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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

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Research Trip November 1, 2002 - March 14, 2003 ~ 
East of the Mississippi

State Historical Society of Missouri (Colombia, Missouri) ~
Fortress of Louisbourg Research


During the period 1 November 2002-14 March 2003 the contractor will research and provide a written report which will outline and summarize the documentation related to 18th century Louisbourg, found in four archives/libraries in the United States, in the following areas:

1. Business and Merchant History with an emphasis on American colonial construction materials shipped/used at Louisbourg (1713-1758) 

2. Comparative wooden buildings history, e.g. piquet construction and charpente construction used in former French colonies that are part of the United States

3. Other topics relevant to Louisbourg that the researcher may find

The institutions that will be visited for research will include:

Eric Krause, 
Krause-House Info-Research Solutions, 
December 30, 2002
(Revised April 1, 2003)


State Historical Society of Missouri, 
23 Ellis Library Building, 
University of Missouri Campus, 

Poor weather conditions prevented the contractor from traveling by highway from the east coast to Missouri in order to visit this institution in person. However, the contractor has determined from reliable, verifiable sources that the research material which was to be examined are evocative of the same descriptive records found in the Louisbourg G2 and G3 series which Louisbourg’s historians have used extensively as research fodder for reconstructing the domestic buildings of the town:

(1) #1-1389 Sales, exchanges, agreements, and adjudication (awarding) of property, 1766-1804

(2) #1390-1451 Miscellaneous documents relating to donations, gifts, and grants, 1769-1803

(3) #1452-1500 No documents

(4) #1501-1783 Obligations, agreements, and mortgages, 1766-1804

(5) #1784-2006 Quittances and discharge statements by attorneys for estates, 1768- 1804

(6) #2007-2162 Marriage contracts, 1766-1804

(7) #2163-2293 Wills, 1768-1802

(8) #2294-2497 Inventories of estates, 1766-1804

(9) #2498-2598 No documents

(10) #2599-2669 Auctions, 1784-1802

(11) #2670-2826 Powers of attorney, 1770-1808

(12) #2827-2991 Mortgages, agreements, sales, leases, 1766-1810

(13) Unnumbered Litigation, Miscellaneous, 1763-1841

Fortunately, in 1962, the City of St. Louis microfilmed this collection in its entirety (3000 documents) on 23 rolls of microfilm (which are titled the "French and Spanish Archives" (1763-1841 - C2965).

Consequently, the contractor is recommending that the entire microfilm series be purchased which no doubt would have been the same recommendation if the contractor had visited the location in person.

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