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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

J. S. McLennan, Louisbourg from its foundation to its fall

(Macmillan & Co. Ltd., London, 1918)

(A Selection of Pages not Published in the 1967 Reprint)
[© Parks Canada/Parcs Canada: Fortress of Louisbourg Rare Book Collection, 89 264, 94 264, 97 806: F5060.5.L6M3 1918]


1918 Appendix IX

(pp. 409-412)

STATE and CONDITION of the FORTIFICATIONS Publick and Private Buildings of LOUISBOURG and the out Batteries, as they were on the 12th day of July 1749 when the Place was returned to the French, with a general Account of Works done while in the Possession of His Brittanick Majesty. 1

Art. 1st. - The Breach made by the New England Troops in the half face of the West Gate Bastion, has been made good, and the Ruined Gate and Gateway with the Guard Rooms entirely Repaired.

2nd. - The Battery facing the Inner Harbour, called by the French la Dauphine, which was ruined by the Besiegers, has been totally taken down, and in lieu thereof, a Grand Cavallier Erected, with Timber and Masonry for Eight Battering Pieces, facing the land.

3rd. - The Batardeau cross the ditch of the West Gate having given way at the Sluice, and the outside wall of the Guard Room, threatening Ruin, both have been taken down and new Built, but the Free stone Facing of the Batardeau next to the Ditch, was discontinued, when orders came to stop the Works.

4th. - The Parapet of this Bastion Southward, has been intirely revested in the Inside with masonry Coped with Sod work, Six Embrazures opened, and as many new platforms made.

5th. - The Powder Magazine at the Foot of the Rampart of this place, has been repaired and a new Covering put upon its Arch.

6th. - The South Flank of this Bastion, the Merlons and Embrazures being intirely Ruinous, they have been taken down, and Rebuilt with more thickness and a greater Talus from the Foundation to the Cordon. The Merlons and Embrazures are Secured against the Efforts of the Frosts by Strong Oak Frames, they want about one Foot and a half of their Height to compleat them.

7th. - Two Strong Traverses of masonry and Earth have been Built, and raised on, and along the Curtain, which joins the above Flank, to the Cittadel Bastion, and two Embrazures with their Platforms made above the upper Traverse.

8th. - The next Flank having been much Shattered during the Siege, and the Parapet quite demolished a retired Battery for five Guns has been made Eighteen Foot Broad, with

1 C.O. 5/44, ff. 239-242a.

Framed Timber, well filled with Cement, and a Platform of Twenty Eight Feet, projecting over the inside face of the Rampart, on large Timber Supporters, the Inside Wall of the Parapet of the next face has been Rebuilt, Four new Embrazures made and the Platforms deepened in the manner beforemention'd.

9th. - The greatest part of the Stone Platform which covers the Casemates of the next Flank, has been taken up, the deficiency of Stone made good and lay'd in Terras, to keep those Casemates dry.

10th. - The Roof of the great Pile of Barracks (in the Gorge of this Bastion) which is 400 Feet long, was Totally beat down, during the Siege, an I mire new Roof has been Built, and the whole Set of windows in both Fronts, with Jambs, Cills and Arches made new, as well as the Coins Faciees and Brick Pillasters of this whole Building.

11th. - The Inside Cielings of the Chapel have been repaired Two Galleries Erected, and the Area filled with proper Seats and Pews ; large window Frames and their Sash Sliders, have also been made, but are not placed.

12th. - The Pavilion of the Citadel, Contiguous to the above Pile of Barracks, where the French Governour usually did live, has been repaired & Some Chimnies added.

13th. - In the next Bastion called Denmark, are Erected four Buildings, two Stories high Each, which contain besides the Officers, the men of Two Regiments the wings are 200 Feet long, the upper and lower ones 132, and form a Quadrangle, whose Court is about Sixty Yards by Fifty. The lower Building intended for Offices is not Finished.

14th. - At South Gate in the midle of the next Curtain and Contiguous to the Guard houses Two Barrack Sheds of hundred feet long each, and of one Story only, were at first run up in great haste, to lodge some of the New England Troops.

15th. - On the Face of Prince of Oranges Bastion and adjoining to the above Curtain, the Rampart has been Raised and made Broader a Strong Timber Platform for Ten Guns en Barbette has been made, and the Gallery under this Battery fitted and turned into a Powder Magazine.

16th. - In Prince Henry's Bastion a Powder House for Two Thousand Barrels has been Built (with Timber and Brickwork, well Secured against fire) to keep the Powder dry, which upon an Enemy's approach was to be moved into Arches and magazines Bomb Proof.

17th. - A strong Fence of three Inch Plank (Palissade way) has been made on the long Stockaded Bridge, which makes the Curtain between Prince Edwards Bastion and the Dukes Battery.

18th. - All the Gates except that of Maurepas have been put in Serviceable order, all the Platforms made new or Repaired, and the linings and Casings of the Walls next to the Harbour Stript or damaged by the Besiegers Shots, have been made good, and the whole Strand from the Market House to the West Gate, which was in a miserable Condition has been raised, with a great quantity of gravel, lay'd to proper Currents and the drains opened and cleared. Several of the Principal Streets which were intolerably dirty and bad, have been cleaned, mended, and put in good order, and the filth which was found in the Place totally gathered up as low as the gravel and Carried away.

19th. - The whole Front of the Parapet of the Line from the West to the Sluice Gate, has been enclosed with Palissades, to prevent the Easy access in and out of the Garrison, along this part of it which is very low.


20th. - In the Artillery Yard, and opposite to the old French Shed a Storehouse (for dry things, the small Arms and petty Emptions) of 125 feet length by 32 Ft. Broad and of three Stories, has been Built.

21st. - The Grand General Magazine for Provisions has been totally Repaired, fitted in the inside with Binns and Partitions ; a new rough Shed made in the Yard Eighty foot long. Two others for the Same use Repaired and an Additional one of 50 Feet and two Stories Built near the Pond.

22nd. - The Ruinous Store House opposite to the beforementioned Grand magazine, has been repaired and properly fitted for the Agent Victualler in that Capacity, and as Paymaster to the Garrison.

23rd. - On the ground at the Back of the French Artillery Shed, Four good Houses, with proper Shops have been Built, for the Master Smith, Master Armourer, Master Mason, and Master Cooper, and adjoining to these a good masonry Foundation has been raised, on which a Timber Building was designed for the Sub Engineers.

24th. - An open Frame for a house has been Improved for the Storekeeper and Clerk of the Cheque's offices, and for lodging the Master Carpenter, and a large Comodious House Built in the yard of two Stories, for the Carpenters to work in, with Shops for the Glaziers & the Painters.

25th. - The Intendance where the English Governour's have lived since the Place belonged to them, and which was very much Shattered by Cannon, has been totally Repaired, Improved and Several additional outhouses made.

26th. - All other Buildings or dwellings under the Denomination of Kings houses, as well as all the Guard Rooms, have been put in very good order, and the whole of the rest
well repaired ; many additional Chimnies and fire places made, and every house without Exception intirely Glazed ; the Artillery during the Siege, having Shaken off or broke all the windows in the Town.

27th. - One new House for the Clerk of the Cheque to the Office of Ordnance has also been Built.

28th. - The Slip at the Governour's Gate, has been turned into a Wharf, Carried out 60 Feet further, with a Head of 70 Feet Front, all on Strong Piles, and the whole well Boxed, and Secured on the outside, with large Fenders and Capcills.

29th. - At the Water Gate contiguous to the Ordnance Timber Yard, a new Peer, hundred Foot long, has been carried out, on Piles to facilitate the landing of Materials, and secure the Lighters and Boats.

30th. - New Flag Staffs have been Set up, many new carriages placed in lieu of decayed and unserviceable ones, and the whole of them painted over.

31st. - Several Sheds for holding the Ladles, Spunges and other Utensils for the Batteries Round the Place, have been made, and a great number of new Centinels Boxes.

32nd. - As to the Walls and Enceinte of this Garrison they are by the badness of Materials and careless manner of Building, in very bad order, where they have not been based in, and every Spring, some part or other of the former falls down, The worst places are at the Faces and Angles of the King's Bastion one of which is Intirely parted from the Solid Masonry, and the Contrescarpe at the Traverse of the Place of Arms, near South Gate
Bridge, is fallen down into the Ditch, and the Revetement is every where Mouldring. Maurepas Gate is quite Shaken, and all the Palissades round the Covered way are Rotten and Useless.

33rd. - The Island Battery is in pretty good order. The Merlons and Embrazures only, want some Repair.

34th. - The Grand Battery has been Palissaded in by the English, the Barracks made more lodgeable and well repaired, but the old Platform is very much decayed.

35th. - The Artillery in the Town and Batteries is all in order, and left with proper proportions of Battery Utensils &c.


1 Enclosed in Col. Hopson s letter of July 14, 1749.