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[p. 120]

London July 8th. 1789


In order to remove any prejudice that might arise from a misstatement of facts, I have to observe that if Mr. F. Elwin should wait upon your respecting certain monies in the hands of the Agent of the Island of St John / being  the Salary of Lieut. Col. Fanning the lieut. Governor/ the case is as follows:

Some time ago Col. F gave me a Bill upon His Agent for 141.2.9. But in Consequence of there being no funds to pay it then, the Bill was returned to me in Nova Scotia - I sent one Copy of it, in the fullest confidence, to the Governor at the Island who Denied having received it, although the delivery was sworn to by the Carrier, since which I wrote four letters to him sent by express, desiring for him to provide for the Bill, to which I have never received any reply - Upon my coming to England I again requested the Agent to pay it, who seeing me [p. 121] me aggrieved, promised /as the Bill was drawn upon him/ to pay it out of the first Monies he received, which is accordingly done. But Mr. Elwin (who is Mr. Fo' private Agent) very unnecessarily wants to obtain that money for other Engagements, which would be extremely unjust as my Bill was for money lent to Col. F. four years ago when he was in great distress.

I have thus taken the Liberty Sir upon the probability that Mr. Elwin may complain to you that the Island Agent has acted wrong, which he cannot insinuate, unless to Answer the purposes of a temporary Interest [?] would misstate the Case.

I have not yet received one farthing of my Demand on payment for my supplies to Mr. Des Barres, therefore my anxiety and distress are what account to more than I can describe - I have with the highest cause of Certitude; to express your polite attentions to [me] in that business [when] before you, And permit me Sir to continue to hope that [p. 122] that in yourself I may find a Patron if the decision on these Accounts should deprive me of any property.

I have the Honor to be
your most obedient and
Most Humble Sert.
Saml. Sparrow

Evan Nepean Esqr.
   ~        ~         ~

London. 8th. July 1789

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217), Colonial Office, Cape Breton "A", Macarmick, 1789, M.G. 11, C.B., Vol. 6, July 8, 1789,  pp. 120-122 (Col. Cor. C.B. Vol. 65, July, 1789, p. 53.)


National Archives of Canada, State Papers, Colonial Correspondence, Volume 65, July 8, 1789, p. 175: 1789, July 8, London. Samuel Sparrow to Evan Nepean: Explains the circumstances in connection with a bill drawn in his favour by Fanning, Lieut-Governor of St. John Island.  Has not yet been settled with for his claims in respect to DesBarres

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