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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Non-Descriptive Louisbourg-Related Sources Encountered
During Krause House Research Activities,

By Eric Krause
(Krause House Info-Research Solutions),

2004 to Present



(1) Harrison Gray, 1712-1794. Papers, 1745-1773. Call Number: Manuscripts Mss2 G7927 c Description 4 items.

(A) Summary Note:

- Include letter, 1745, of William Winslow (of Louisburg, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia) to Harrison Gray (of Boston, Mass.);

- deed of trust, 1750, of Fortesque Vernon to Harrison Gray and John Hunt for the ship, "Kingston," (for the benefit of William Dennie);

- and accounts, 1758-1773, of Harrison Gray with Stephen Parker and Thomas Parker. Provenance - Note: Provenance not known.