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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


Selection List: The British Library (Additional Manuscripts, Loudoun Papers; Additional Manuscripts, Liverpool Papers; Lansdowne Mss; Stowe Mss; King's Mss)

H J 18 02


Fortress of Louisbourg; Dilys Francis

April - May, 1966

Fortress of Louisbourg

Additional Manuscripts

Loudoun Papers

April, 1966

Fortress of Louisbourg Restoration Project

1. Add. Mss. 44,068 p. 174-175. April. 1762."Copy of a letter to the Lords of the Treasury in relation to an abatement upon the contract of Baker, Kilby and Baker for not issuing." Re delivery of provisions, March 25,1760. Not paid for two years. No specific mention of Louisbourg.

2. to 17. Add. Mss. 44,069. Nothing relating to the project. Mainly 1762 papers.

18. Add. Mss. 44,063.Nothing relating to the project.

19. Add. Mss. 44,064.Nothing relating to the project.

20. Add. Mss. 44,065. Circa 1757. p. 9, n.d. "Warrant to the Paymaster to answer the Warrants of a detached officer".  Authorizing Maj.-Gen'l Hopson in charge of forces in N.S., to grant warrants for contingencies for use of troops.

21. pp. 15. n.d. Warrant to Paymaster to receive back overpaid money; Simon Fraser's battalion in N.S. received double subsistence, July 7, 1757 - Oct. 24.

22. p. 15-16. n.d. Pay warrants for Edward Whitmore's 22nd regiment of foot in behalf of officer under him to enable them to return to the respective corps - nothing specific.

23. p. 24. n.d. "Order for delivering one Regiments Clothing to another". To deliver clothing to 44th reg't from that arrived for 50th. To C.O. of 50th Concerns coats and small mounting for 10 sergeants and 300 men.

24. Add. Mss. 44,066. Nothing relating to the project.

25. Add. Mss. 44,067. Nothing relating to the project.

Liverpool Papers

April-May, 1966

Fortress of Louisbourg Restoration Project; Dilys Francis



(Correspondence and papers, official and private of the first three Earls of Liverpool with a few earlier papers of the family and its connections)

1. This series includes papers from the 16th to the 19th centuries, in Add. Mss. 38,190-38, 489. Of these Add. Mss. 38,191-2; 38,196-206; 38,304-5; 38,330-40; 38,373-4; 38,387; 38,391; 38,393-4; 38,396-7; 38,417; 38,421; 38,465; 38,369 were searched yielding 58 items of which 20 referred to manuscripts which held nothing relating to the project.

2. British Museum, London, England.

3. The information collected from this series had been fully described in the selection sheets. There are several items concerned with the possession of Cape Breton after the Seven Years War; its importance for France and England. There are two documents on the state of the forces from which all the information relevant has been extracted; there are several documents concerned with customs and in the minutes of the Board of Trade, several references to letters read concerning C.B. The contents of these letters have not been copied into the manuscripts however.

The chief interest in this series lies in the papers concerning the role of C.B. in the peace negotiations of 1761-1762.

4. All items of interest to the project have been collected.

Dilys Francis
May, 1966

1. Add. Mss. 38,191. Nothing relating to the project. "Select political correspondence of Burke, Bute, Castleragh, etc. Only a few 18th century documents.

2. Add. Mss. 38,192. Nothing relating to the project. (As above)

3. Add. Mss. 38,197. Nothing relating to the project.

4. Add. Mss. 38,198.  f. 222-234v: May, 29,1 762. Copy of a memorandum. Unsigned. Discussing peace terms - refers to the possibility of ceding C.B. or some other island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

5. Add. Mss. 38,198. ff. 293-297v. Versailles June 28, 1762. Choiseul. Copy Memorandum on proposed peace terms. Refers to fishing rights in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

6. Add. Mss. 38,198. ff. 298-302v. N.D. Choiseul. Observations sur Les differents Articles du memoire qui Contient les Conditions de Paix proposees par la France "Refers to C.B. in connection with the fisheries.

7. Add. Mss. 38,199. ff. 16-19v: July 10,1962, Egremont. Replies to French proposals of June 2. First page missing. Refers to C.B. in connection  with the fisheries.

8. Add. Mss. 38,199. ff. 64-68v: July 21,1762. Choiseul. "Projet d'Articles Preliminaires arretes entre la France et l'Angleterre". Article 3 refers to the ownership of C.B.

9. Add. Mss. 38,199. ff. 241-245v: Sept. 15,1762. Paris. Duke of Bedford to Egremont. Discussing peace articles; goes into the fishery question.

10. Add. Mss. 38,199. ff. 298-310v: Encl. in Bedford's of Sept. 21, 1762. Preliminary peace articles. Article 3 concerned with fishing rights in the Gulf and mentions C.B.

11. Add. Mss. 38,200. ff. 61-66v: Oct. 26,1762, Whitehall. To Bedford from Egremont. Refers to the annexation of  C.B.; similar  to the annexation of Nova Scotia in 1713.

12. Add. Mss. 38,201.  ff. 65-65v: Derby St. Rob't Melville. To Chas. Jenkinson. Sect to Treasury. Re arrangements of the governing of ceded islands and those kept by British for making payments - no specific mention of any island. 

13. Add. Mss. 38,202. f. 48. Jan. 21,1764. Prior (Probably to Jenkinson) Refers to the fact that Lord Egmont has St. John's Is. and is looking towards Dominica.

14. Add. Mss. 38,202. f. 169-170v: March 18, 1764. Paris. Holland to Jenkinson. Hears further surveys are to be made and he asks that Gough be made a surveyor

15. Add. Mss. 38,203. Nothing relating to the project.

16.Add. Mss. 38,203. Nothing relating to the project.

17. Add. Mss. 38,204. Nothing relating to the project.

18. Add. Mss. 38,205. Nothing relating to the project.

19. Add. Mss. 38,206. Nothing relating to the project.

20. Add. Mss. 38,204. Nothing relating to the project.

21. Add. Mss. 38,205. Nothing relating to the project.

22. Add. Mss. 38,330. Nothing relating to the project.

23. Add. Mss. 38,331. f. 47-48v: "Estimate of the forces in the Plantations, Minorca, and Gibraltar for the Years 1745 & 1746, compared".

"By Provisions for the regiments at Cape Breton - 17875" 17" 6.

"By two Reg'ts raised for Cape Breton - 40107" 8" 4 

By Off'rs of the Garrison of Louisbourg 1630" 6" 8

(see W.O. 250)

24. Add. 38,332. f. 126-129v: 'State of the British and French Fisheries in North America". Includes a state of the British fisheries in Newfoundland 1749; a state of the fishery for New England in 1753 on the Banks of Nova Scotia and the coast of Nee England; whale fishery from New England (it declined on the breaking out of war but improved with the taking of Louisbourg) then a comparison of the Newfoundland and New England fisheries

25. Add. 38,332. f. 146-149: 1758 "Memoire sur le Cap Breton" Unsigned. Discusses its importance for France and the effect it would have if the English kept it. Generalizations. 

26. Add. Mss. 38,333. f. 224-230v: Aug. 27, 1761. Whitehall. Copy of Pitt's to Stanley. Prefers to the impossibility of ceding Canso in connection with French fishing requests. 

27. Add. Mss. 38,333. f. 231-238v: Aug. 27,1761. Reponses de la cour Britanniques a l'Ultimatum de la France. Sent to Stanley. Refers to C.B. and its cession to England. 

28. Add. Mss. 38,333. ff. 241-247v: Sept. 15,1761. Answers to the above. Duc de Chosseul. Give up C.B. and St. Johns but ask for Canso; other matters discussed irrelevant to the project.

29. Add. Mss. 33,334. f. 256-256v: 1762 (1761?) No sign. Merely an article ceding Canada, C.B. etc. to England (incomplete)

30. Add. Mss. 38,335. Nothing relating to the project.

31. Add. Mss. 38,336. f. 2-83v: 1763. Incomplete. No sign. Discussion of objects of negotiation with the French. Includes C.B. and the fisheries. Makes several reference to the history of C.B. in negotiations. 

32. Add. Mss. 38,336. f. 95-130v. 1763. "Reflections concerning the Island of Cape Breton the Islands in the Gulf & the Mouth of the River St. Lawrence & the Right of fishing in the Seas adjoining to them". (Draft)

33. Add. Mss. 38,336. 1762 or 1763. f. 131-154, Copy of the above, slightly. revised.

34. Add. Mss. 38,337. Nothing relating to the project.

35. Add. Mss. 38,338. f. 24-27v: Whitehall. July 10,1764. Hillsborough Rice, Dyson, Gascoyne. Re coal mines of C.B. - referring various petitions to work them.

36. Add. Mss. 38,338. f. 29-29v: Whitehall. July 10, 1964. Lords of Trades and Plantations. Recommending Howe's petition to have a grant of coal mines of C.B.

37. Add. Mss. 38,338. f. 29-31v: July 10, 1964. Lords of Trades and Plantations. Re coal mines

38. Add. Mss. 38,339. Nothing relating to the project.

39. Add. Mgs. 38,340. f. 187-188v: 1763 & 1767. Plans for the disposition of His Majesty's Ships to be employed in time of Peace. One for each year. Refers to 1 of 20 guns & 140 tons - North Cape to Canso. 1 of 50 guns & 280 tons plus 1 of 20 guns & 140 tons for Canso to Cape Sable in 1763.

41. Add. Mss. 38,373. f. 113.  April 18, 1764. Custom House, London. Jn. Tomkyns. "An Account of the Value of all Goods, wares, & Merchandize Exported from & Imported to England from Christmas 1747 to Christmas 1748 and from Christmas 1761 to Christmas 1762 distinguishing each Year &.place". 

Cape Breton Imports 1748 £9 16 s. 11d. 

Cape Breton Imports 1762 nil 

Cape Breton Exports 1748 £1,992 16 s. 6 d. 

Cape Breton Exports 1762 nil. I I

42. Add. Mss. 38,374. f. 6-7. Feb. 6, 1765. Custom House London. Tomkyns. "An Acc't of the quantity of British made Silks Exported together with the Bounty pd. Xmas 1758-Xmas 1763, distinguishing to what country exported.

To Cape Breton: 

1759. Silk 370 pds. 14 oz.; silk mixed with worsted  487 pds; Silk mixed with incle - 74 pds. 14 oz. silk mixed with grogran 61 pds. 2 oz..

1760: 296 pds 11 oz silk; 189 pds 12 oz. silk mixed with worsted; 100 pds. silk mixed with incle.

43. Add. Mss. 38,387. f. 35v-36. "Corn Exported from England from Christmas 1746 to Christmas 1747." To C.B. 10 qt. 6 bu. of malt; 123 qt. 6 bu. of oatmeal.

44. Add. Mss. 38,387. f. 48v-49. Ditto for Christmas 1759 to Christmas 1760. 886 qt. 5 bu. of wheat.

45. Add. Mss. 38,391. Minutes of the Committee of Trade. p. 4. Jan. 10, 1788. Letter read from Townshend encl. letters from Lt. Gov. of C.B. & N.D. replying to Lord Sydney's letter on distilleries.

46. Add. Mss. 38,391. p. 170. Nov. 18, 1788. Letter from Sec. of customs with two enclosures relative to permission granted by the Lt. Gov. & Council of C.B. to families settling there to land their belongings out of an American vessel. (Letter only read at the meeting)

47. Add. Mss. 38,391. p. 170. Nov. 1788, Letter from Sec. of Customs relative to the shallop GRAYHAM coming from St. Pierre and Miquelon to C.B. (only read)

48. Add. Mss. 38,391. p. 297. June 12, 1789. Read letter from Lt. Gov. of C.B. respecting the arrival and situation of convicts from Ireland, it being impossible to send them from the Island.

49. Add. Mss. 38,393. p. 79-80. March 12,1791. Minutes of the Committee of Trade. Read a letter from Mr. Bernard sending on a letter from the Lt. Gov. of C.B. re Americans clandestinely carrying away large quantities of plaster of paris; to write Bernard that the Americans have no right to do so.

50. Add. Mss. 38,393. p. 233. Aug. 4, 1791. Read letter of Lt. Gov. MaCormick. of C.B. May l, 1791, sending minutes of council for the last half year ending April 1,1790, & two ordinances

(1) choosing constables for the Town & County of Sydney.

(2) establishing a parish & regulating choice of church wardens and vestrymen.

51. Add. Mss. 38,394. p. 10. July 7,1785. Minutes of the Committee of Trade. A letter from Lord Sydney enclosing papers relative to repealing act of 1774 for effectual Recover of certain of H.M.'s Quit Rents in the Island of St. John's; Asks H.M. to consider petitions of those whose lands have been condemned for non-payment.

52. Add. Mss. 38,394. p. 44. Dec. 19,1786. "Report upon an additional Instruction, to the Gov. of N.S. revoking the former appointment of Councillors for C.B. and appointing others". Occasioned by Lt. Gov. Desbarres coming to England and to prevent C.B. being unadministered in his absence.

53. Add. Mss. 38,396. Nothing relating to the project.

54.Add. Mss. 38,397. Nothing relating to the project.

55. Add. Mss. 38,417. Nothing relating to the project.

56. Add. Mss. 38,421. Nothing relating to the project.

57. Add. Mss. 38,463. Nothing relating to the project.

58. Add. Mss. 38,469. Nothing relating to the project.




f. 183-193: Nov. 14, 1764: Copy. "Observations and Remarks on the Survey made by order of His Excellency, according to the Instructions of the 26th June last, on the eastern Coasts of Nova Scotia, and the western parts of the Island of Cape Breton By Charles Morris Esq." Includes Canso, Crow Harbour, Isle Madame, St. Peter's, Petit Passage, Gut of Canso, incl. the C.B. shore, and the coast from Canso Gut to Just au Corp.