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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada


H F 21


Linda M. Hoad

September, 1972

Fortress of Louisbourg


Primary Sources (Manuscript)

Sources to be consulted were chosen on the basis of descriptions in the Guide to the Louisbourg Archives. Selection lists and index cards were used as noted below and all references located in this way were checked on microfilm. Series for which no selection aids were mentioned were checked directly from the microfilm.

Archives de France
  • Archives Nationales, Colonies
A Actes du Pouvoir Souverain (index cards)
B Lettres Envoyés (index cards)
C1lB Correspondance Générale, Ile Royale (index cards)
C11C Correspondance Générale, Amérique du Nord
D2 Troupes Coloniales
D2D Personnel Militaire
E Dossiers Personnels (selection list)
F1A Fonds des Colonies
F3 Collection Moreau de St-Mery
  • Archives Nationales, Section outre-mer
G1 Etat Civil (selection list)
G 2 Conseil Supérieur et Baillage de Louisbourg, (selection list)
G3 Greffes des Notaires de Louisbourg (selection list)
  • Archives de la Marine
A1 Ordonnances, Edits, Arrêts (index cards)
A3 Table des Edite, Arrêts, Ordonnances (index cards)
C7 Dossiers Personnels (selection list)
  • Archives de la Marine (Rochefort)
Archives du Port de Rochefort (selection list)
  • Archives de la Charente-Maritime
B Amirauté de Louisbourg

Primary sources (Printed)

Secondary sources (Books) 

Secondary source (Articles)

Secondary Sources (Theses, Dissertations and Reports

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