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Researching the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site of Canada
  Recherche sur la Forteresse-de-Louisbourg Lieu historique national du Canada

The 300th Anniversary Of The Founding Of Louisbourg | Le 300e Anniversaire De La Fondation De Louisbourg




"The supplies were four fishing boats and their gear, four herring nets and a seine ; six cannons from St. John's, balls, masons' tools and picks, two hundredweight of resin, a forge and bellows, and the King's mules and the horses from St. John's ; from Quebec three hundredweight of flour, ten barrels of peas, one barrel of Indian corn, forty pairs of snowshoes, 150 pairs of mocassins, one deerskin, 1000 planks, thirty shovels, eighty little axes, 300 pounds of tobacco, three barrels of tar, and six cows. Costebelle added to this a few pounds of steel and sixty axes, all he could obtain in Placentia. An ample list had been made out for supplies from France, but were apparently only partly shipped. The Minister ordered specially 100 axes from a maker, one Bidard, near Bayonne, as he had the reputation of being a specially good workman."

[J.S. McLennan, Louisbourg from its foundation to its fall, 1713-1758 (Sydney: Fortress Press, 1969), p. 12]