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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada




September 1971
(Revised 1978)

(Fortress of Louisbourg
Report Number H D 17 R)


  [PAGE 62:]

The widow Estevin (or Stevin) received a concession of what was to become Lot A on 16 December 1715 [NOTE 1]. The 1715 concession apparently was never confirmed; the 1717 concessions and 1718 confirmations included the lot in the 40 toises area described as "Terrain non concedé que M. deVerville a reservé pour les magasins du Roy et debarquement des Munitions," located between Lartigue's Lot L property in Block 2 and Cressonet dit Beausejour's Block 1 property [NOTE 2].


The widow Estevin occupied Lot A and, prior to April of 1722 and possibly as early as 1717, sold it to her son-in-law, Joseph Lartigue [NOTE 3] In 1717 a building labelled "Magasins des Vivres" stood on the northwest corner of Block 2, on part of the future Lot A. (See Plan 1717-2). It seems that the magasin belonged to Lartigue and was being rented by the king; in 1719 Lartigue received two sums of 500 livres from the king for the rent of two magasins used for storing "les Effects de la Colonie et des fortifications." One magasin was probably the Lot A building while the second was Lartigue's magasin in Lot L [NOTE 4]

Lartigue's Lot A magasin, which originally protruded into the Rue du Port, was put into alignment by 1722. (See Plans 1722-1 and 1723-2). The property measured 24 pieds along the Quay and 60 pieds on the Rue Toulouse in 1734. Lartigue's ownership was reaffirmed by the 1735 confirmations [NOTE 5].

The magasin was a wooden structure. (See View 1731-3-(2)). As seen on the three early views 1731-1, 1731-3-(2) and N.D. 76 - it had one and a-half storeys or one-storey plus an attic. A center door is situated on the ground floor facing the Quay, with one window above. A pitch roof [PAGE 63:] appears on all plans and views from 1725 to 1734, except N.D. 24. Vertical roof planking is shown on Plan 1725-9a. A roof gutter was to have been installed between the Lot A magasin and deLasson's Lot M house in 1722 to catch the water from the eaves [NOTE 6]. The magasin filled the north and west boundaries of Lot A and abutted, or possibly shared a common wall with, the building in Lot B. (See Plans 1722-1 to 1734-4, N.D. 24 and N.D. 89).

There are several references to the Lartigue magasin, between 1722 and April, 1741, as the west boundary of the house in Lot M [NOTE 7]. Between 1741 and 1745, it seems, the picket magasin was replaced with a masonry structure.


A masonry structure stood on Lot A before 1745. The pre-1745 views show a wooden building with either one and a-half storeys or one storey plus an attic. The 1745 and post-1745 views show a two-storey building; several post-1745 town plans indicate it to be masonry. Construction of the building, probably began after 1741, when the Lot A building was referred to as a "magasin," and possibly before Lartigue's death on 28 May 1743 [NOTE 8].

The history of Lot A is not clearly defined. The property was only one of Lartigue's holdings and was one of the few not threatened with expropriation. In his several pleas to Maurepas outlining his turbulent history of landholding in Louisbourg, Lartigue avoided any mention of Lot A. (Lartigue's representations to Maurepas - 23 November 1733, 20 December 1735, 14 November 1736, 1 February 1737 and 2 November 1737 totally ignored the existence of his Lot A property in Block 2. All letters are found in A.C., C11B). His principal establishment was in Block 46, which placed it on the Rue du Quay and near the king's magasins in Block 1 - descriptions which apply equally well to Lot A. It is often not possible, therefore, to determine which property is meant in the documents.

There is at present no clear indication of who or what was in Lot A in 1745. It is possible that the house was one of three buildings used [PAGE 64:] as a prison in 1744, and possibly again at some time during the second French occupation. In 1744 the widow Lartigue received 375 livres for renting a house to detain English prisoners [NOTE 9]. [Also receiving rent for buildings used to accommodate the English prisoners were De Laperelle, who received 250 livres for a magasin, and Lannelongue, who received 340 livres for a house]. According to J.S. McLennan, Louisbourg From Its Foundation To Its Fall, the prisoners were released on 1 September 1744, and would not have been in Louisbourg during the 1745 siege [NOTE 10]. Franklin's "State of the Town of Louisbourg" in 1768 reported that the Lot A building had been used as a jail by the French [NOTE 11].

A recently discovered reference suggests the possibility that the Lot A house was a tavern in November of 1743. In his testimony at a trial, Antoine Brain, a menuisier, aged 22 years, stated that he was living "ches pierre Lorant [Laurent] cabaretier maison de la dame veuve Lartigue rue du quay [NOTE 12].

Several references place Jean Jacques Pringault, an usher (huissier audiancier) at the admiralty court in Louisbourg, in one of the Lartigue houses on the Rue du Quay between November of 1741 and July of 1744 [NOTE 13]. [In September of 1740 Pringault was living on the Rue de l'Etang. A.F.O., G2, Vol. 186, fol. 184, "Raport du S. Jouet Contre Barbel," 11 septembre 1740]. It is conceivable that this was the Block 46 house, assuming that the early Lot A magasin was still in existence in April and possibly as late as October of 1741, and that the second Lot A building was serving as a jail in 1744. It is more likely that Pringault, his wife and at least two children were boarding with Pierre Laurent.

An announcement concerning the succession of Pierre Mons had been posted on the door of the Lot A magasin, probably the first structure, in October of 1741. In May of 1743, one of the locations of a similar announcement was "au Coin de La Rue Toulouze" [NOTE 14]. It is possible that the Lot A building was used frequently for such announcements.

During the 1745-49 period, the English occupied Lot A. When leaving Louisbourg in 1749 they reported that,

"The Ruinous Stone House opposite to the before mentioned Grand Magazine has been repaired and probably fitted for the Agent Victualler in that Capacity and as Paymaster to the Garrison" [NOTE 15].

[PAGE 65:]

If the building was "ruinous," it was probably as a result of damage suffered during the 1745 siege. Plan 1746-8 shows that the major repairs were confined to the south end of the building. The widow Lartigue, Jeanne D'hiarse, returned in 1749 and resumed ownership of her properties [NOTE 16].

There is a possibility that a negotiant, Antoine Castaing, rented the Lot A building during the early part of the second French occupation. In November of 1751 a theft occurred in his magasin near the Etang de Berrichon. Evidence given by Antoine Castaing and his two brothers at the trial suggests that they were residing in Lot A - on the Rue du Port, near the king's magasin [NOTE 17]. In December of 1752 Antoine Castaing was residing in a dwelling owned by the widow Lartigue [NOTE 18].

In a letter from LaRochelle in 1763, the widow Lartigue, then 72 years old, reported that at the time of the 1758 siege she owned three houses in the town of Louisbourg. These buildings appeared on an enclosed plan and elevation dated 1753. (See Plan 1753-1). Two were her Block 46 buildings, while the third - "FACADE du Battimt. marqué III construite en Pierre" was her Block 2 building. The plan reported that the structure, composed of a house and magasin, yielded 1,200 livres rent in 1753 [NOTE 19].

The building served as a residence in 1767 and 1768. (See Plans 1767-1 and 1768-1). In 1768 Franklin described it as a stone structure, in good repair, occupied by Mr. Wheeler, a trader. "Good repair" was qualified as wanting "much Expense to make them really so" [NOTE 20].


As mentioned above, the widow Lartigue owned three houses in the town by 1758, and probably by 1753. Her Number III house on the plan and elevation 1753-1, when situated with its doors facing the Rue Toulouse, running lengthwise into the block, fits very well with the 1734 property dimensions of Lot A. When scaled, building III measured 24 pieds by 62 1/2 pieds; in 1734, Lot A measured 24 pieds along the Quay and 60 pieds along the Rue Toulouse. In this report, the left end of the structure, shown on Plan 1753-1, is described as the north end, facing the Quay, and the right end as the south end, etc.

[PAGE 66:]

The second Lot A building was masonry [NOTE 21]. Quoin stones on the northwest and southwest corners of the building are shown on the 1753 elevation. The ground floor, as seen on the 1753 plan, is divided into a residence in the north section and a magasin in the south. Entrances to both sections face the Rue Toulouse. A door in the east part of the partition between the house and the magasin provides an interior connection between the two sections.

The ground floor of the house consists of four rooms and a hall. One single and one back-to-back fireplace are seen on the plan. Stairs, which turn at the top, lead from the ground floor hall to the first storey. There are no partitions or stairs in the magasin. It is possible that the magasin existed only at ground floor level, and the residence extended the full length of the first storey of the building.

The 1753 elevation suggests an attic above the first storey. Four gable dormers appear on the west slope of the roof. View 1745-1 shows a dormer on the north section of the east roof slope.

It seems that the roof terminated with a hip on the north end and a straight gable on the south end, as shown on the 1753-1 elevation. View 1766-1 also shows a hip on the north end, and View 1758-9 a straight gable on the south end. Two relatively unreliable views, 1745-la and 1758-6 and the View 1745-1 contradict the above and show a straight gable on the north end. A finial is shown on the north end of the ridge on the 1753 elevation.

There seem to have been two chimneys on the second Lot A building. (See 1753-1 and 1766-1). An inconsistency is apparent on 1753-1; there is no correlation between the locations of the fireplaces on the plan and the chimneys on the elevation.

Plan 1753-1 locates three ground floor windows on the north wall of the Lartigue building. Three upper-storey windows and the top of three ground floor openings appear on View 1766-1. View 1745-1 shows three upper storey windows, and a ground floor center door flanked by two windows. A center door appears on 1758-6, a rough sketch which seems unreliable for Lot A.

[PAGE 67:]

Two doors interspace three ground-floor windows on the 1753 (west) elevation. Both doors have two exterior steps, although the top step of the door of the house seems to be at sill level. Five first-storey windows are located on the west wall directly above the ground-floor openings. All windows and doors are wood framed.

The houses in Lots M and B would have blocked the ground-floor openings on Lartigue's east and south walls. Plan 1753-1 shows three ground-floor windows on the east wall and a blank ground-floor south wall. Two upper-storey windows appear on the east wall on Plan 1758-9, a rough sketch of the second siege. The 1758 sketch also shows two windows on the upper storey of the south wall.

I. [PAGE 198:]

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[PAGE 201:]

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