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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada





(Fortress of Louisbourg
Report H D 14 R)


This report on the property of the Commissaire Ordonnateur was begun in the late winter of 1968, was discontinued during the fall and winter of 1968-69, and subsequently recommenced in the mid-summer of 1969. The hiatus became necessary because of the priority generated by the Block 2 report, required for the 1969 summer excavation of those properties. The research on Block 2 also resulted in Mrs. Dunn and Mr. H.P. Thibault producing the excellent bibliographical card index for the inhabitants of all of the blocks to be reconstructed.

This report represents a detailed analysis of the considerable material relating to the structures on the Ordonnateur's property. As such it will provide a sound historical input into the design phases of the reconstructed building. In addition, the report readily points to those areas in which further secondary research has to be carried out: a normal consequence following the primary historical research phase of reconstruction. Finally, the report correctsthe term used to designate the senior civil official in Louisbourg. The importance of Louisbourg was not sufficient to warrant an Intendant; therefore, the Crown appointment was at the level of Commissaire Ordonnateur. Francis Bigot, a Commissaire Ordonnateur at Louisbourg, received a higher appointment when he went to Québec as an Intendant. It is hoped that the titles will hence forth be used with more accuracy,

The information presented in this report and others which have proceeded it, as well as data from primary and secondary source research currently underway, will all be utilized in the research programme on Domestic Architecture. The completion of the programme on Domestic Architecture will result in a unique study that will be of considerable importance in the field of historical reconstruction, as well as contributing a valuable study to general historical research in Canada.

John R. Dunn
Senior Historian
Fortress of Louisbourg

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