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C- 1456

(1) SEE ALSO: APRIL 7, 1785 AND MARCH 15, 1786

(2) SEE ALSO: APRIL 7, 1785 AND MARCH 15, 1786

(3) SEE ALSO: APRIL 7, 1785 AND MARCH 15, 1786

[p. 1184]

29 March 1790
Gray's Inn Coffee House

Sundries Ship to Cumberland _  115. - 1
Do _______________________    841.17.9

Sparrow asserted an oath that the above Sundries amounting to  115. - 1 were for Desbarres own use in Cape Breton
Desbarres objected to the Lumber Amount and desired Mr Sparrow to produce vouchers for the Same and for the Sundries amt to 956.17.9
Mr Bainbridge said that it is a Confidence usually placed in Merchants [achiy] by Comn to accept their Invoices as a Charge for the Goods Sent without calling for the Bills of particulars given in by the Tradesmen of [where] the Goods were [brought] and that for 25 years he has been in Trade never was asked for Such Bills of particulars
Desbarres desired Sparrow to produce the Policy of Insurance on 100 blle flour & 60 Bll Pork pr Schooner Sydney shipped 19 Novr 1785

[p. 1185]

Desbarres objected to Comn on Sundry goods

Sparrows Mrs Williams had lodged and boarded at his House at Halifax, [Lie]

D. objected to the Cargo (pr Swallow) 692.10.4 shipd 17 July 1786 - bad Good & enormous Prices
Sparrow Said he had general Orders of Agency

10 Nov 1786 pr Schooner Sydney 296. 17. 6 Sold by Wilkinson to individuals at enormous Prices, Objected therefore to Comn - Sparrow declared that he had charged no more than prime Cost & charges, and that Comn was due. And that the residue of the Cargo had afterwards been Delivered to Desbarres.
Smuggled Spirits were ordered to go from the Isld with the vessel
Sparrow Says that the Goods were sold at Prices 20 to 40 pct lower than they would have sold and that he had done for benefitting Desbarres government

Sparrow says he attached the Estates in N Scotia because part of the Plates & Charts were not delivered in order to make good the want of such Delivery
He valued the Impressions at Mr Johnson on 1700 that what he had received were incompleat Setts and had only 2 Setts bound
He delivered an Acct of Charts & Plates on his Oath

[p. 1186]

10 prct Damage on Bills not to be allowed, no Law whatever authorising Such a Charge in Cape Breton

Schooner Hope & Cargo 337. - .2 and Sloop Nancy 97.19.8 are fabrications
produced Sparrow's Letter of the 10 Dec. 1784 and 20 June 1785 - also a Letter from Jn' Kavanau of 28 Apr 1785, who Sparrow called a sad fellow now in Joal for 16000

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, March 29, 1790, pp. 1184-1186

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