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[p. 1207]

27 Decr 1790
Grays Inn Coffee House
Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
Mr Bainbridge
Mr Sansom
M Petrie


Took a general View of the Bills


D __ produced his public Accounts


Insurance on Cargo pr Schooner Sydney, as it was not made ought not to be allowed.


Sparrow declared that he had Information from the first Authority that the accounts will stop being further examined into till this Enquiry is gone through__ That he had been shewn the Severity of States' Report to Treasury, wherein his Bills are ordered to be paid.


Lumber charged at Cap Tarrain's Prices.

Qry  how far that should be the regulating Prices?
        Wilkinson agreed, with Tait, for the Lumber.


This was neither ordered, nor used or received, and at the same Time charged at above 800 prCt [adogue]


Atlantic Neptune. 5000. &ce

Sparrow says he had recd no more than 40 Cases
that he had sold 6 to Faden, 2 to Peabody, and had put 3 into l.

Sparrow produced an Accot of Charts in Nicols
Hands. viz:  20 Superior lots complete, 4 Vol each.
                       4 Sets which want the 3 & 4th Vol.
                       6 Sets of Nova Scotia, in sheets ____

[p. 1208]

Qry    to Desbarres: What is desired of Sparrow?

Ansr  to make good the Defficiency, & Damages occasioned by his own doings.

Qry    what Deficiency?

Desbarres proposed Jn Wells, Engraver and Jos Bennett printer, to examine, and report on, the work in Sparrow's possession.


Desbarres Letter to Lord Howe and Admrt were read



That the Cases of Plates & Charts of the Atlantic Neptune, now deposited in a warehouse belonging to Mssr Cork & Co [Shaw] will be examined by two Engravers and two Printers, to be named by Mr Desbarres and Mr Sparrow, each naming one Engraver and one Printer, for, the purposes of reporting to the arbitrators the present Situation of the same, That is to say: To ascertain the contents of each Case, and whether any and what Damage may have happened therein; Also the number of Plates now in the Cases at the said wharehouse and what Number of those shall appear to be wanting: To ascertain to the [happ] of their Judgement from the Damage (if any) that may have happened to the Charts or Plates, the Expence necessary to repair them. To report also the number of Cases that may not be full."

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, December 27, 1790, pp. 1207-1208

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