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[p. 1210]

6 Jan 1791
Grays Inn Coffee House

Desbarres copied, in a Letter
of this day & Date, and requested
the Arbitrators to insist on Sparrow
explaining the Grounds of his actions
and Insinuations injurious to to [sic] any Honor and Character as
a Governor, a Gentleman, and
to my Credit as an Individual.

Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
Mr Bainbridge
M Sansom
Mr Petrie



The four Engravors and Printers, reported  upon Examination of the Plates 286, in all, of which 201 good and 84 bad ___ estimated the Cost for repairing the Damaged Plates (independent of the Plates of Views) [crossed out]
Wells _____ @ 50 at least
Downes:  30 to 50 _____

Downes Says that Plates with damage by Time without any accident.

Wells Says that many Plates are in a worse Condition than they would have been by ordinary Damages.

        by Sparrow: Were the Plates carefully packed and with Judgement?


If a case is packed with Pates of of different Sizes, is it your opinion judiciously packed?

Downs Says they were packed as well as he should have packed them.

Sparrow says a Package of Plates had fallen overboard before they left England, or in America on the unloading as he been informed __ Sparrow Says many looked green at Sydney when in an unpacked State.

[p. 2011]

Desbarres insists there was no Occasion for bringing the Plates & Charts to England.

Qry    when did Sparrow make the Tender to Admiralty

Ansr  the House in fryday street made a Tender before Sparrow tendered.

Insurance 105. Sparrow Says he made only in his Books at Halifax, at the Time of Shipping.
by himself

Qry _  the Bills of Particulars?

Ansr_ Sparrow has none __ had only a memorandum on a Sheet of blotching Paper ___ kept no particular accot.

Qry _  why not? ___ it was not worth while __ he has not even the Paper and believes it does not exist _ the Amount of the nett produce is the Charge made _ The Account delivered contain the whole of the charts Sold, and all the money received for them, without reservation of one sheet to himself for his [?] [charges]

"Resolved: That it appears to be the Arbitrator upon the Reports of Mr Wells and Mr Downes that the Plates damaged or Ruined only by being kept for a considerable Time unused and without any extraordinary [?] or otherwise uncommon Accident, shall be considered in a State sufficiently perfect and not Such Plates Shall be selected and set apart or damaged which are found to be injured by some other Accidents appearing to have arisen from negligence.

That when the number of Such damaged Plates shall have been of need between the two Gentlemen above mentioned. They shall proceed with the least Expence, and in the best manner, according to their Judgement, to examine them with the utmost accuracy, and to make Such Trials as may be necessary to ascertain the True State of the Damage, and then to make an Estimate of the Expence to put the Plates in the proper Repair, all which Proceedings shall be reported Soon as consistent may be to the arbitrators"

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, January 6, 1791, pp. 1210-1211

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