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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


Survey of British Archives - Manuscript Sources

[Selections from the Report]

H H 18


Fortress of Louisbourg

c. 1964

Fortress of Louisbourg

[Editor's Note]
The following is an extraction of interesting comments from the Survey

[To ascertain which repository yielded Louisbourg material for the Fortress of Louisbourg Collection, please check the following databases:  


Specific Items

The following names, objects and places should be kept in mind as research is being done.

1. Lieut.  John Mann's report on the fortification

2. Louisbourg colours which once hung in St. Paul's Cathedral

3. Pepperrell's silver service which had been presented by the City of London in 1746

4. The places of detention of French prisoners from Louisbourg, Ile Royale and Ile St. Jean

5. Maps and Accounts of English engineers charged with building new structures and effecting repairs at Louisbourg.


7. Sir James Colebrooke and Arnold Nesbitt were two English/Irish contractors for supplying Louisbourg from 1758 inwards .... Their ships sailed from Cork. Their contract was awarded in November of 1758. Josua Mauger was a contractor at Halifax, Chas. Apthorpe and Thomas Hancock at Boston and New York and ... Calcraft was regimental agent for the Louisbourg garrison at New York.

8. In 1745 French prisoners from Ile Royale were kept at Plymouth (including Don Ulloa the Spaniard who was later governor of New Orleans) and in various villages. One of these villages was a place called Fareham.


British Library of Political and Economic Science
London School of Economics
Houghton Street, London W.C.2

1. Letters of Emigrants to America. 1745-1911


National Maritime Museum, Greenich

Manuscripts ... 

VII. Maps

There are two Mss. maps of Louisbourg in very poor condition. They were given by the Marquess of Exeter in 1952 and seem to be incomplete drafts of the fortifications.

VIII. Prints

a. Burning of the PRUDENT and the cutting-out of the BIENIFAISANT coloured.

b. Flan des Hafens und FESTUNG Louisbourg auf den Insul Cap Breton (Raspe: Nurnberg) 

c. A Plan of the City and Fortifications of Louisbourg from a Survey made by H. Gridley in 1745 (published by Jeffreys: 20 April 1757)

d. do. (published by Jeffreys, 9 Oct-1758)

e. DeLeth map of Louisbourg: 22 1/4 x 18 1/2 inches. There is an inset 5 3/4 x 7 inches of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Coloured map, the title in both French and Dutch.

f. "A view of Louisbourg taken from the Lighthouse in 1758". Engraved by Carnot after Ince's drawing but published by Carrington Bowles.) This seems to be a later version of the Sabin one; it is smaller.

Royal Artillery Institution,

MS 6 

MMS 405 

MMS 406 

MMS 408 

MMS 413 

MMS 414 

MMS 415 

MMS 416 

MMS 420 

MMS 23 


MR 1-28 

Twenty volumes of Board of Ordnance papers for Ireland.

Charles Morris Papers

Proportion of stores for Halifax in 1758

Col. M. E. S. Law's article on the artillery at Louisbourg, published in 1952 in the Royal Artillery Journal.


The Woolwich Arsenal, Royal Artillery Library

The Louisbourg Restoration library possesses a copy: --


Royal United Services Institution

(a.) Maps and Plans:

(b.) Manuscripts:

(i.) Naval: (NM)

(ii.) Military: (MM)