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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
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Proceedings of the Conference ~ Cape Breton in Transition: Economic Diversification and Prospects for Tourism

edited by William A. O'Shea ,
Carol Corbin and Eric Krause
(October 20-21, 1998)


The conference, "Cape Breton in Transition: Economic Diversification and Prospects for Tourism," was held in Sydney and Louisbourg, Nova Scotia on October 20-21, 1995 and was the first tourism-related conference organized by the Louisbourg Institute. It was one of a number of Institute projects undertaken during 1995 as a contribution towards the many commemorative activities held at historic Louisbourg., but affecting the island's entire life. The objective was to participate in the ongoing dialogue taking place on Cape Breton Island about our socio-economic future and the contribution of tourism to that future. The ten papers in the "Proceedings" are only a portion of 20 presentations made during the two days of the conference. One paper, written by Michael Seaman, was not actually delivered because Michael was not able to attend. But he was so eager to be a part of the discussion that we included his paper, touching as it does on a topic of interest to Cape Breton heritage and tourism.

The Louisbourg Institute would like to thank the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation, the University College of Cape Breton and the Louisbourg Heritage Society. Special thanks to Dr. J. Robert Cox, President of the Sierra Club, who gave the keynote address and to Dr. John Othick of the British Association of Canadian Studies at Queen's College, Belfast, Northern Ireland, for advice, encouragement and active participation throughout the conference. We also wish to thank the authors of the papers in this collection and all those who through personnel or professional interest took part in the conference. 

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Published by the Louisbourg Heritage Society
ISBN 1-896218--07-5
© Louisbourg Institute
Extracted from the Proceedings of the Cape Breton
in Transition Conference, October 20-21, 1995