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[p. 1214]

17 March 1790 [sic 1791] __ Thursday __
At the Grays Inn Coffee House
Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
Mr Bainbridge
Mr Sansom
Mr Petrie

Sparrow was asked in regard to the Extension of the Bond., what he would mean to do __ if he thought the present Extension to one year not fair ___ He Set forth his Affairs being deranged, and hoped it might be decided within the three years __ Mr Sansom Says that is [imprachiable].
Sparrows says his mind has been so depossed & agitated, that he knows not how to settle his private Concerns.

With regard to any Matter of Charge agst  Mr Desbarres to be made good by me. I will not reply to you __ I will answer to the Public Boards __ whenever they Call__ criminating Mr Desbarres I cannot do it __ I speak as an Affair of government.

I have asked advice of no man out of the Room Since Thursday last on the Defamation. I should have thought Mr Desbarres would have instituted an Enquiry if he wanted Justice.

Will you attend the Bond? __ I must ask a Friend __ it involves all that I am concerned __ You was not unanimous in the Defamation.

[p. 1215]

This Subject is not cognizable before you __ I will give you

You are totally unacquainted with the Feelings of my Mind.

I shall avoid going into any Subject that lends criminating Mr Desbatrres, fully conceiving that to be a matter merely official __ But if any of His Majesty's Officers. or Boards, think proper to call upon me. I will give them any Intelligence in my power to give.

In case there should have been any Mistake in the last Extension of the Bonds to March 1792 Sparrow was asked by the Referees whether he would extend the Time to Three Months, as was at first proposed. His answer was that he must consult a Friend, and tho' repeatedly desired to determine the matter as necessary in point of Time, he gave no other Answer.

He said I have authority to say from Mr Nepean that I have not calumniated Mr  Desbarres, but the contrary __ That in his opinion he has received no Injury from any Representation of mine __ I have authority for telling you that Mr  Nepean has in a general manner looked over Mr Desbarres accounts, in which he particularly attended [p. 1216] to all the Supplies furnished by me, and which appeared to him so reasonable and proper, that he recommended them to the Treasury to be paid.

Therefore it is impossible that any thing I have Supplied can have Caused the Delusion of passing his Accounts between the Governor and Government.

I have also authority to inform you that I did not volunteer it to the Secretary's Office, but was sent for officially to be examined as to the Matters before the Office relative to Mr Desbarres; consequently I had no malignity in my Heart.

Adjoined to Monday at 11 oClock AM: where Sparrow promised to attend to give his answer as to the Extension of the Time of the Arbitration Bond, whether they should be [altered] from the present Term as they [Stand] to 23 March 1792 to 23 May 1791.

 Sparrow was told by 2 of the Arbitrators (Mr Sanson & Mr Bainbridge) where he first proposed the Extension to 3 Weeks, that it was impossible for them to attend for a fort night, so that such an Extension would in fact be only one week at most, a Time insufficient, and not what he meant to give, by his own confession__ to that the Extension to March 1792 is the only one that has been made and in Such Extension no Injury can arise to Sparrow.

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, March 17, 1791, pp. 1214-1216

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