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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Fortress of Louisbourg, Block Two,
Lots F/G/H Properties:
Landscape Arrangements as of 1744

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Chronological Index ~ Annotated Extracts from Historical and Archaeological Reports of the Fortress of Louisbourg, 1959 - Present

Note: [...] represent Krause Annotations

Memo By D. Christianson 

Structural Design Team Minutes 
B 254
June 9, 1993

[Lot H/I Fence - Archaeology: 2L28-29-30Q22 portion of 
Lot H/I Fence - Archaeology: Prévost portion of 2L28-29-30Q22/ Archaeology: 2L28-29-30Q22]

D. Christianson reviewed archaeological evidence of fence trench at this location, which it is believed was associated with either the 1721 house or the 1737-8 [1739-5?] house constructed on this property. R. Cox described as fence of one period (contemporary), but evidence suggests two distinct fences, adjacent: 

Type 1: 

6" to 8" diameter piquets, evenly spaced at approx. 1 foot apart (i.e. 1'-6" to 1'-8" on centre), with a row of large (8" - 12") stones filling the trench - packed against one side of piquets

Type 2: 

3" to 5" diameter (occasionally 6") piquets, evenly spaced at approx. 6" apart (i.e. 9" to 11" on centre). This section of fence is closer to the Destouches Residence, and is represented by an as-found section approx. 12 feet long. 

Depth of the piquets in the ground may have varied between 8" and 12" 

- D. Christianson to check further for information. No evidence of below- ground ribband

Note that flat pickets were found archaeologically, on the opposite side of the property (i.e. another fence). 

The reconstructed fence, Type 8, has piquets 1'-8" deep in ground, braces at 10 ft. on centre, and stone fill both sides, at change in grade (see attached drawing).