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My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand Mother

Helene Friesen,
1779 - After 1808,
[?] - [Muntau, Molotschna, South RUSSIA ?]
Jacob Dück, 1756 - 1808/16)

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grand Father




Dück III

223. Dück, Helena F. (1809-40) m Cornelius F. Dück, 1830
Muntau, Mol, 1809-30?
Schönau, Mol, 1830?-40

446. Dück, Jacob (1755-1808/16) marriageI/II? Helene Friesen, estimated 1799
Muntau, Molotschna, 1804-08/16
Chortitza, Ukraine, 1803-04
Ladekopp, Marienburg (Grosses Werder), West Prussia (?), marriage estimated 1799
Marienburg Vorstadt, West Prussia, 1803
Heubuden, Marienburg (Grosses Werder), West Prussia, baptism 1779
Schönau, (Grosses Werder), West Prussia, birth 1755/56

892. Dück, (Hans or Jacob?)
Schönsee, (Gr. Werder), WP, 1775/76 (Jacob also 1789)

Friesen IX (van/von Riesen)

447.  Friesen, Helene (1778-aft. 1808) m Jacob Dück, est. 1799
      Muntau, Molotschna, 1804-08+
      Chortitza, Ukraine, 1803-04
      Ladekopp, West Prussia, baptism 1794
      Marienburg Vorstadt, West Prussia, 1803
      Tiege, West Prussia, birth 1778

894. van Riesen, Johann (?-1786) marriage Name Unknown
Tiege, West Prussia, death 1776?, 1778, 1786

Ed Brandt's Mennonite Lineages (with one Schwenkfelder lineage) Notes The middle initial was always the first letter of the maiden name of the mother in the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde (now the Evangelical Mennonite Conference), except where another person already had the same first name, same middle initial and same surname, which did not occur among my ancestors. I have included this initial for all those who lived after the Kleine Gemeinde was founded in 1812-15 (and even before then), where the mother's maiden name is known. I have done this even in the case of ancestors who did not belong, or may not have belonged, to the Kleine Gemeinde, at least in those cases where it might possibly be listed that way in records or publications pertaining to the Kleine Gemeinde.

Most of my ancestors belonged to the Mennonite Flemish Church in Prussia. I have identified those which belonged to the Mennonite Frisian Church. In the Netherlands, these churches tended to reflect the place of origin. In Prussia, the distinction was largely one of differences on issues like the strictness of church discipline and the designation is no indicator of origin. It is known that many Mennonites of Frisian origin joined the Flemish church. The number of Flemish who joined the Frisian church is probably smaller, but still substantial.

Much of the film of the Orlofferfelde Mennonite Frisian Church register is exceedingly difficult to read and some parts are totally illegible. Therefore, information from this source should be treated with caution. Adalbert Goertz has published the baptisms for 1773-1804. If anyone has managed to unravel any other relevant uncertain data, I would be especially grateful to hear of this.

The Mennonites originally were required to live outside the city gates of Danzig, but virtually all of these "suburban" areas were eventually included in the city. Thus references to Danzig may refer only to the parish or congregation located there, not necessarily areas which were part of the city at the times in question.

The original group of Molotschna settlers left West Prussia in 1803 and wintered at Chortitza, arriving in Molotschna in 1804. This could have been true of some later migrants, since the years listed in Prussia emigration records are not always the same as the year of arrival in Molotschna, which is known for all settlers between 1804 and 1808, except for those who died in the interim. But some may have gotten their passports, but may not have left until the next year. - Heubuden church record transcription -- This is a transcription I began some years ago of the Heubuden church record book. It is a "work in progress," which means it has not been proof-read and runs only from the beginning of the record book, 1772-3, up to 1806. But it might be of use or interest to others.  

Friesen (Friese, Friessen, Fresen) family

This West Prussian Mennonite family name appeared in both the rural Flemish congregations and in the Frisian congregations of the Vistula delta as well. Evidently in the 19th century, it was sometimes contracted from the family name "van Riesen." It was first mentioned in 1547 at Reichenberg. Fifty-nine families of this name were counted in 1776. Abraham Friesen, a brother of Peter von Riesen, was an elder of the Kleine Gemeinde; Abraham Friesen was a missionary to India; Johann Friesen was an elder of the Kleine Gemeinde; Peter M. Friesen was an outstanding Mennonite historian ...