 1791, that the Term signified in the Endorsement on the Bond written and signed by Sparrow is the only Extension of which the Referees can take notice, as the Term of the former Extension to the 2d of  month is expired.

Whereas there are still Several Matters remaining of Importance to be examined before a full and just award can be made And as the Delay of Time has been principally occasioned by Mr Sparrow requesting Time for bringing his Vouchers, Books and Papers from North America which he informed the Referees would come by a Ship called the Diane And which did not arrive till the End of february last, and as it is absolutely necessary in order to complete the Business committed to the Charge of the Referees (who have attended with every possible Assiduity to go through the Examination [p. 1218] of long and differing accounts) to have longer Time which will not be extended by any unnecessary Delay, and therefore it is apprehended that no real Injustice or Inconvenience can happen to either of the Parties concerned by the Extension of the Time to the 23d March 1792. Notwithstanding it may be [asked] by Mr Sparrow Such an Extension was not his meaning. But the absolute Refusal of M  Sparrow causes this alternative to the Referees, either to depart without any Award made which they are very unwilling to do, as a Matter of Injustice to Mr Desbarres, who anxiously wishes a full and impartial Inquiry upon all the matters referred, or to proceed upon the grounds of the Bonds having been bona fide attended by both Parties and for good purposes which therefore in such a Case ought to be [conducted] as just and valid to enable the Referees to proceed in the arbitration, and upon that ground may mean to go on ___


"Mr Sam Sparrow,                                                                      Grays Inn C H 21 March 1791.

You are hereby informed that we the Arbitrators appointed by Bonds entered into between you & J F W DesBarres bearing Date 8th Novr 1790, and by your Endorsement [?] the Time for making our Award being extended to the 23 March 1792, do intend to proceed to investigate the Business from Time to Time, and shall for that purposes again meet at this Place on Monday next the 28 Inst when and where your Attendence is requested

The time of Meeting                                                                                   W D
will be 11 oClock in the                                                                               H M
forenoon"                                                                                                     [?  ?]
                                                                                                                       G B                                                                                               

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, March 21, 1791, pp. 1217-1218

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