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[p. 47]

London, April 16th 1789


Your polite and very friendly assurances have been my chief support for some time past, and I will know that if the unfortunate business I am engaged in had been totally in your Department, it would have been finished long ago. But now I cannot gain any information, and what to do, or how to act, I know not - My situation is distressing - surely past that of all other [?] or my feelings are more acute - Last week I was arrested for Four Hundred Pounds for one of Des Barres Bills, as it had my Indorsement, and if it had not been for the kind Hand of a Friend, I [would] at this moment have been in prison, and when the limit of the Writ expires I must deliver myself up; Although if I had never know Mr. Des Barres  I would at this moment have five thousand Pounds to enjoy - the effort of much Industry - I wish to ask [p. 48] ask you if I was have an Interview - with Mr. Pitt, whether it would answer any good purpose? I could even Serve Government most materially in the object of Finances, as I could propose some new mode of raising money by such Taxes as should give as much satisfaction as any taxes can, and more valuable than some of the present, which may be an acceptable information.

But I am in no search of favors, having no wish but which is directed to my own property.

And as to Mr. Des Barres affairs I could propose /agreeable to your own limit/ an effectual way of finishing and settling the whole accounts in a manner that would give Government no trouble at all, and a mode (the only one existing) that would stop his claims, otherwise he will be a perpetual trouble, - besides having other good effects. At present my Life passes away without any use, in obscurity and wretchedness, And was [?] Lordships of the Treasury to say they would not pay me a Shilling. I should prefer [p. 49] prefer it to my present lingering and doubtfull situation.

I remain Sir with
the greatest Regard
your most obedient and
Most humble Servt
Saml. Sparrow

Evan Nepean Esqr.

London, 16 April 1786
Mr. Sparrow

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217), Colonial Office, Cape Breton "A", Macarmick, 1789, M.G. 11, C.B., Vol. 6, April 16, 1789,  pp. 47- 49 (Col. Cor. C.B. Vol. 65, April 16, 1789, p. 53.)


National Archives of Canada, State Papers, Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton, Volume 65, April 16, 1789, p. 53 - 1789, April 16 , London Samuel Sparrow to Evan Nepean. Cannot get a settlement of his claims. Has been arrested for 400, on a bill endorsed by him for DesBarres.  Would an interview with Pitt help him?  He could be of use in respect to the finances of Cape Breton. 

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