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[p. 1212]

10 March 1791
Grays Inn Coffee House
Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
Mr Petrie
Mr Sansom, came at 2oClock

Evidence of Mr Jn. Andrews, on the Prices of Lumber, Provisions, &c

Read an Affidavit, delivered by Sparrow, from Wilkinson, dated Halifax 4 Jan 1791, intended to prove the Settlement of the Lumber account between Desbarres and him __ and Mr Governor Absent and Directions for all that was done.

Desbarres offerred to prove by the Evidence of Mr Tait that Tait purchased the Lumber and not Desbarres, who had not the least Interference therein except giving his Bills for the Payment

Evidence of Col Chandler on Prices of Provisions. Desbarres produced an transcribed Statement to prove Sparrow overcharges on Lumber Provisions

Qry   (by Desbarres) Why did you Say you would blow me up to Mr Wilkinson?

Sparrow denies the Fact __ Says that many spoke ill of Desbarres in Nova Scotia __ it was not his Interest __ and none would take the Bills.

Qry   by Desbarres: Your being a Contractor hurt my Interest with many that I know, who would have Supplied me reasonably?


I never contracted __ When Bills are drawn [p. 1213] and come back a Man is called damned __ 1st on grant was returned, and many others __ none would give Credit.


Desbarres: My Bills never good when they did come back.


Merchants in Halifax, Aug 1755 to Aug 1787, 2 1/2 above par good public Bills __ at par private Bills __ desbarres 5 to11 1/9 under par at which price some more negotiated.


Out of 50 or 60 Bills not above 3 of them regularly paid.

Sparrow had no objection to pass some of Desbarres account __  in the latter part of his government, and in the note to the Revd Dr Peters, he alluded to more objections -- in 1787.

Qry   what were your Objections?

Ansr I shall not answer at this Moment __ I have memorandums __ I cannot on accot of my oath as Councillor.


The oath of a Councillor is so do the best for the King's government -- no [Surer] but what relates to divulging matters that are particularly specified.


(Sparrow:) Mr [Hepert] has reported favorably of my accounts.


It was resolved and unanimously agreed that the charges made by Sparrow against Desbarres as to sending home a fallacious Account should be the first Object of Enquiry at the next meeting. And notice was given for Sparrow to attend.

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, March 10, 1791, pp. 1212-1213

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