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"MY LORDS"                                                                                                                       "London, 27 August, 1791"

"REFERENCE under bonds of Arbitration having been made to us of some Matters in Dispute between Lieutenant Governor DesBarres and Mr. Samuel Sparrrow, We, on the 30th past executed our Award. Through a long Investigation, the general Conduct of Lieutenant Governor DesBarres during his Government at Cape Breton came incidentally before us, and we are happy to say that no Evidence was produced to induce us to believe that he had not exerted himself to establish and support the Government committed to his Charge In a manner deserving Commendation. From Causes unknown to us, many of his Bills on Government were not accepted, and Discredit followed of Course. Driven by successive Disappointments to the most urgent Necessity of borrowing Money to support the Measures of Government; he subjected his private Property to become a Security on the Public Accounts, his Landed Estates then became liable to, and were actually seized under Attachments to his great discredit, and his Personal Liberty was endangered.

Such was the Distress Lieutenant Governor DesBarres felt in the midst of his ardent Endeavours to shew himself worthy of his Appointments, humanely exerting himself to uphold an Infant Colony nearly feeling the dire Effects of Famine; He stood forth to alleviate the Sufferings of those living under his Protection, by debiting and pledging his private Property to obtain Public Supplies. In this Situation, his Calamities and Misfortunes were increased, by his being recalled from his Government.

The examination of Lieutenant Governor DesBarres general Conduct being now a matter before your Lordships, with the Vouchers and Proceedings necessary for the Enquiry, we could not, for want of sufficient Evidence in the Matter before us, decide upon any Part of the Complaint on which he claims Damages, for Injury sustained by him in consequence of these Accusations and Misrepresentations affecting his Public Conduct. Feeling our Inability to give redress where it is most wanted, or relief to injured Honour, and a Character (as he affirms most solemnly) infamously traduced, and which wants no justification but [inquiry?]. We think it a Duty incumbent upon us to trouble your Lordships, requesting that the speediest Examination Into all Matters relative to the Accounts of Lieutenant Governor DesBarres may take place. He has been, he tells us, upwards of Three Years soliciting an Enquiry, from whence alone his Peace of Mind can be restored and the Misery of lying under suspected Guilt be removed.

Trusting he will find the Justice he wants from the Tribunal of your Lordship's, we less regret the Deficiency of Power in Ourselves (from [want?] of Evidence) to have pursued such an Investigation, which otherwise would have commanded our Attention and Perseverance. We have only to add, that Lieutenant Governor DesBarres has repeatedly assured us, that he wishes the Charges against him to be most explicitly made known --requesting no Favour, excepting only that his Case may be speedily and fully heard, his Accusers brought forward to [construct?] his Defence, that he may stand or fall upon the minutest Inquiry into every Part of his Conduct, which he pledges himself to prove, has been untainted with any interested Motive tending to benefit himself under the smallest Imposition on Government, or knowingly to have deviated from his Warrant of Instructions as Governor in any Case where they could be followed; but, on the contrary, to have been zealously attentive to his Duty on all Occasions.

From a long Detail of Circumstances stated to us, we think that under the Investigation of your Lordships, the Governor's Attentions will be verified, when, we doubt not, he will receive ample Compensation under your Lordships Directions for all his sufferings. We have the Honour to be with all due Respect, &c.

To the Right Hon. Lord Commissioners                                                                                 W. DOLBEN.
of His Majesty's Treasury                                                                                                      HERBERT MACKWORTH.
                                                                                                                                                  PH. SANSOM.
                                                                                                                                                  M. PETRIE.
                                                                                                                                                  GEO. BAINBRIDGE. 




DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volumes 7-12, Representation of DesBarres Case, 1788-1804, August 27, 1791, pp. 1617-1618   

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