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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Non-Descriptive Louisbourg-Related Sources Encountered
During Krause House Research Activities,

By Eric Krause
(Krause House Info-Research Solutions),

2004 to Present



Eric Krause, Krause House Info-Research Solutions
September 18, 2002

The Fortress should order photocopies of the following finding aids:

I was also able to locate a copy of the accessions and inventories created since 1994-10-01 in which I found a number of  references to microfilmed sources of potential interest to the Fortress. Unfortunately, my time was restricted to simply recording the various series and an examination of the microfilm had to be left to a future visit (which I anticipate will happen after my return from the States in 2003).  However, I have left a  request with NAC re Ken Donovan’s desire to identify the microfilm that contains “new” Charente-Maritime material obtained in the 1990s.






The Fortress of Louisbourg has a copy of all the microfilm for the series Fonds des Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime, Série B- Cours et juridictions, MG6-A2 ? Amirauté de Louisbourg à La Rochelle (Sub-series) that was described in 1971 [INSTRUMENT DE RECHERCHE n° 457]- Amirauté de Louisbourg, à La Rochelle: Transcriptions, 1718-1778, 4 pieds, 5 pouces. Microfilms, 1718-1778, 24 bobines AND which seems to be the same number of reels as described in ArchiviaNet 1718-1778 [24 bobines de microfilm. 1,18 m de documents textuels : transcriptions]

At any rate, Pauline Arsenault who had worked for the National Archives of Canada in La Rochelle, France, from 1985 to 1997 or thereabouts, has over the past 5 years been an archivist for Archives Charente-Maritimes in La Rochelle. In her capacity, she has informed the Fortress that she had discovered numerous documents in France relating to Louisbourg and these were sent to the NAC on microfilm as part of a larger package of French documents relating to New France.

Possibly, the new documents on Louisbourg she sent on microfilm were not from Charente-Maritime, Série B- Cours et juridictions, but no matter, the Fortress would like to purchase the said microfilm which Pauline sent to you.

I would appreciate it if you could examine your accession list for the last number of years, to identify the material that Pauline sent on microfilm, and provide me with a reference and the cost for this microfilm or microfilms.



Eric Krause (Parks Canada Historian/Archivist (1969-1997 - retired)


From: "Gadoury, Lorraine"

Subject: Microfilms from La Rochelle
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 09:06:23 -0400

Mr. Eric Krause,

To reply to your e-mail received September 6 about new documents that have been copied in France by National Archives of Canada, particularly in Archives of Charente-Maritime at La Rochelle, the most recent accession that NA received from that archives consists of 26 reels of notarial records of Canadian interest. You will find a description of that series on the NA website - ArchiviaNet - General Inventory, under: Fonds des Archives départementales de la Charente-Maritime [La Rochelle; France] (MG6-A2); Série E- Titres de famille, état civil, notaires; sous-série Notaires .

There is no specific mention to Louisbourg in the description of this sub-series which consists of: "contrats d'affrètement et de charte-partie, engagements, associations de commerce, procurations et arrêts de comptes, obligations à la grosse aventure, avitaillements de navires, ventes de marchandises, de poissons, de fourrures, d'huiles, etc., accords de familles, mariages, testaments. On y retrouve les noms de la plupart des personnages intéresséés à la pêche et au commerce avec les colonies françaises d'Amérique, aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles, et également de ceux qui ont joué au Canada un rôle de premier plan dans des domaines autres que celui de l'activité commerciale."

Considering that all the documents are described at the item level in the database "Colonial Archives" on our website, you may want to do some more investigation online on the content of them before you decide to order the reels.

In any case, here is a list of the notaries and the reel numbers (there are also some transcripts that I do not list here): -Bagard (étude Bonniot, 1683-1705, reel F-2298); - Bréard (étude Filhastre, 1707-1734, reels F-2234 à F-2236); -Cherbonnier (1642-1666, reel F-492); -Chesneau (1616-1623, reel F-480); -Desbarres (étude Bonniot, 1713-1748, reels F-2202 à F-2206 et 1714-1757, reels F-2232 et F-2233); -Guillemot père et fils (étude Menon, 1688-1758, reels F-2296 et F-2297); -Masset (1617-1624, reel F-480); -Rivière et Soullard (étude Menon, 1668-1741, reels F-1830 à F-1834); -Savin (1651-1667, reel F-491); -Tardy (étude Menon, 1742-1760, reel F-2299); -Teuleron (1636-1679, reels F-479, F-487 à F-490).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to get more information or if you want to order copies of the microfilms.

Lorraine Gadoury
Canadian Archives Branch

Phone: (613) 996-7328
FAX: (613) 943-8112