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Selections from the Reports of the Public Archives of Canada (1872-1972): 18th Century Isle Royale and Cape Breton Island


Eric Krause

April, 2002

Krause House Info-Research Solutions

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Nova Scotia A, B, C, D and Cape Breton A and B Transcripts Organization

When the Colonial Office re-arrangement took place, the papers relating to Cape Breton were arbitrarily inserted as units in the sections C.O. 217-221 which deal with Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. Cape Breton correspondence 1744-1820 was placed in C.O. 217 at the year 1820.

The transcripts which had arrived at Ottawa prior to re-arrangement had been given the designations Nova Scotia, A, B, C, D and Cape Breton A and B. Commencing with the records of 1803, it became possible to follow C.O. 217. Succeeding volumes at Ottawa bear the numbers of both the Canadian and the Colonial Office series. In the case of Nova Scotia this double numbering begins with Nova Scotia A, Vol. 136 = C.O. 217, Vol. 78; while Cape Breton A, Vol. 24 = C.O. 217, Vol. 121.

Volumes calendared are:

Nova Scotia A 

Material similar to Series Q. Its closest counterpart is C.O. 217.

  • Volumes 1-133 (1603-1801)
  • Published in Report for 1894
  • Volumes 134-161 (1802-1820)
  • Published in Report for 1946
  • Volumes 62-184 (1821-1836)
  • Published in Report for 1947
  • Volumes 85-198 (1837-1840)
  • Published in Report for 1948

C.O. 218 

Documents supplementary to Nova Scotia A.

  • Volumes 17-18, 25, 28 (1768-1811)
  • Published in Report for 1948
  • Volumes 29-32 (1811-1842)
  • Published in Report for 1948

Nova Scotia B 

Minutes of Executive Council.

  • Volumes 1-18 (1720-1785)
  •  Published in Report for 1949

Nova Scotia C 

Journals of the Legislative Council.

  • Volumes 1-20 (1758-1807)
  • Manuscript

Nova Scotia D 

Journals of the Assembly.

  • Volumes 1-34 (1758-1807).
  • Manuscript

(See also Nova Scotia Despatches under Photostats from the Archives of Nova Scotia.)

Cape Breton A 

Material similar to Series Q. Its closest counterpart is part of CO. 217.

  • Volumes 1-22 (1784-1801)
  • Published in Report for 1895
  • Volumes 23-41 (1802-1820)
  • Manuscript

C.O. 218 

Material supplementary to Cape Breton A.

  • Volumes 13 (1801-1820)
  • Manuscript

C.O. 221 

Shipping Returns, Cape Breton.

  • Volumes 34-35 (1785-1815).
  • Manuscript

Cape Breton B 

Minutes of Executive Council.

  • Vols. 1-13 (1785-1807)
  • Manuscript

Extracted from the Report of the Public Archives of  Canada for the Year 1949 (Ottawa: Edward Cloutier, 1950), pp. 454-455.


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