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[Career of DesBarres]

Major DesBarres began his survey of the Coasts of Nova Scotia under the Orders of the Board of Admiralty in 1763 and continued it without intermission to the end of 1773 having not arrived in England until December in that year in order to publish his work, which publication began in 1779  and was finished in [blank - Two conflicting NAC accounts: he undertook surveys of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, 1763-1773, publishing his charts as the Atlantic Neptune, London, 1777; 4 volumes; Between 1774 and 1784 published his fine collection of charts as the Atlantic Neptune published for the use of the Royal Navy of Great Britain, in 4 volumes.]. Parliament having granted from time to time [missing] of 10,483 10. 0 agreeable to his Estimates, obliging him to publish it for the benefit of the public at a price not exceeding the mere cost of the paper and printing; but by the deduction of fees etc ~ the sums he actually received have been very inadequate to the expence incurred for the same.

He states in his memorial of explanation to the Lords of the Committee of te Privy Council, that in 1755 he was appointed ....

In 1758 on the Expedition against Louisbourg he had the good fortune (having landed in a Van-boat) to secure an intrenchment by which the landing of the army was greatly facilitated; & in the subsequent operations of the seige [sic] having conducted he approaches with peculiar advantage, the Commander in Chief ordered him immediately to join the Corps of Engineers and do duty with them; & toward the close of this seige [sic], when he was lead[ing] a Boyeau to the foot of the Enemy's Glacis, Genil. Wolfe took such notice of his Conduct as obtain'd him the disting wish'd honor of his Majesty's Command signify'd by the late Lord Chatham to serve as an Engineer under him on the Expedition against Quebec in 1759 ...

Afterward [after 1759, before 1762] he was order'd to Nova Scotia under the command of Genl Bastide to take Surveys & [?] designs and calculate estimates of the expence for fortifying the harbour & Securing the Dock-Yard of Halifax ...

The war being ended, he was invited  to undertake the surveys of the Coasts & harbours .... On which having continued to the end of 1773 he came to England to attend the publication of them, & was far advanced in that work, when in 1776 Ld How being appointed to the Command of the fleet in America, & the Service requiring Charts of the Coast to be furnish'd with the utmost dispatch, which were to be compris'd from the Surveys of Mr. Holland who had been employ'd by the board of Trade & others, he was Orderd to that Undertaking ... 

Claimed by Major DesBarres ... from 1. Jan 1764 to 31 Dec. 1782 ...

[Source: Public Archives of Canada, MG 23 F1, J. F. W. DesBarres Papers, C - NAC Microfilm A-1106, After December 31, 1782 - 1788-1790?]

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