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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


Reports on Manuscripts Pertaining 
to Louisbourg in the United States

H H 49


James R. McCartney

January 2, 1965

Fortress of Louisbourg

[Editor's Note:] 
To ascertain which repository yielded Louisbourg material for the Fortress of Louisbourg Collection, please check the following databases:  

OTTAWA (4), January 2, 1963.



I Bibliography:

Following is a list of the guides and bibliographies which I consulted for this project:

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II Repositories:

Following is a list of the repositories in the United States that contain manuscript material of interest to us, with as much information about their holdings as was available:

Amherst College Library

American Antiquarian Society

American Antiquarian Society

Boston Athenaem, Boston. Mass.

Connecticut Historical Society.

Connecticut Historical Society

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Library of Congress, Mss. Division

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Library of Congress

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Maine Historical Society

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Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

Massachusetts Historical Society

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Massachusett's Historical Society

Moravian Archives (Bethlehem, PA.) 

New Jersey Historical Society Library

New York Historical Society Collections

New York Historical Society

New York Historical Society

Pennsylvania Historical Society

Princeton University Library

William L. Clements Library

William L. Clements Library

William L. Clements Library

William L. Clements Library

William L. Clements Library, Michigan

William L. Clements Library

III Manuscripts:

Following is a list of manuscripts in the above repositories arranged alphabetically by subject or name:

Abercromby, James. 1706-1781

Amherst, Jeffery Amherst, baron. 1717-1797

Amherst. Jeffery Amherst. baron, 1717-1797 

Benjamin Diary

Budd Gilbert

Canadiana, 1642-1900

Clinton, George. 1686-1761

Cobb Orderly Book

Connecticut, State Library, Hartford

Darling Diary

A Diary, Louisbourg

A Diary, Louisbourg

A Diary, Louisbourg

Force. Peter, Library of

General Economy, Northampton Co., Pa.

Gibson Diary

Hardy, Sir Charles, 1716?-1780

Haskins Diary

Judd Diary

Loudoun, John Campbell, 4th earl of. 1705-1782

Mascarene Diary (3)

Mascarene, Paul, of Annapolis, N.S.

Massachusetts, Archives Division

Michigan University, William L. Clements Library

Mildmay, Sir William, 1705-1771

Monckton, Robert

Morris, Robert Hunter ca. 1700-1764

Mygate Diary

New York Historical Society

New York Historical Society

Pepperell, Sir William

Pepperell. Sir William

Pepperell, Sir William

Pepperill, Sir William

Pomeroy Diary

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Library of Congress, Mss. Division

Connecticut Historical Society

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Southack Diary

Smith Diary

Rolfe Diary

Waite Sea Journal

Waldo, Samuel

Warren, Sir Peter, 1703-1752

Williams Diary

Winslow Diary

Wolcott, Roger

Wolcott, Roger

IV Printed Journals Available in Canada:

Following is a list of these Journals:

Anon. Military Diary/journal

Anon, Military Journal

Anon, Military Journal

Cleaveland Diary

Craft Diary

Bidwell Diary (The Rev. Adonijah) 1716-1784

Giddings Diary

Gorham's Sea Journal; Louisburg; Col. John Gorham 1745/1746

Green Diary

"Notes from a Journal kept on the Quebec Expedition 1759-1761 by Ashley Bower of Marble Head"

Proctor, Diary

V. Manuscript Maps in the Clements' Library:

21. Plan du port et de la ville de Louisbourg en l'sle royale et des attaques faites par les Anglais pendant le siege depuis le 8 juin jusqu'an 26 juillet 1758. Scale: I inch to approximately 700 feet. 1 x 26 inches. (overall: 15 x 34 3/4 inches) 

27. A plan of Louisbourg. Intended only to show by strong red the public buildings lately erected, and by a faint red such as have had a thorough repair. By John Henry Bastide [C 1745]. Scale: 1 inch to 200 ft. 13 5/8 x 20 1/2 inches.

28. A plan of Louisbourg surveyed and drawn for his Excellency the Honourable ... Major General Thos. Gage commander in chief of His Majesty's Forces in America. By Eng. George Sproule of the 59th Regt.,(1767). Scale: 1 inch to 200 ft. 20 1/4 x 28 1/2 inches. Overlay: [Citadel Bastion] 3 7/8 x 4 1/8 inches.

34. A plan of the Harbour of Louisbourg with the adjacent country surveyed by Samuel Holland esgr. surveyor general for the Northern District of North America, drawn by Enan. Geo. Sproule of the 59th Regt. [1767] Scale: 1 inch to approximately 1980 feet. 11 1/4- x 14 3/4 inches. 

35. A plan of the Island of Cape Britain [sic] reduced from the large survey made by the orders and instructions of the Right Hon. the Lands Commissioners for Trade and Plantations by Samuel Holland, Esq. surveyor general of the Northern District of America with the assistance of his deputies. Drawn for His Excellency the Hon. General Gage commander in chief of all His Majesty's forces in America, etc., by Ensign George Sproule of the 59th Regt., deputy surveyor, 19th April, 1767. Scale 1 inch to 4 miles 38 x 26 3/4 inches. 

44. [Sketch of Louisbourg and the invasion coast 17581 Scale: 1 inch to approximately 2/3 of a mile. 7 1/2  x 14 3/4 inches. 

45. A survey of the city and fortress of Louisbourg, the harbour, and their environs, from Freshwater Cove in Gabarouse Bay to about a mile to the eastward of the Lighthouse Point; showing the places the forces landed at, with the intrenchments and batteries, the French had made to oppose the same. The encampments of the several regiments during the time the place was besieged, with the redoubts, batteries and approaches of the siege, as also the road, made by His Britannick Majesty's troops to advance the heavy artillery, etc. Surveyed by William Bontein, engineer extraordinary, pursuant to the orders of Major General Amherst, commander in chief under the direction of Col. Bastide, Chief Engineer, etc.

[signed:] James R. McCartney.