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Evan Nepean Esqr

London Novembr 3 1788

Sir ~

          In the Information of the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, I take the liberty of addressing you on the occasion of my having in my hands a number of bills drawn by Mr. Des Barres - upon Mr. Roberts, also three bills drawn upon their Lordship all which are laying over protested for Non payment; So the amount is very considerable being Three Thousand one Hundred and three pounds fourteen Shillings and ten pence Sterlg - besides near three years Interest due upon many of them and other charges -

          I have to interest their Lordships will take into Consideration the peculiarity of my Situation, having advanced that Sum on the Faith and credit of the Office of a man whom His Majesty was pleased to delegate as His Representative on the Island of Cape Breton: And how far Mr. DesBarres May have Conducted himself agreeable to his Instructions the Order and Dignity of his Station, or otherwise I hope, and trust, will not interfere to prejudice the payment of those Creditors who [claimed?] them-Selves Creditors of the Crown by acting under his direction.

          I have to observe also to their Lordships that although there is in the Annexed List only three bills Specifically drawn - Yet the others were on Account for Lumber for Buildings, Cash to pay workmen and Contingencies, and a great part for Provisions, which I supplied at the pressing Intreaty of Mr. Des Barres who Informed me that if I did not comply with his request many Persons there would inevitably perish by Famine, and that had no one but Myself to rescue the Colony from distress, in the Situation of the former bills, that he had drawn, had So [wounded] the Credit of them, that his Creditors were not willing to Increase their accounts with him.       I have further Sir ~ to add to their Lordships that in all these transactions I had no profit or advantage Except a Commission for my trouble, And have now Advanced my Cash for the greater part above three Years which I hope their Lordships will also Consider and allow me the Interest or as it is very Considerable, amounting to at least Three Hundred Pounds, besides which I have suffered almost irreparable damage by relinquishing my concerns in Halifax to follow this properly

          I take the Liberty of annexing a list of the bills, which I trust their Lordships will, from these Considerations order to be paid.

I am Sir
  Your most obedient and
     Very Humble Servant
           Saml Sparrow

Amount of Bills de

No 20 ---------- 493 2 5   - Note these 3 bills are drawn
21 ----------         36 15-5 - upon the Right Honble the
22 ----------       337-17    - Lords of the Treasury
and are for provisions entirely, with proper Vouchers
annexed to each Bill
43 ---------- 300   Note these 17 bills are drawn upon
44 ---------- 150   Mr Roberts, Value for which was
45 ---------- 150   - delivered to Mr Des Barres in
48 ---------- 200   Money to pay artificers, and
70 ---------- 200   - Labourers in the public works -
87 ---------- 50     - for Lumber and Bricks, Aud
66 ---------- 150    for Provisions at Sundry times
92 ---------- 30     For which I have the
71 ---------- 150   Certificates of Mr. Des Barres
42 ---------- 300   And also his private Secretary
47 ---------- 200  - Mr Perry and others
57 ---------- 76
59 ---------- 50
75 ---------- 90
88 ---------- 60 -


---------- 20
---------- 60
                          3103 - 14 - 10

Int & &

Evan Nepean Esq

M Sparrow - Respecting Bills drawn by 
Lt Gen Des Barres remaining in his hands.

[Source: National Archives of Canada, Colonial Correspondence, Cape Breton, Volume 64, November 3, 1788, p. 443]



C-11530 TO

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217), Colonial Office, Cape Breton "A", Macarmick, 1788, M.G. 11, C.B., Vol. 5, November 3, 1788,  pp. 159-162 (Col. Cor. C.B. Vol. 64, November 3, 1788, p. 443.)


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