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  Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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  A frightened squirrel that has taken refuge in a bird house (As reported in "For the Birds," Helen O'Shea, January 2004)



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 [Includes the following individuals who were at Louisbourg in 1758: Colonel Simon Fraser, Major James Clephane, Major John M’Pherson, Major John Campbell, Captain Charles Baillie, Captain Simon Fraser, Captain Donald "Goran" M’Donell, Captain John M’Donell [John McDonell], Captain Thomas Fraser, Captain Alexander Cameron, Captain Thomas Ross, Captain John Craufurd Walkinshaw, AKA John Walkinshaw-Craufurd, Captain Alexander Fraser, Captain James Fraser, Captain Alexander M’Leod, Captain Hugh Cameron, Captain Ranald M’Dond [Ronald McDonald], Captain Charles M’Donell [Charles McDonald], Captain John Fraser, Captain Archibald Campbell, Captain Alexander Campbell, Captain John Nairne, Captain James Fraser, Lieutenant John Fraser, Lieutenant Simon Fraser, Lieutenant Roderick M’Neill [Rory McNiell], Lieutenant William M’Donald [Willm McDonell], Lieutenant Hector M’Donald [Hector McDonell], Lieutenant Donald M’Bean [McTosh], Lieut. Simon Fraser, Lieutenant John Fraser, Lieutenant Alexander M’Donell, Lieutenant John Murray, Lieutenant Alexander Fraser, Lieutenant John Douglas, Lieutenant Arthur Rose, Lieutenant Alexander Fraser, Lieutenant John M’Donell, Lieutenant Cosmo Gordon, Lieutenant David Baillie, Lieutenant Ewen Cameron [Evan Cameron], Lieutenant Allan Stewart [Allan Stuart], Lieutenant Simon Fraser, Lieutenant Archibald M’Alister, Lieutenant James Murray, Lieutenant Alexander Fraser, Lieutenant Donald Cameron, Lieutenant John Campbell, Lieutenant John Fraser, Lieutenant John Chisholm, Lieutenant Simon Fraser, Lieutenant James M’Kenzie, Lieutenant Malcolm Fraser, Lieutenant Donald M’Neill, Lieutenant Henry Munro, Lieutenant Hugh Fraser, Lieutenant Alexander Gregorson, Lieutenant James Henderson, Lieutenant Lachlan M’Pherson, Lieutenant Robert Menzies, Adjutant Hugh Fraser, Quartermaster John Fraser, Surgeon John M’Lean [John MacLean]