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The Jost House, 54 Charlotte Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia




          This Indenture made the Thirtieth Day of December in the year  Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety, between Christian Fraser of the Town of Sydney in the Island of Cape Breton Widow of the one part and John Storey and William Blackburn of the same Place gentleman of the Other Part. Witnesseth that the said Christian Fraser for and in consideration of the sum of thirty Two pounds Halifax currency to her in hand paid by the said John Storey and William Blackburn before the sealing and delivery of these Presents the receipt whereof she doth hereby acknowledge  ... unto the said John Storey and William Blackburn all that certain dwelling house & Lott of ground situated lying and being in the Town of Sydney aforesaid and is butted & bounded as follows to wit: on the No Westardly side by Amelia Street, Easterly in front by North Charlotte Street Street [sic], Southerly by Lott Number Twenty Six and Westerly in its rear by Number Twelve and contained in breadth in Front and rear forty feet and in length on each side one hundred feet together with all and singular the profits privileges advantageous and appartances unto the said dwelling house and lott of ground belonging or in any wise appurtenances or  .... To have and to hold the said dwelling house and lott of ground and premises with all appurtenances ... every part and parcel thereof unto the said John Storey and William Blackburn hiers Executor administrator and assign from the day and before the day of the [?] of those present for and during and until the full and [?] of the year .... and fully do the compliant ... always [?] where as the said Christian Fraser or way of the rente of these presents good [?] as will In the  said John Storey and the said William Blackburn is [?] sum of money a [?] is [?] whole to the said sum of Thirty Two pounds above mentioned and and [sic] not having it make power to discharge the said [?] sum of money but by [?] the [?] dwelling house and ... in the [?] of the said John Storey and William Blackburn in order that they may by renting out the same reimburse themselves the said several sums of money with the lawful interest necessary therein. Now therefore it is the [?] interest and meaning of these presents notwithstanding my ... to the courtesy that as such as they the said John Storey and William Blackburn shall [?] from the rents of the said House and [?] or in payment from the said Christian Fraser The said sum of Thirty Two pounds with the interest that may .... together with such .... as they may send thereon .... and every [?] therein contained shall [?] and become null and void In ... Parties to those Presents have hereto ... seals the day and ....  

Sealed and delivered in the presence of  ...                                                                         Christian  her  Fraser

[Source: NSARM, MG 100, Volume 143, Number 29, December 30, 1790, photocopies [NSARM, Vert Mss File, Mrs Colin Fraser, Indenture, December 30, 1790]]