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  C-11530 TO

"Stating the improper Proceedings of Lieut. Govr. Des Barres"

Charlotte Town
Island of Saint John
October 4th 1787

[p. 104]

... I am now clearly of opinion that of what I once only doubted, that Governor DesBarres is at Times Insane.

He has sold the Sawmill and Tract of Land near it, the people who built it were charged on Government.

He has leased a House opposite the Town built at Government expense; (for 21 Years)

He has made various Contracts for Coal at Different Places.

He has I am informed Either Sold or otherwise disposed of part of Government Stores which were at Point Edward.

He has conveyed his Right and Title to the Plates and a very great quantity of Charts of the Surveys made by him, Major Holland and others, to a Mr. Sparrow Merchant of Halifax.

He has made an Auction for the Sale of Part of the Cattle purchased for the use of Government and has had of others killed and the meat sold.

He has made the People [p. 105] People who received Provisions. Timber &c. to pay amply for what they had who were able to pay at all. And for some Cask of Madera Wine had of Mrs. Perry in my absence, which belonged to her Brother a Merchant of Shelburne, he insisted it should be paid for by government Boards and Shingles lend of him by a Mr. Henry Archer of whom I purchased a House; I remonstrated with him of the cruelty of such [Insadurs?], when he was actually owed Mrs. Perry's Brother a considerable Sum for him; and upwards of 150 Stlg. for Protested Bills, as well as owing me 270 before [even? framed?] and a Protected Bill of 80 more I was obliged to acquire however and paid for them accordingly ...

Endorsed Charlotte Town
[Island] .. St. John
4th Oct. 1787

Mr. Henry Perry
Stating the improper Proceedings
of Lieut. Govr. Des Barres


Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, Original Correspondence (CO 217), Colonial Office, Cape Breton "A", Des Barres and Macarmick, 1787, M.G. 11, C.B., Vol. 4, October 4, 1787, pp. 101- 107 [Col. Cor. C.B. 64, p. 69, October 4, 1787]

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