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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

Diary of Gen. Jeffery Amherst's Expedition Against Louisbourg 
Saild from the Hook May the 3d under the Convoy of The Diana, Devonshire, 
Ludlow Castle, Duke Gramont, & hunter sloop Arrived at Halifax 
May the 16th 1758


Diary of Gen. Jeffery Amherst's Expedition Against Louisbourg
Saild from the Hook May the 3d under the Convoy of The Diana, Devonshire, Ludlow Castle, Duke Gramont, & hunter sloop Arrived at Halifax May the 16th 1758

To Cash pd for Mr Peyton. . . . . . . . .£1 -- 1

Left Louisbourg Augst 30th 1758

With 13 top sail Vessels under the Convoy of the Squirril & sch: the latter left us at Halifax

3 with 2 Regt 36/60 for the Bay of Funda Commanded by Colonell. --

Sept 4 Arrived at Halifax. -- left Halifax 12 Sepr Arrived at the Bay of Funda 18 & got up to the River St Johns the 19

27 Sir Charles Hardy sailed from Louisbourg with 3 Regt

Vizt -- 15-28-58 Under the Command of Gr Wolf

To a bagg of Biscuits  .................... £0, 12, 0
To 4 Hams .....................................       16
To 6 Cups ......................................         5 
To 4 Loaves Sugr ..........................    1, 7,  11
To 6 Dozen Lemmons ..................        18
To 6 Ps Choco ..............................          9
To 81/2 p£ Beef ...........................           4 3
To Bread .....................................           1

                                  By Cash          £ 4 13 2
                                      Accot             4 15 2

                          58                             £9 8 4
Lt Peyton Dr
To Mess Acct

Lt Peyton Dr

To Mess Acc
[p. 266]
April 24 Cash pd Tarvis                £ 4 10 6
To do                                                 5 6
To Cash pd Mills                              5 3 8
To Cash pd Mrs Lightfoots              1 3 6
To Cash Washerwomen                  1 12 6
To Cash pd the Shoemr                   3 15 6
To Cash pd Mr Thompson             55 15 4
To Cash pd Mr Belcher                  47 12 4
To Cash pd at Domest                    30 10 6
To Cash pd Mrs Byard                   27 15 8
To Cash pd the Taylors                  37 19 6
To the Chairman                             4 10
To Cash pd Mr Stockdale                3 10 6
To Cash pd Mr Burns                     30
To Cash pd Do                                 10
To Cash pdSchuyler                         4
To Cash pd Mr Couzina                  4 15 6
                                                        212 18 6
Disposed of a bill

Sold a sett of bills of Exchange of thirty pounds Sterling to Mr John Anderson


A Memorandum of the Regiments in America Vizt

Leiu. Colonells to the said Regiments 

The Royal Scotch Tavers
Braggs -- 28 Welsch
Whaburtons -- 45 Willmott
Hopson's -- 40
Lassells -- 47
Canadys -- 43 James
Whitmor's -- 22 Rollo
Blakneys -- 27 Havalan killed
Otways -- 35 Fletcher
Abercrombie -- 44 Gage
Webbs -- 48 Burton
Coll. Thomas Murry -- 46 Beaver killed
Lord John Murry's -- 42 Grant killed

[p. 267]

Lord Hows -- 50 [55]                      Donalson kill'd
Forbes -- 17                                   Morris
First Batt, of Royal Americans     Buckey
2d Do                                              Haldiman
3d Do                                              Young
4th Do                                             Sir Jno St Clair
Montgomerys                                 62
Fraishers                                       63

Memorandum to Receive Ben[?]

Baggage Money to the Amount of which Mr Stephen McCoy refunded £6-5-0

July 26

This Morning came from the Garrison a flag of Truce in order to agree of terms of Capitulation which continued untill the 27th in the afternoon abt 3 o'Clock the same Afternoon the English Colours [was?] planted on the walls of Louisbourg after seven with [?]

Halifax May the 19th 1758

A List of the Regiments going on the expedition Vizt

1 Royal Scotch

2 Amhurst 15

3 Ansthurers [Anstruthers]

4 Braggs 28

5 Forbes 17

6 Whitmores 22

7 Otways part 35

8 Hopson 40

9 Lassells 47

10 Wharburtons 45

11 Webbs 48

12 Frasiers

13 2 Batt. of Americans

To Cash Lent Lt Vintor 1-13

Halifax Currency

On the Expedition
[p. 268]
2 Batt. The Royal Scotch
15 Amhurst
17 Forbes
22 Whitmore
28 Braggs
35 Otways
40 Hopsons Malus
45 Wharburtons Malus
47 Lassells Malus
48 Webbs
58 Anstruthers
60 Moncktons
60 Lawrence
62 Frasiers

A route for the 2d Batt. of R. A R. --

To Lancaster & Carlisle Sept 5 To Elizabeth Town Point 17 Miles
6 To Woodbridge 12
7 Brunswick 10
8 Rested
9 Prince Town 16
10 Trent Town Ferry 12
11 Nessaminy Ferry 14
12 Frankford 12
13 Skulkill ferry 9
14 Rested
15 To Mr Asshtons at the Sign of Admiral [?] head 19
16 The Sign of the waggon 14
17 At the Sign of the hatt 11
18 Lancaster 10 1/2
19 Rested 25
20 Harris Ferry 25
21 March Abt 25
22 Carlisle 22
Miles 136 1/2

[p. 269]

Ships names under the Command of Admiral Holbourn on the last Expedition agst Louisbourg Capt
Names Men Guns
Newark 700 80


                                       A List of the Fleet 

                                     Vizt                                       No. of Guns

Ad. Bos                        Namur                                        90
[illegible]                    Royal William 3 Deckers           84
Commd.                       Princess Amelia 3 Deckers       80
Ld. Colvil                     Northumberland                       70
C. Edgcomb                 Lancaster                                   68
C. Fowke                     Bedford                                      70
Sinco                            Pembroke                                  74
                                     Vanguard                                  70
Collins                         Terrible                                     74
Gordon                         Devonshire                               66
Gambier                       Burford                                    70
Man                              Prince Frederick                     66
Parry                             Kingston                                  60
Fergueson                    Prince of Orange                    60
Spry                               Orford                                     60
Amherst                        Captain                                   60
Diggot                           York                                        60
Hughs                           Somersett                                66
Beard                            Defiance                                  60
Marshal                        Nottingham                             60
                                      Arc en ciel                               50
Rous                              Sutherland                              50
Mantle                          Centurion                                50

Frigates and Fireships 

Shamberg      Diana                 32
                       Juno                   36
Boyle             Boreas                36
                      Kennington        20
                      Shannon            34
Clark             Ludlow Castle  40

[p. 270]

Frigates and Fireships Guns

                      Trent                   32
                      Portmahon         20
                      Nightingale        20
Routh            Scarbourough    20
Willock         Squirrel              20
                      Hynd                   20
Laforey         Hunter                10
                      Gramont             18
                      Hawke                10
                      Tyloe                   10
                      Dublin                60
Gascoigne Beaver Fire ships
Balfour     Aetna Fire ships
                Lighting Fire ships

The first Brigade commanded by Brigader Genr Whitmore Vizt Royales       47
Second Batt. of Americans                                                                                 28th
3d Brigade Commanded by Coll. Burton                                                          17th 58th 48th

The above Brigade's compose the Right wing of the Army 
4th Brigade Commanded by Coll. Wilmott 45th 3 Batt. R A R 22d
2d Brigade Commanded by Coll Murry 35 63                          40th 15th

These two compose the left wing of the army
[p. 271]

To fish                                       £2
To a pr of salt sellers                 2. 6
To Salt                                        2. 6
To Bread                                     1
To Lopstors                                 2
To Corn                                      10. 6
To Tea                                        10. 6
To 1/2 dozen Glasses                  6. 6
To 3 Decanters                           10. 6
Halifax Currency                       £2. 8. 6
Jeffery                                           6
to 4 Dollars
Laid Out at Halifax
To a Leather Bottle                       2. 6
To 2 Dinners                                  9
To 1/2 yd. of shallon                      2
To 1 Ounce of Silk                         3
To a pr of Shoes                           15
To 1 Ounce of Thread                   1. 6
To Washing                                 15. 6
To a Pott                                         1. 5
To Cash at Sundry Times            15.16. 6
To a pr of Stockings Breeches       1. 4
To trimmings                                 8
To punch at Sundry times             7. 6
Ballance due from

Mr James Allen on accot of a bill sold him of £ 20 Sterling for which this Ball having not recevd the full Value of the Said Bill

Title of the Earl of Loudoun

John Earl of Loudoun Lord Machline & Tarrinzean &c &c &c one of the Sixteen peers of Scotland Governor & Captain General of Virginia & Vice Admiral of the same: Colonell of the Thirtieth Regiment of foot: Colonell in Chief of the Sixty second or Royal American Regiment, Major General and Commander in Chief of all his Majestys Forces raised or to be raised North America
[p. 272]

Received ten pounds Sterling July the 9

Received from Quartermaster Donald Campbell for 4 Peices of Cloth for leggins for the use of Capt Princes Compy

the 4 peices Cont

111 1/4 Elles English

96 Yards of binding

1 pound of thread

Received from Sergt Plank

71 pair of leggins. each pair Containing 1 1/2 yard of Cloth

1 yard of binding & 1 skane of thread

Saild from the Hook May the 3d 1758

Under the Convoy of the followingS hips       
Diana a Frigate Commodore Durell               36
Devonshire -- Capt Gordon                             74
Ludlow Castle -- Capt Clark                           40
Duke Gramont -- Ct Stout                               18
Hunter Sloop -- Ct Laforey                             10
58 Transports

May 4 Fair Weather & fair Wind

5 Fair Weather on our Course

6 Fair with a heavy swell our ship rolls prodigiously I asked the reason of her roling more than other Vessells they told me because she was loaded with Artilery stores

7 Fair Weather with the swell more heavy

8 Killed of one sheep had the Heart & lights for Breakfast: eat very hearty notwithstanding the great Swell: having the great Happiness of not being sick

9 Had the misfortune of breaking a large China Bowl by the Ships great motion: a great disaster having only one Bowl on board

10 Play'd at Cards all day lost five Dollars: rainy weather: the round leked

11 Very melancholy -- ugly boisterous day attended with rain
[p. 273]

12 A fine day the fleet appeard to great advantage; spend the day very agreable & crowed the night with Mirth & Jollity: -- almost drunk

13 Very sick with the last night cuts continued sick untill 3 o'clock, rose & eat very hearty: Mr Montror shod the plan of Louisbourgh -- & pointed out where he thought wise [?] be most safe to land all gree with him

14 Calm attended with a great swell shou'd have been foul of a Stubborn Collier; had it not been for the Gramont

15 Looked out for land Mr Ethrington pretends to assume the Character of a Seaman: a great presumption: no land

16 Land Early in the morning: small Winds -- got in that night

Weighd anchor from Halifax Sunday the 28 at 8 o'Clock

July 26 This day came from the Garrison a flag of truce to request Genr Amhurst to come to terms of Capitulation, his answer was desiring them to surrender prisoners of war. To our great Surprize the two remaining french ships was attackt by the Naval force & was carried; this is the first exploit that bears the least similute [similitude] of acting in conjunction on this important expedition after being intirely disabled by our Batteries on the left -- last Night a five Gun Battery began to play on the Enemy

A List of his Britannick Majestys Land forces in North America.

(Compared with Millan's List)

[1] those marked thus are not in America

2d Battn Scotch Royals
[p. 274]


Col. Majr Gen: Amherst

Lt Col.



Col: Brigr Genl John Forbes

Lt Col: Arthur Morris

Major John Darby Memorandum Cabaruse Bay Cash left in my Box                                         £16. .16
To a pr of stone Buckles not mentiond in the memorandum which I have taken, 
as I leave them to Lt Vintor of the 2d Batt R. A. R.
To Cash spent in North America at sundry time                                                                            564. .10. .6
To my Commission                                                                                                                           342. .17
     Sterling.                                                                                                                                     £907. . 7. .6 
To a Legacy left me by my Father                                                                                                 £3000
To 1 Do by my Grandmother                                                                                                              500
1 Do by my Uncle                                                                                                                                600
Sterling                                                                                                                                            £4100

S: John's Rivr

Fort Monckton

Thos Franks


Cabaruse bay 3d of June

The army is to land & attack the french in three different bodies at three different places all the grenadiers & a detachment of the light wing land upon the Right in the Bay within the white point.

The detachments of the left wing land in two little bays abt a mile & a half to the left of the white point; The light Infantry Irregular & highlanders due to land in the fresh water cove in order to take the enemy in flank & rear & to cut some of them off from the town.
[p. 275]
Men of war are ordered to each of these places; to [?] the Coast & protect the troops at their landing The Granideers are to be draw up as the[y] lay in their Brigades; upon the Right of the right attack & to rendvs in a line behind a boat with a red flag, in which Brigade Wolf will be. The detachments of the right wing are to assemble in a line as the are in their Brigades behind a boat with a white flag: where Brigade General Whitmore will be. The detachments of the left wing are to rendvs in the same manner; behind a boat with a blue flag where Brigader General Laurence will be. The Highlanders; light infantry & Irregulars are to rendvs at the right of the Island, laying before fresh water cove point & is to be ready to run into the cove; when the signal is given. The Signal will be three guns from the Sunderland repeated by the Admiral

Altho' the highlanders; light Infantry & Irregulars are seperate to attack on the left; where the[y] land They are to consider themselves as part of the left wing & immediately under the Command of B.[rig] G.[en] Lawrence

Field officers of the right attack for the Grenadiers: Coll. Murray Lt Coll. Fletcher: Majors: Farquer & Murry

Detach. of the right wing

Camp near Louisbourg July 21st 1758

July 21 We sett fire to three French men of war by Shot throun'd from Brigr General Wolf's Battery on the left

22d A Battary of 14 Guns of 24 pounders the Right open this Morning abt five o clock A Mortar Battery & One 13 Inch Mortar 2 ten's & 4 8ths open abt 6 oclock this morning. A Mortar Battery open this day abt 3 o clock of 2, 8 Inch Mortars, 5 Royals & 12 Colhorns on the left which goes under the appelation of Genr Wolfs Battery
[p. 276]

The first Releif are the following Regiments Royals Commanded by Brigr Genr Whitmore
Hopsons    Commanded by Brigr Genr Whitmore
Lassells     Commanded by Brigr Genr Whitmore
Amhurst   Commanded by Brigr Genr Whitmore
Otways     Commanded by Brigr Genr Whitmore

2 Releif 

Whitmores   Commanded by Brigr General Lawrence
Braggs         Commanded by Brigr General Lawrence
Webbs          Commanded by Brigr General Lawrence
Frasiers      Commanded by Brigr General Lawrence

3d Releif 
Forbes              Commanded by Brigr Genr Wolf
Wharburtons   Commanded by Brigr Genr Wolf
Anstruthers     Commanded by Brigr Genr Wolf
Monckton's     Commanded by Brigr Genr Wolf
Lawrences       Commanded by Brigr Genr Wolf

Weighd Anchor from Halifax on Sunday the 28 of May 1758

I arrived at Cabarouse bay in Cape Breton the 2d of June 1758

June 3 The Frigate Trent began cannonading the Battery on shore on the left wing: which was continued all day: the Battery fired a few shot

4 abt 6 o'Clock to our great misfortune the Frigate Trent of 36 Guns struck She fired a Number of Guns for assistance all the men of war boats & transports: went to her aid -- we hope she'l get off: it was occasioned by her coming near the Shore in order to cover our Landing & a great swell on shore ugly foggy weather attended with a great swell

The Frigate Juno got off this morning little or no damage she unshipt her rudder & lost her false keel

6 We attempted to land but was prevented by the great surf running ashore, the French then began
[p. 277]
throwing Bums: did no damage: all our men in great spirits & eager to be at the Enemy

The frigate Trent has three men killed & five wounded but slightly

7 This morning the Royal William was ordered to chase some ships which we saw: it is suppose it is Sr Charles Hardy

This Morning Gen. Braggs Regiment was detach't to storm a Battery on the Estamost part of the Island under the protection of two Frigates

8th of June This Morning the Sutherland Diana Kinnington & Gramt began Cannading abt six o'clock in order to protect our landing. The light Infantry & Rangers & Grenadir's where to land first under the Command of B:G:Wolf; upon our men ariving at the place where we first intended to land reced so hot afire from the enemy who entrench abt fifteen hundred; so where obliged to row to another place & there endeavour'd to land; the sea Surf was so great that numbers of Boats where stove to pieces & a great many men drowned; the Seamen that rowed the men ashore was so damnable terrified at the Enemy fire that the[y] refused to assist in getting the boats: in short the Last of some of the Grenadiers & where all drouned the Enemy certainly kept a very Smart fire; the Enemy little expected that we shuld land where we did as the[y] thought it was impracticable nothing but the greatest bravery imagianable could possible surmont the difficulties that our men did

The light Infantry & Rangers did Wonders; the Enemy on seeing our men land detachd a party to intercept them; but wher cut of -- It is impossible to imagine how much we were surprized after we had gained the beach to see the Works -- I heard able Judges say that the number the[y]
[p. 278]
had; could have defended themselves agst 20 thousand men

The above is all dated from on board of the Friendship: I now transferrd to Number 50:

I must do justice to the French officers merit the[y] certainly behaved with the greatest bravery imaginable. Neither can I be silent on the behaviour of our own officers and men -- their coolness was surprizing & their courage in landing beyond description

                                                                                                                Namur the 4th of June 1758

As the surf is so great that the disposition for landing in three divisions cannot take place & as the men of war cannot be carried near enough the shore of the bay within the white point to cover the landing there

The General not to losse a moments time has thought proper to order that an attack be made upon the little intrenchments within the fresh water cove with 4 Companies of Granadiers: followed by the light infantry & irregulars who are to be supported by the highland Regiments & those of the remaining 8 Comy of Granadiers. That no body of men: Regular or irregular may dare to stand a Moment before them. These Detachments are to be Commandd by Brigadier Gen: Wolf. The Detachments of the left Wing under Brigadier Genl Lawrence are to Draw up as before Ordered behind the frigate of the Center Attack: in Readiness if the Weather Permits to run on shore on the oposit Beach & if not to follow the Granadrs where it will be Judged Necessary.

The right Wing to draw up to the right as in the Orders of Yesterday opposit the bay that is on this side the white point. To fix the Enemys attension or to follow Troops of the left Wing when they shall receive order for that purpose. The Boats of that Division are to keep out a Mile & half or two Miles from the Land Extending in a Considerable Length of Line

As the Grenadiers will now Assemble towards the left instead of the right the Captains must be attentive
[p. 279]
to the Red flagg in Brigadier Wolfs Boat -- which is to be the Centere of their Line and range themselves accordingly The Detachments of the right Wings must have the same attention to Brigadier Genl Whitemores flagg: and those of the Left Wing to Brigadier General Lawrence's flagg & the whole to assemble at their different post Immediatly after the signal is made to prepare to Land.

The four Oldest Companies of Granadrs are to attack first the Royal & forbes's under the Command of Lt Col. Fletcher in the litle Bay on the right. Amherst & Whitemores under the Command of Major Murry in another lit[tle] bay upon the Left. The Field Officers & Captn of these four Compys of Granadrs will receive their particular Instructions from Brigadier Wolf

After the Granadiers are landed & have taken post along the Entrenchment the Light Infantry are to land high forward into the Woods & force the Enemys Irregulars to Retire.


                                                                                                                             Townsend D: Adjt Genl --

Cabaruse bay June the 7th 1758

If the surf should be so great that the transports cannot land this afternoon The Genr intends to attack the Enemy tomorrow at the dawn of day: unless the weather is so bad -- has to make it impracticable.

The boats to assemble in three divisions as before; at the Voilant transport Benjamin Smuget master: where their will be three lights hang'd on the right side near the waters edge.

The left wing at the St George transport with two lights hanging over in the same manner.

And the randavs of Granadiers &c &c &c will be at the Neptune transport where a single light will be hung out.

As the Genrs Intentions are to surprize the French as well as attack them; he depends on the care & vigilance
[p. 280]
of the officers commanding in the transports: that his orders may be strictly comply'd with

The troops are to be in the boats by two o Clock exactly: no lights are to be shown in the transports: except the signals above mentioned after twelve o'clock at night & there must be a profound silence thro out the whole army: & above all things the firing even a single musket be avoided.

The men of wars boats to be sent to the respective transports by One in the Morning

The General is sufficiently convinced of the good disposition of the troops by what he has already seen; he desires the[y] will not: holla or cry out at landing: but be attentive to the Commands of their officers -- by which the[y] never can be put into any confusion, or fail of success their officers will lead them directly to the Enemy.

If the Admiral & General shou'd think proper to alarm in the beginning of the night: the troops are to take no manner of notice of it but to prepare themselves & obey their orders with great exactness at the appointed time & so as to be ready to row off: from the three places of randov a little before day light

                                                                                                               Number 50 brought from No 3

                                                                                                               Camp dated of Louisbourg

13 This Morning where detacht 100 Men 1 Captain 3 Subar from every regiment & the whole body of Light Infantry under the Command of Brigadr Genr Wolf. it is imagined that [they] are gone to take the light house battry & raise some Battery in order to play on the ships yesterday Several deserters Came from the French -- We have two or three small skirmishes but can never draw the French out of Cover of their own Cannon.

16 This Morning all the Brigades where order'd to march; as the French had attacked our advanced
[p. 281]
post. We engaged them abt an hour & a half very smartly: we killed & wounded several: the killed 1 Man & wounded 3 More

17 One man killed this by the Cannon from the laen in raesing a redoubt: our Ships began cannodeing on the insland Battry; the[y] fire at our ships as the are Landing cannon for Genr Wolf at the light house battery. a flag a truce came in this Mornin to the General

16 July General Wolf taken possession of the Hill from whence the Americans batter'd where he broke Ground the[y] kept a most infernal fire from the town. 4 men killed 8 of Lt of Grand Royal

                                                                                                                     Louisbourg Augst 21st 1758.

Received from Lt Thos Vinter five pounds twelve shillings. Halifax Currency.

Reced from Lt Thomas Campbell Six Pounds Halifax Currency

Sept 8 sail from Halifax

Three Regimts Vizt

15 Amherst

28 Braggs

58 Anstruther sailed for the River St Lawrence with 5 Ships of the Line The Royal William Sr Charles Hardy the Devonshire The Bedford


Sailed from Louisbourg the 35 & 60th Regiments for Halifax

arrived at Halifax

Received from Leiut Jno Browne twelve dollars on Acct of Capt Prince & for the use of his Compy

Purchased a Box of Soap for the use of the Said Compy wt 42. p. a 10£
[p. 282]

Laid for the Mess two dollars for fresh Beef
1 Do .............................................5
To Butter ......................
To a dollar given Molinear to purchase a 
      Drum head ............................................5

To Cash I aid for the Mess 
       at sundry times                        1 9 6

                                                     £ 1 19 6

To 22 of Cheese a 8£ pd is     £ 14-8
To 3 Bushells of Patotoe 5
£ B                                              15
To 3 pd of Butter at 18£
pound                                           4-6
To a bagg of Butter Biscuit      12
To 6 Cabbages                            3
To cash laid out for Wine        10
                                               2 19 2

By Cash Rec'd from Donald Campbell for the 
use of the mess                                                       £1 .. 19 .. 3
To Cheese                          25

                                   12/ 23: 5/ 1

[Source: © Colden, Lord Cadwallader, 1688-1776, Letters and Papers of Cadwallader Colden, vol. 5: 1755-1760. New York, NY: New York Historical Society, 1923, pp. 452 - ]