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[p. 1203]

17 Decr 1790
Grays Inn Coffee House
Sr W Dolben
Sr H Mackworth
Mr Bainbridge
Mr Sansom
M Petrie

Qry Was Wilkinson an Agent or Principal in the Lumber Bus

Answ The Lumber was Sparrows' and Wilkinson acted as his agent and had 1 1/2 Pr Ct, So that he was in all respects his Agent __ All articles in the Accts were Sparrows Property ____ Sparrow produced a [Shelck] of an Account made by Wilkinson & Perry in Dec 1785


Qry Wether 861.4._ was a fair charge?

Ansr, to be proved by Books when they come.

Acot produced, [Gos'] Desbarres Dr to J Wilkinson

Boards __________ 222.  7  .9
Shingles _________   84.  5.  7

Recd of D by Wilkinson             306.19.11


Sparrow Says he lost 200 on the Lumber Business in general __ That all the Prices were agreed for, and Settled, at Farnham's Cargo.

Sparrow demanded D _ to produce a Book of Accots containing accts Current with different People of the Island of Cape Breton Supposed to be written by Perry.

That Sparrow declared that he considered himself bound by the Oath he had before taken to answer all Questions to the Arbitratory was present, and that he [p. 1204] was equally bound by that Oath in all respects before the present arbitrators as he was before those first appointed, before the Addition of two more took place.


Read the following Paper 

London 16 Dec 1790.


This day between two and three o'Clock in the afternoon, waited upon McKerby, No 26 in Edgeware Road, and, found him at Home with a Lady that I suppose to be his Mother, and upon stating my Business to him he answered that a Parcel of Books was sent from Halifax in July Packet by his Brother, intrusted to the care of a Passenger, who brought it to London and delivered it to McKerby at Mr Sparrow's Request because he lived near him at the West End of the Town. McKerby himself delivered the Parcel to Mr Sparrow who then told him that by the Aid of those Books he should be enabled to settle his Business with Mr Desbarres, or words to that Effect, this was in the month of August - McKerby did not know the Numbers nor the Contents of the Books _ This Information I told him was requested by the Referees and to them I should report what he had said.

[signed] H. Mackworth

DesBarres Papers, Series 5, M23, F 1-5, Volume 6, Accounts, 1767-1794, December 17, 1790, pp. 1203-1204

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