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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada





Report H E 15

Fortress of Louisbourg


Name                             Nom de Guerre        Company                       Other Information
Au Bert, Etienne          Provinçal              Ste. Marie;           Paid in 1737 for voyages made; witness in trial 1737
                                                                    De Laparelle

Auré, Pierre                  Le Fleur               Du Vivier              Seniority discharge 1738; received concession 1740

Bellefont, Dominique  La Rochelle          D'Ailleboust         Witness at trials in 1736 and 1740

Bellegarde                                                  De Renon              Attacked Morpain 1719 and killed in self defense
Benoist, René                                                                           Garçon-major from 1720-38; retired with 
                                                                                                  demi-solde 1738               

Bequet, Pierre                                                                          Godfather for child of another sergeant 1743

Covignac, Etienne                                      De Pensens          Godfather twice for children of habitants 1731

De Lorme, Antoine                                                                  Sent to Ile Royale from Canada 1713; married 1715

Duneau, Etienne                                                                      Given passage to Ile Royale in 1734

Fortin, Martin              La Fortune                                        Sergeant reformé in 1720 when a witness at a trial

Gaudron                                                                                   Sent to Ile Royale 1715

Grenard, Jean              Bellaire                                              Granted a concession in Block 20, 1722; married
                                                                                                   twice; retired with pension 1727; made keeper of
                                                                                                   lighthouse; died at age 70 on 28 December 1744
Jouin, Pierre                La Joye                 Duhaget                Married 1738; made sergeant 1740; died 1751 at

Jolycoeur                                                    Ste. Marie             Listed 1718

Julien, Pierre               Sans Crainte        Duhaget                Godfather for child of Swiss soldier 1740

La Brie                                                                                      Sent to Ile Royale in 1713

La Chaume, Louis                                     De Pensens           Sent to Ile Royale 1713 with wife and 4 children;
                                                                                                  listed 1718; garçon major 1720-26; retired with
                                                                                                  pension 1726; granted concessions in Block 32
                                                                                                  (1728) and Ile de Quay (1720)

Lambert, Jean              La Marche           Duhaget                Witness at trial 1740

Langot, Nicolas                                         De Pensens           Witness at trial 1718; granted concession in
                                                                                                  Block 20 in 1722; dead by 1734

Laureau, Pierre Alexis                              D'Ailleboust         Godfather of child of Swiss sergeant

La Vaillant, Charles                                                                Sent to Ile Royale 1715

La Verdure                                                 De La Ronde        Listed in 1718

Le Brun                                                      Rousseau              Granted congé par semestre 1738
Le Frezillière, Louis 
                        Loppinot                                                           Raised recruits 1731; made a cadet in 1733
Le Lievre, Jean             Villeneuve            Dangeac               Had several property dealings in 1720s

Loppinot, Jean                                           De La Vallière     Witness at trial 1724

Maureaux, Jean                                                                       Godfather for child of archer de la marine 1723

Mexan                                                        Despiet                  Granted demi-solde 1735

Masonet, Thibault       Le Lepine              D'Ailleboust        Arrested as suspect in theft 1737; witness at
                                                                                                  trial 1740; married 1741

Relu, René                                                  D'Ailleboust         Godfather of child of soldier

Sanglard, Pierre                                        De Gannes            Granted 8 months leave 1740; entered into contract
                                                                                                  of marriage in 1740 with Ann Dardy who brought a
                                                                                                  dowry of 1,000 livres to the union. They had at
                                                                                                  least 2 children, the second being born 25 August

Saureux                                                                                   Tapissier; accused of theft 1734

St. Martin, Jean Allaire                                                          Granted pension 1727

St. Simon                                                    De La Ronde        Witnessed contract of marriage 1715; listed 1718
Vallé                                                                                         Mentioned in trial 1733; escorted sick and
                                                                                                  discharged soldiers to France in 1736