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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

"General Orders in Wolfe's Army during the Expedition up the River St. Lawrence, 1759" in Manuscripts Relating To The Early History of Canada, Fourth Series, Published under the Auspices of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec  (Quebec: Dawson & Co., 1875), No. 2, pp. 5-10.

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Halifax, May 5th, 1759.---As the fleet sails from Louisbourg in 3 Divisions: The 1st Brigade is the White Division ; the 2nd Brigade is the Red Division; the 3rd Brigade is then Blue Division. The Grenadrs. of Louisbourg and the Rangers are to be appointed to one or others of these Divisions. If the Regts. here have time to put a quantity of spruce-beer into the transports, it would be of great use to the men. Weak and sickly people are not to embark with their Regts. Measures will be taken to bring those men to the army as soon as they are perfectly recovered.

Halifax, May 7th, 1759.---Major General Wolfe will fill up all the vacancys in the, army when he receives Genl. Amherst's commands. A proportion of tools will be delivered to each Regt. The corps are to have 36 rounds of ammunition, some loose ball and flints pr. each man. Casks of ammunition will be put on board small vessels ready to be distributed if wanted.

As the navigation in the River St. Lawrence may in some places be difficult, the troops are to be as useful as possible in working their ships obedient to the Admiral's commands and attentive to all the signals. No boat to be hoisted out at sea but on the most urgent occasions.

Halifax, May 9th, 1759.---After the troops are embarked, the commanding officers will give all necessary directions for the preservation of the health of their men. Guards mast mount in every ship to keep strict orders and to prevent fire. When the weather permits, the men are to eat upon deck, and be as much in the open air as possible. Cleanlynese in [Page 6] the births and bedding, and as much exercise as their situation permits, are the best preservatives of health.

When the troops assemble at Louisbourg, or in the Bay of Gaspie, the commanding officers of Regts. are to make reports to their respective Brigadrs. of the strength and condition of their corps.

If any arms, ammunition, tools, camp equipage, and so forth, are wanting, it is likewise to be reported that orders may be given for a proper supply. A report is to be made at the same time by every Regt. and corps in the army, of the No. of men their boats will conveniently hold. Gorham's and Danks's Rangers will be sent to join Mr. Durrell, as soon as any ship of war sails for the river. These 2 companys are to be embarked on board of schooners and sloops of the 1st that arrive, removing the soldiers into larger transports. If any ship, by accidence, should ran on shore in the rivers small vessels and boats will be sent to their assistance. They have nothing to apprehend from the inhabitants on ye North Shore, and as little from the Canadians on the South. 50 men with arms may safely defend themselves till succour arrives.

If a ship should happen to be lost, the men on shore are to make 3 distinct fires in the night, and 3 distinct smooks in the day, to mark their situation.

Halifax, 10th May, 1759.---The troops are to embark as soon after the arrival of the transports as they conveniently can, and as there are many more transports than will be wanted, if they all arrive, they are to have a good allowances of tonnage.

When the Regts. arrive at Louisbourg, they are to give in a return to the Adjutant-General of the No. of men they have lost since the reduction of Louisbourg, and of the No. of men recruited since that time. The companys of Rangers to give the like returns. Capt. Gorham's compy. of Rangers to embark tomorrow morning.

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Louisbourg, May 17th, Thursday, 1759.---Major of Brigade of the day for to-morrow, Major Dobson.

The Regts. are to give in a list of their voluntiers according to their seniority and service.

Captain Cramhaie, of General Amherst's Regt., is appointed to act as Deputy, Judge, Advocate, to the expedition. Lt. Dobson, of Genl. Laselles' Regt., is appointed by General Amherst, a Major of Brigade is the array.

Louisbourg, May 18th, 1759, Friday.---As the Regts. arrive, they are to have fresh beef delivered to them, and in general while the troops remain in this harbour. They are to be furnished with as much fresh provisions as can be procured. If their are any lines or hooks to be had from the shore, Captain Leslie wilt distribute them to the troops.

Bragg's Regt. the Grenadrs. and Rangers, are to be ready to émbark at a day's notice. Besides the 36 rounds of ammunition; every soldier is to be provided with a quantity of cartridges in casks, shall be put on board each transport.

Louisbourg, 25th May, 1759.---Commanding officers of Regts. are to make reports to-morrow morning to the Admiral, the condition of their transports, if any, are judged unfit to proceed, or if the men are too much crowded, proper directions will be given theirupon. It is particularly necessary for the service of this campaign, that the Regts. be provided with a very large stock of shoes before they sail, as any supplys hereafter will be very uncertain. Kennedy's Regt. are to get their Muster Rolls ready immediately. That Regt. is to furnish 20 Light Infantry to complete Capt. Delanne's company.

The Adjutants are employ'd every morning wish the Regts. at exercise, the orderly hour is for the future at one of the clock.

[Page 8]

26th May, 1759.---The regiments are to give in as soon as possible monthly returns to 24th May.

Louisbourg, 27th May, 1759.-The three Louisbourg companys of Grenadrs., and ye Grenadr. companys of the regts., arrived with the Light Infantry, companys of the whole are to parade to-morrow morning, at 9 o'clock, at the mill behind the Grand Battery.

Louisbourg, 29th May, 1759.---When the troops are fixes in the transports for the voyage, every regt. and corps must give in a return of their flatt bottom'd boats, whale boats,
and cutters, all which are provided by the Government, independent of the transport boats.

Every regt. and corps may be provided with lines and hooks by applying to Capt. Leslie. Q. M. General to-morrow morning.

Louisbourg, 30th May.---The effects of the late Captain Mercer, of Lasselles regt., will be sold on Friday next, at 4 o'clock in ye afternoon, at the house of Mr. Poore on ye parade.

Louisbourg, 31st May.---A detachment of artillery, equal to that which went from Halifax with Admiral Durrell's squadron, is to be left here out of the 3 companys intended for the expedition, and to be sent by the first convenient opportunities to Halifax.

A sub-officer and a serjt. shall be left with the sick, which are to be taken out of the hospital-ship and be brought to town. Amherst for this duty.

To prevent the spreading of distempers in the transports, the Hospital-ship will receive any men that may fall ill on the voyage. When the troops receive fresh meat, they are not at the same time to demand salt provisions. As the cutters and whale-boats are meant for the service of the army, they are not to be given to any of the men-of-war, [Page 9] without an order in writing from ye Admiral. Complaints having been made that the transport boats are often detained by the officers who come on shore, so that the masters of those ships cannot possibly get them watered. The General insists upon the officers paying the strictest obedience to ye orders given by the Admiral upon that stead.

Louisbourg, 1st June, 1759.---The troops land no more. The flat-bottomed boats to be hoisted in, that the ships may be ready to sail at the 1st signal.

When 3 guns are fired from ye saluting battery, all officers to repair on board.

The regts. and corps are to send to-morrow at 8 o'clock to the artillery stores for tools in the following proportions, giving proper receipts:

Amherst .............. 50 20 10 10
Bragg .................. 60 20 10 10
Otway .................. 80 30 10 10
Kenndey .............. 70 30 10 10
Laselles .............. 70 30 10 10
Webb ................... 80 30 10 10
Anstruthers .......... 50 20 10 10
Moncton................ 50 20 10 10
Lawrence .............. 50 20 10 10
Fraizier ................. 100 40 20 20
Grenadiers .............. 50 20 10 10


The Nightingale, man-of-war, will be ordered to carry 60 invalids to England, The regts. to send returns of their No., that ye proportion may be regulated. `

The ammunition of all ye regts. to be immediately compleated to 36 rounds ready for service, and as much in cask ; spare ball will be given out hereafter. The regts. that want camp necessary's, will be fnrnish'd by the corps [Page 10] that have it to spare. The undermention'd regts. are to furnish 100 men to the Bedford and Prince Frederick ships:
of war:

Otway ............    1    1 24 }  
           } Bedford.
Webb..............    1    1 26 }  
Kennedy.........    1    1 24 }  
           } Prince Frederick.
Fraizier..........    1    1 26 }  

They are to embark to-morrow morning. The regts. are to clear sea, pay and arrears as far as they have money.

Louisbourg, 2nd June, 1759.---The Admiral purposes sailing the 1st fair wind.

The commanding officers of transports are to oblige the masters as far as they are able to keep in their respective divisions, and carry sail when then men-of-war do, that no time may be lost by negligence or delays; they are also to report to the Admiral all difficiency's in the ship, least the master should neglect doing of it, and direct that the flat-bottom'd boats be washed every day to prevent their leaking. An orderly serjt. to attend Major M'Keller.

The Admiral will order the Nightingale man-of-war into Louisbourg to receive 60 invalids ; these men are to be landed, and their subsistance paid to the town Adjutant. The Nightingale will likewise take the two officers of artillery.

The regts. are to receive provisions for no snore than three women per company, and 4 women per co. of 1 hundred.

Moncton's Brigade.-Otway, Webb, Kennedy and Laselles to give a boatman each to the Engineers.

Louisbourg, 3rd June, 1759.---Fresh provisions will be drawn to all ye regts. and corps to-morrow morning, at 5 o'clock at Point Rockport. The Quarter-masters of Amherst, Anstruthers, Lawrence, to attend Capt. Leslie, D.Q.M.G., at 4 o'clock this afternoon. June 4th sail'd from Louisbourg, and the elev'th made the Bay of Gaspee.

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